Study Tourism in Britain

Studying tourism in Britain, tourism is one of the most important sources of national income for many countries, and the study of tourism enables you to see and know a number of places around the world and get acquainted with all its historical and religious monuments, so if you want to look forward to knowing more about the various tourist places around the world and also the benefits of tourism you now have the opportunity to study this specialization more broadly, follow us.

Study Tourism in Britain
Study Tourism in Britain

What are the benefits of studying tourism

Studying tourism in Britain helps to look at the many tourist places that some may not be aware of.

The study of tourism helps in identifying all the religious beliefs of a number of the inhabitants of countries and the development of those beliefs over the ages, in addition to knowing the culture of each country.

The study of tourism enables students after graduation to have a number of distinctive career opportunities in various sectors.

Also studying tourism helps to master a number of languages to quickly communicate with tourists in the language they master.

The study of tourism enables you to become a graduate familiar with various ancient civilizations since ancient times.

Subjects studied by the tourism student in British universities

Special materials for the study of all archaeological sciences in different countries.

Hotel guidance materials.

Materials specific to the history of countries.

Materials specific to the geography and topography of countries.

Study a number of languages besides the basic language of the country.

Study of culturally specific subjects for each country.

Personal traits of the tourism student

To be familiar with a number of languages and study them in a codified manner, one of the foundations on which the success of that study is based is the mastery of the language, its exits, its words and its pronunciation.

The ability to communicate information to tourists, whether that information is related to geography, history or culture.

Has the ability to work in the field and under any pressure.

To be of a refined and civilized style.

He has great experience in conducting scientific research on tourism affairs.

Areas of work for the tourism student after graduation

Work in a number of major tourist villages, in order to communicate with tourist food coming from abroad and give them a full overview of the services provided by the village to tourists.

Work as a hotel expert in order to promote hotel services to various tourists coming from all countries around the world.

Work as a tour guide after graduation in order to guide tourists to the sights of the country and also translate all the historical symbols and monuments found in various museums in a number of countries of the world.

Work as a translator for various languages in translation offices.

Duration of study of tourism specialization in Britain

The duration of study for obtaining a bachelor's degree at a number of British universities is four years.

While the duration of the master's study is not more than one year in various British universities.

The most prominent universities specialized in the study of tourism

The most prominent universities are represented in the following list:

University of Liverpool

This university is one of the most important universities specialized in the study of tourism in a scientific way, and it also provides students with distinctive courses in this field in order to master a number of languages besides English.

University of Lincoln

This university is one of the most important and largest universities in Britain as it is interested in the field work of students and provides them with a great opportunity to train in a number of major tourism companies and hotels.

University of Birmingham

The university has a number of distinctive scientific programs that it offers to students, in addition to it is interested in the mechanisms of technology in education using computers to help students obtain information.

There are also a number of other universities that can study in Britain for free this specialization in a distinctive scientific style such as the University of Glasgow and the universities of Ulster and Surrey.

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