Study two majors at the same time in Britain

Studying two disciplines at the same time in Britain, when a university student starts his studies at the British University the most important thing that occupies his mind any specialization he wants to study, so he spends most of his first years in getting acquainted with different disciplines, some students may have a passion to study more than one specialty, which leads many students to wonder, and this is what we will adopt together through simple and interesting Jules.

Study two majors at the same time in Britain
Study two majors at the same time in Britain

Can I study two majors at the same time in Britain?

If you mean one major from one university but with common distinction degrees (such as a degree in "English Literature and Computing"), then yes, all British universities offer ways to do "joint disciplines".

Study two majors at the same time in Britain

Yes, some British universities allow you to study two majors at the same time, or to complete your studies at a British university after completing a particular specialization. To satisfy your desire to study and learn about many fields, or to upgrade your job qualifications.

But before you study more than one major at the same time you have to know the level of your abilities to achieve, and the extent of the effort required of you, you are not alone in the study there are many students who chose the same decision to study two disciplines at the same time.

Dual Specialization, Dual Degree

Before you start studying two majors at the same time in the UK you need to know the difference between a double major, and a double degree to get an academic degree after graduation.

First: Dual Specialization

The dual major gives you the opportunity to study two majors at the same university, and after graduation you get one bachelor's bicycle, or one diploma.

For example, if you have the desire to study English, and to study languages and cultures in Europe at the University of London it means that you have one university degree, which is the Bachelor of Arts in English, and Languages and Cultures in Europe because the majors are located in one university, the Faculty of Arts.

Second: Dual Degree

A double degree is the contrast to a dual major, and it means studying two unique disciplines at two different universities, and therefore you can get two different types of degree.

Case in point: If you have the desire to study two different fields at the same time such as studying English, architecture and each major at a different university in Britain after graduation you get a Bachelor of Architecture, and a Bachelor of English.

Having understood the difference between a double major and a double degree you have to determine your goal of studying two disciplines at the same time, what do you want a double degree or a double major?

The most famous dual disciplines that you can study at the same time in Britain

There are many disciplines offered by British universities that you study at the same time, and you can choose what suits you to your liking, including:

  • Economics and political science.
  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Engineering and mathematics.
  • Psychology and Criminal Justice.
  • Accounting and finance.
  • Foreign languages and international studies.
  • Economics and mathematics.

How to apply for dual study in Britain?

The way to apply for study two majors at the same time is the same as the way to apply for normal study You must have:

  • Academic qualification obtained.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Submit an application to the university to be studied at.
  • When filling out the application, you must make sure that a series of activities are registered at the university level.
  • The application must be a reference from someone familiar with your academic performance in the respective degrees.
  • Register for the entrance tests required of you.
  • Applicants for dual study are required to submit a copy of the grades for the Academy's initial study.

Dual Study Costs in Britain

The costs of studying in Britain vary from one university to another and from one discipline to another, as well as if you choose to study two disciplines at the same time the costs may be high, and most likely the level of tuition costs in Britain range from (5000 to 2000) pounds sterling per year.

The most famous British universities that offer dual study

Britain is one of the most important countries with the largest number of prestigious universities in the world, which has a long history, and is keen to provide the best academic certificates in the best methods and modern standards in the world, in addition to the possibility of choosing a student to study two disciplines at the same time.

Some of the most famous British universities are:

  • University of Oxford.
  • University of Liverpool.

The time period of study is two specializations at the same time in Britain

Choosing to study two majors at once does not mean spending more time at the university, you can use the credit hours system of study, careful planning, and attention to detail all enhance your ability to finish studying within 4 years, and the credit hours system makes it easier for you to study double.

Some universities may require students to have 30 credits in electives and 50 credits in major subjects.

If you study two different majors at the same university you can take joint courses in both majors saving you time and money.

Dual study students may be able to complete the study within 4 years, or may need an additional semester or more, and the duration of study may be up to 5 years.    

Types of dual studies in Britain

There are many universities in the UK that offer you to study two disciplines at once.

For example, the University of Oxford provides its students with dual medical courses that they obtain as a second degree such as a science student taking courses in a standard preclinical bachelor's degree, and using dual study the student can finish his studies within 5 years instead of 6 years.

You should know that students in the UK who have previously studied at university are not subject to eligibility criteria or government support.  

What is the highest prestige degree in British universities?

The UK allows students applying for a second university degree to also apply for the "Senior Status" which is a status that exempts you from the first-year test, and then you can start studying the second year of the particular university specialisation.

The criterion for applying for (top status) is the university degree you have obtained, and British universities are expected to have degrees around 2:1, in addition to obtaining your initial degree from a university with selective qualities, and a good reputation.

After you apply for senior status, your eligibility will be assessed by UK universities for dual study.                               

Is studying two majors at the same time in Britain special?

The best British universities allow you to choose to study two disciplines at the same time, but you must have the educational passion, the motivation to study that you want to reach and the most important features of studying two disciplines at the same time include:

  • Studying two majors satisfies your desire to learn as much as you want, and makes you take full advantage of your time at university.
  • Having a certificate of study in more than one field earns a strong CV, and gives you the opportunity to compete for the best job positions, and get the highest salary.
  • Studying two disciplines at the same time allows you to form an extended network of relationships in each discipline you study where you communicate with your professor, and colleagues in each discipline making your social and professional network much larger than your peers than they study one discipline.
  • Studying two disciplines at the same time pushes you to learn new things as well as gain practical experience in each field you want to study.
  • One of the most important features of studying two disciplines is to shorten the time so that you get two bachelor's degrees in record time, thus increasing your academic qualifications.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes studying in Britain is that there is no specific age for admission to study at the university, it is important to have diligence and perseverance on academic achievement.
  • Studying in Britain is shorter than others in the world, as it can take three years to study undergraduate and one year to graduate studies.    

We have provided you with everything you care about knowing about studying two disciplines at the same time in Britain, so that there are many prestigious universities available to you to reach your goal and achieve your dream of choosing the disciplines you want to study according to your desires, and your skill.

Whatever your decision to choose to study in Britain is the best place to achieve your dream of studying.  

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