About Know Cave

Know Cave is the premier information portal and go-to resource for students seeking to enhance their understanding of studying and living in Germany.

The site offers the latest updates in the German higher education system and educational policies, along with an extensive array of informational content, articles, and research about studying in Germany for international students, available in seven languages.

For over two years, Knowledge Cave and its dedicated team have been leading sources of freely available information on studying in Germany, vocally advocating for German higher education to international students worldwide.

At Knowledge Cave, we believe that education should be freely accessible to all. Thus, we provide a special section dedicated to studying in Germany and learning the German language free of charge for the Arab youth. Additionally, we boast the largest database of academic scholarships.

Learning German

learn german free

The primary audience for Knowledge Cave is enthusiastic learners of the German language who are deeply interested in the language, culture, and people. The online platform caters equally to professionals with diverse qualifications, students planning to move to Germany or Austria, current residents, as well as those who require German in their workplace, school pupils, tourists, or residents of neighboring countries.

Why Learn German?

  • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland’s central location in Europe, along with their cultural and economic significance, make the German language particularly appealing.
  • Over 100 million people worldwide speak German.
  • Nearly 20 million people globally are learning German.
  • German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union.
  • According to Eurostat, German is the second most-used foreign language in the EU.

Studying in Germany:

Conditions for Free Education

We provide everything a student needs for travel and study in Germany, including documentation and information about universities and more.

Our campaign aims to raise awareness of Germany as an excellent higher education destination and to increase the number of highly qualified international students at German higher education institutions. The focus is on attracting graduates and doctoral candidates to pursue postgraduate or doctoral studies in Germany.


We offer the largest database of academic scholarships, providing application methods, acceptance procedures, required documentation, and much more.

Official German Government Site for Studying in Germany

Discover extensive resources and guidance for your educational journey in Germany.

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