Tips for anyone who wants to study in the UK

Tips for anyone who wants to study in Britain, the country of Britain has a special culture, as the British people have a lot of customs and traditions, which must be respected by the foreign student who decided to move there in order to receive an education, so the new student in the country of Britain must collect a lot of information about Britain before traveling there, and we are here to help you with a set of tips that benefit you.

Tips for anyone who wants to study in the UK
Tips for anyone who wants to study in the UK

Keep a sum of money

One of the most important tips for anyone who wants to study in Britain is to keep an appropriate amount of money to take with him from his country, and he is heading to the country of Britain.

The student does not have to rely directly on his own bank account, because sometimes problems may occur in these accounts.

So the student will not find any other source of expenditure other than the money he brought with him, and it is essential that the student is prepared for anything that may happen.

Speak in a low tone of voice

You rarely find a British citizen talkative, or speaking out loud, as most residents prefer to be silent and not speak.

If you're in a British restaurant and want to talk to the person you're with, you should speak in a low tone so that diners don't get hurt.

Avoid a loud tone of voice on public transport, such as the bus and metro, because the loud tone of voice draws attention to you and makes those around you upset.


Punctuality is one of the best tips for anyone who wants to study in Britain, where the British people are people who are keen on punctuality.

If you agree with a Briton to attend a specific appointment, and the time is set, be sure to come on time.

An Englishman might invite you to visit him at his home, and he didn't specify the time, here you should contact him by phone before you go to him.

It is preferable to surprise him with a suitable gift, in order to establish a good relationship with him and make new friends in the country of Britain.

Take your umbrella wherever you go

No one knows when it will rain, as cold and clouds dominate the scene on a daily basis.

Therefore, one of the most important tips for anyone who wants to study in Britain is to carry their own umbrella, as no one knows when the rain will come suddenly.

Try to accept your nickname with different names

There is no doubt that you will meet new friends when you move to the country of Britain to study, so you should accept your new friends as they are.

Young Britons show their love for their friends by calling each other strange, unusual names, as these are their habits and must be accepted.

Your British friend may call you duck, because you've become close to him and become close friends.

The British also use a lot of names they give to each other, so you should feel happy if you are given one of these nicknames, as it indicates the love of your friends for you.

Do not dispose of misplaced garbage

If you are a new student heading to the UK, you should consider throwing garbage in the designated place.

Don't try to think about throwing them in places that aren't designated for it, as the British people are clean, both inside and outside the homes.

But if you break this advice, and throw trash elsewhere, you'll fall under the law, and pay a high fine of up to £80.

Commitment to queues

The foreign student may be coming from a country that does not respect the culture of the queue, does not count in his country, and he himself may not be committed to the queue.

One of the best tips for anyone who wants to study in Britain is to stick to his role in the queue, and not even think about skipping his role and attacking the role of others.

We never recommend that you try to do this at transport stops, or in bakeries in Britain.

If that happens, you'll find the masses revolting around you, and everyone turned against you, so don't try to try, stick to your role without encroaching on the roles of others.

Consider putting a hand on the mouth while yawning

The British homeland is famous for its taste and general etiquette, so you should not act contrary to these regulations.

You should put your hand over your mouth if you feel yawning, so that the British don't look at you with a look you won't like.

Of course, you should put your hand at your mouth if you cough, otherwise the British will consider you to be an abnormal person, not respecting others.

Avoid strange acts in open and public places

The British native is a quiet citizen by nature, as he does not like loud sounds and strange actions.

So you should try as much as possible to stay away from doing things that draw attention to you, such as talking in a striking way, or listening to songs out loud.

One of the most important tips for those who want to study in Britain is to be as calm as possible, so that they can spend their studies peacefully, without problems.

Don't try to call the British person by his first name

It is a tradition of the English not to call people by their first personal names, as calling a British person by their first name is undesirable.

You may be able to call the person by their first name unless someone asks you to, so use your last name, with the surname that suits them before the surname.

Not to combine English and Scots

If you decide to make friends while studying in Britain, you should choose your friends either from the English, or from the Scots.

But be careful not to befriend both nationalities, because you will have a lot of problems, as the English are not in the company of the Scots.

The Scottish race is famous for boasting of their own heritage and Scottish culture, which is distinct from English culture.

Don't look at the faces of others in open and public places

One of the most prominent features of the English citizen is his keenness on personal privacy, as he does not like to be violated by anyone, especially strangers.

So don't try to prolong the look in the face of an English person, in any public place such as parks and transportation, as this is considered an inappropriate act.

Keep important documents

The idea of keeping your important documents is one of the best tips for anyone who wants to study in Britain, as you can need it at any time and for any reason.

One of the most important documents that you should keep with you outside the house is the passport, as this document is responsible for proving your identity in the country of Britain.

If you lose your passport, it can expose you to a lot of problems that you may face in exile, so be sure to keep your personal papers.

This concludes with all the tips for those who want to study in Britain, and we hope that you have won your admiration and implemented them.

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