Study in Britain with a family

Study in Britain with a family, the United Kingdom is characterized by being one of the most popular countries in the world in terms of the tendency of students to receive education as it includes the largest universities in the world that contain all the disciplines of study where a large number of international students enroll in British universities every year and estimated at about fifty thousand students every year, with the aim of obtaining accredited certificates from the largest universities in Britain as well as obtaining a certificate from Britain that allows graduates to get job opportunities in a way that allows graduates to get job opportunities in a way Faster than others, and to study in Britain with a family of many features and experiences we will learn about through this article.

Study in Britain with a family
Study in Britain with a family

My experience living with a family in Britain

Housing with a family allows learning English in a correct way for students wishing to do so and this is the preferred option for many students as the student should know that there are also several options for him to live and these options include the following:

  • The student can get a private apartment.
  • Housing for expatriate students.
  • Accommodation in hotel apartments and hotels.

However, from my experience of living with a family in Britain, we will learn about the advantages of living with a family in Britain.

  • The student can get meals as desired (one, two, or three)
  • Cleaning clothes for students sometimes (some families require students to clean and wash clothes for himself).
  • There will be a family waiting for the student and taking care of him when he returns from university.
  • Always talk to family to learn the language easily.

Cons of living with a family in Britain

Some students face problems when living with a family due to the different cultures, customs and traditions of the community, including the following:

  • Some families host students as a source of increased material income throughout the school year.
  • Family homes are not like hotel apartments and hotels.
  • Some of the families hosting students are residents of low-income areas where they work all day.
  • Early sleep and early waking up to go to work.
  • Students expect that they will spend a lot of time with the family but may be the opposite.
  • Some families develop a routine of life with them such as early sleep, early waking up and not disturbing at certain times.
  • Some families host more than one student at a time for a larger financial return.
  • Some families house more than one student in one room that is not suitable for this.

The amounts paid by international students for this service may not be suitable for many students and other options may be more suitable than accommodation with a family.

When thinking about the issue of language practice and learning, we find that these families do not care about this issue and view it as not a responsibility.

Search site for accommodation with a family in Britain

There are many sites that provide information about housing with a family in Britain, and one of the most famous and important of these sites is the site, which includes complete information about the families hosting students during the academic year.

There is also a Lingu website that offers researchers information about families who welcome students throughout the year.

A student who is considering housing with a family should keep in mind that he does not get his full freedom and this may not be the best choice.

Home-based accommodation can be obtained through coordination with families through universities or institutes.

Students will find that families receive students only through coordination offices or by asking the institute or universities.

Students can easily find out the accommodation and booking fees by logging into the Davor website, which provides students with all the information they need regarding this.

The Davor website also provides all the information students need about booking English language courses.

The difference between student housing with a family when studying and private housing

If you are one of the students who aspire to study in Britain and get an accredited certificate but think about the material matters and costs that worry you, you may find that housing is also a problem so we will learn about the options available to you that meet your desires.

The search for housing with a family is carried out by means of an intermediary or by a special site for searches.

It is also possible to search for student accommodation with a family through the university or through the institute.

The university also sets certain conditions for the approval of student housing and the mediator must know the conditions.

One of the advantages of living with a family is that the student acquires English correctly.

Living with a British family helps the student develop English speaking skills.

It also saves the student the fees of English language courses in Britain.

One of the most prominent advantages of living with a family is that it is less expensive than other means of housing.

The average accommodation for a family is around £400 per month and the cost of private accommodation is around £600.

The student should also know that prices vary from city to city and from region to region.

The family also informs you about the area where you live and answers all your queries.

By living with a British family, you can make friends with the family, making it easier for you to learn English properly.

The student will also be obliged to pay the bills for the Internet, electricity and water.

One of the disadvantages of living with a family is the restriction of the student's freedom as he adheres to the dates of entry and exit from the house.

Private housing is one that a student rents to live in alone or with a group of students.

The student can rent accommodation through a private company that rents houses to students.

The student can rent the house directly from the landlord without an intermediary through a lease agreement.

Some students prefer to live in private housing, so as not to undergo living with a family and to adhere to the conditions of housing.

Private accommodation allows the student complete freedom in his life as he can sleep and wake up without specific appointments and can host his friends at any time.

Private accommodation helps the student to study without being preoccupied with anything and has a calm atmosphere.

One of the downsides of private housing is loneliness and boredom of the daily routine of life.

The student bears all life-related matters such as food and drink expenses, water, electricity, internet bills and rental expenses.

The student also prepares everything he needs, including food, drink, laundry and all the living conditions.

This takes him a lot of time and effort that makes him neglect to study him for some time.

Some tips for students when choosing the family they live with

There are some tips that a student should follow when choosing the family with which to live and the tips are:

  • The family should be suitable for your living conditions.
  • Choose a family of different ages so you can learn English quickly.
  • Family accommodation should be close to your university.
  • The family home should be comfortable, clean and quiet so that you can study in tranquility.

This shows us the ways of studying in Britain with a family, and the possibility of heading towards a simple and distinctive path.

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