Study Translation in Britain

Studying translation in Britain, with its multilingualism around the world, you find that individuals in different societies need a more comprehensive and broader knowledge of the culture, civilization and history of each country, which requires an elaborate translation of the language of each country and requires further study, so you can now have the greatest opportunity to be a professional translator of various languages and this is what British universities specialized in this field provide you.

Study Translation in Britain
Study Translation in Britain

Best Universities in Britain to Study Translation

Universities include:

University of Nottingham

Ranked as one of the best British universities specialized in this field, the university also offers intensive courses for students in a number of languages, teaching students the foundations of translation for an elaborate and professional translation while retaining the general meaning of the language.

University of Essex

The university has an integrated laboratory with the latest modern scientific means to train students on the general rules of translation and the use of scientific research mechanisms for translating a number of languages of countries into another language.

University of Birmingham

The university has won a number of awards from higher education bodies as it holds a number of translation training courses that prepare students to work in a number of fields after graduation, and the university also offers many free student scholarships to outstanding students in order to obtain a Master of Translation.

Study Master of Translation in Britain

The aim of preparing a master's thesis in translation in various British universities is to enable the student to know the various initial foundations of translation and not to focus on literal translation that does not provide full benefit but to present the general concept of language.

The master's degree also requires that the thesis include a number of chapters on the study of history, geography, politics and economics of a number of countries and its translation into English, which is the language on which the actual study in Britain is based.

Master's study also requires that the student have certificates related to the English language and a statement of the language skill spoken by the student.

The cost of studying a Master's in Britain is from £38,000 to £42,000 and varies from university to university.

PhD in Translation in Britain

In order to obtain a doctorate in translation from a British university, the student must pass the master's thesis first with a codified scientific study of the foundations of translation to begin the second step, which is the preparation of the doctorate, which needs two years of study.

Reservations for doctoral study are opened by the Higher Education Authority for students with outstanding degrees in a number of languages where the application is made online via the website launched by the British Higher Education Authority.

The cost of studying a PhD at various British universities is from £40,000 to £48,000 per year.

Learn Interpreting in Britain

Translation includes:

First of all, what is interpretation?

It is the type of translation that requires immediate translation by translators when they listen to speakers of the language and translate it to a number of other people who are not familiar with any of those words spoken by others, for example, a translator who translates the language instantly by foreign officials to viewers immediately and perfectly.

These interpreters are professional, accurate and have a linguistic encyclopedia of a number of languages for a number of countries.

British universities therefore offer the greatest opportunity for successful high school diploma holders to obtain a bachelor's degree.

However, the student must be a graduate of one of the special language schools to have a broad background in a number of languages such as English, French and others.

Translation Institutes in Britain

There are a number of British institutes that offer a comprehensive encyclopedia for students in the field of translation where students can enroll in those institutes in order to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree in translation, the most prominent of which are:

University of Southampton

As the university receives a large number of international students around the world up to 2000 students annually as the university has a large number of the best leading professors in the field of translation who provide comprehensive information to students in this discipline.

University of Oxford

It is recognized that the University of Oxford is one of the distinguished universities in a number of disciplines, the most important of which is the specialization of translation, which is the first means of transmitting science and civilizations across countries.

Other universities to study this discipline include the University of London, Edinburgh.

Definition of translation

It is that science that is concerned with translating the words of each language from a particular language into the language that people need to change the general content of a sentence or words.

It is also that science that scientists and specialists around the world benefit from in knowing the culture of each peoples and the contemporary history of each country, as well as the period of carob fought by a number of countries, which helps the transmission of cultures across countries.

Does the translator have the most prominent role in translating words and sentences?

Yes, you should be very knowledgeable as a science student studying this specialization in a university that the translator is the first and most prominent responsible in translating the meanings of words accurately and professionally from one language to another while preserving the true meaning of sentences, as translation is the link that connects different countries in the knowledge of science and technology and transfer it to other countries.

The actual study of this specialization is based on fixed scientific and linguistic foundations, and the translator must practice the profession of translation during the periods of study through student fieldwork carried out by students in a number of translation offices or archaeological temples through the translation of history for tourists.

Areas of work for translators

Work in various sectors in countries to include schools, hospitals, medical centers and universities.

Work as a translator in major translation centers.

Work as a scientific researcher in language.

Work in various book publishing offices.

Specializations studied by the translation student

  • Study a number of subjects related to sociology.
  • Study a number of subjects for various philosophical sciences.
  • Study a number of subjects related to history and geography.
  • Study the principles and foundations of translation.
  • Study the ways of communicating with others.
  • Study the mechanisms of modern technology in translation.
  • Study a number of languages such as English, French, German and Spanish.

Number of years of translation study in Britain

The number of years to study translation in Britain is four years to study in Britain all the departments of translation of various languages.

The Master's degree in Translation is one year of study.

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