Study the preparatory year in Britain

Some students have the biggest dream of enrolling in a number of universities in European countries, which is difficult to achieve except by passing a number of conditions set by the United Kingdom for a comprehensive study of students, most notably that first preparatory year, which is considered as a golden shield for students coming from other countries.

Preparatory Year in Britain
Preparatory Year in Britain

Cost of the preparatory year in Britain

Of course, spending an extra year to reach the level required to start studying means you have to pay for another year at university – but some foundation years are cheaper than bachelor's degrees.

University of Cambridge

The special costs for the preparatory year are approximately £5,600.

University of Oxford

The costs for the first preparatory year are £6,700.

University of London

The costs for the university's preparatory year are £5,800.

University of Edinburgh

The costs for the preparatory year are £7,000.

About the definition of the preparatory year

It is that year that is allocated by a number of European universities to students from other countries, most notably America, Russia and Britain, in order to study a particular specialization and obtain a bachelor's degree in a number of disciplines.

This year also helps to enable the student to master the language of study, for example in the United Kingdom, the primary language of study is English, so it gives students the greatest opportunity to study the language in a codified form.

Benefits of the preparatory year for students in Britain

Eliminate the difficulties faced by students in receiving study sciences for example:

When a number of students enroll to receive medical sciences, pharmacy, engineering or other subjects, the student finds it very difficult in the first year of study, so the university enabled students to take a comprehensive overview of this specialization in its various departments.

Students may find it very difficult to study a number of specialized subjects in English, so the university offers students the opportunity to study those subjects with ease through the professionalism of the language.

The most prominent subjects studied by students in the first preparatory year

They are:

  • Subjects for the study of business skills in various sectors.
  • Special materials to know the main foundations of capital management.
  • Materials on the mechanisms of modern science and technology and how to apply them in various sciences.
  • Special materials for the arts of design and creativity, the most prominent of which is Graphic design
  • Subjects related to engineering sciences.
  • Study materials of medical and pharmaceutical sciences and an overview of preparations for medicines.
  • Study a number of literary subjects, most notably sociology, economics and politics.
  • The science of the study of life.
  • Study the foundations of law in all its inclusions, whether regional or international law.

Papers for the preparatory year in Britain

Pass the IELTS exam, provided by the university to ensure the student's success in a number of universities.

The student passes the tests for the English language, which is the official language of a number of subjects.

If a student wishes to obtain a bachelor's degree from a British university, he must provide you with the certificate of success in high school.

All the student's data from his card and two personal photos.

The least travel papers are extracted from the embassy such as obtaining a visa, and travel is done when all the papers are completed to study in the UK

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