Which is better to study in Canada or Britain?

Which is better to study in Canada or Britain, many individuals wonder which is better to study in Canada or Britain, and to answer this question you must know a lot of things that concern studying within the two countries such as the laws of study, residence and other things, and then the most appropriate country is chosen for the status of the enrolled student.

Which is better to study in Canada or Britain?
Which is better to study in Canada or Britain?

Which is better to study in Canada or Britain?

In order to be able to answer the question of which is better to study in Canada or Britain and choose the right country for him, he must be familiar with a number of things, and these things are represented in the following:

  • Good universities within the two countries, where Canada has only three universities that have been included in the list of the top hundred universities within the world, namely, the University of Ma Kegel, the University of British Columbia in addition to the University of Toronto, there are more universities within Britain that are among the hundred most powerful universities within the world as there are 18 universities including the University of Bristol, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and the University of London as well.
  • The climate of Britain as well as the climate of Canada, where the student must choose the right climate for him.
  • Tuition fees within Britain and Canada whichever is cheaper.
  • The cost of living within Britain and Canada.
  • The opportunity for permanent residence after completing university studies.

Comparison of the climate of Canada and that of Britain

The weather of the State of Britain is always rainy and cloudy, so with high temperatures during the summer and snow falls in abundance during the winter, and rainfall in abundance throughout the year inside Britain.

Temperatures are between 25 and 15 ° C during the summer, and the temperatures during the winter are between 7 ° C and zero ° C where the winter is cold.

For Canada, the weather depends on the region chosen, Canada falls within five time zones from the Pacific Ocean towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Within Toronto, the temperature is sometimes -20, during the winter, but during the summer it is hotter than the United Kingdom, with an average temperature of 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Costs of studying within Canada and the UK

The average cost of undergraduate study within UK universities ranges from US$10,000 to US$19,000 per year.

For the cost of postgraduate studies such as doctoral and master's studies, the average cost ranges from US$12,500 to US$25,000 during the year.

Tuition fees within Canada are lower, and the cost depends on the major being studied and also the chosen university.

The average cost of undergraduate tuition within Canada ranges from US$7,500 to US$22,000 per year.

Postgraduate costs from US$11,000 to US$26,000 which is close to the costs of postgraduate studies within Britain.

Cost of living within the UK and within Canada

The cost of living is one of the most important things that a student should be aware of, which is the value of rent as well as the cost of living for the duration of the student's study.

The cost of living and rent within Britain ranges from US$12,000 to US$15,000 during the year.

The majority of university degrees that do not include the study of medicine or the study of languages the student stays three years in Britain until he obtains them, so the total cost of living ranges from 36.000 to 45.000 US dollars, and if the student is studying in the city of London or one of the expensive cities, the value rises.

For Canada, the cost of living is lower as the rent and also living expenses range from 7,500 to 9,000 USD per year.

If an individual lives within an expensive city, the cost of living expenses will increase as the city of Vancouver, and until a student obtains a bachelor's degree within Canada, it takes four years, so the cost of four years despite low living expenses will reach 30,000 to 36,000 US dollars.

Opportunities to obtain permanent residency after completing university studies

This is one of the most important things to pay attention to, as spending about 40.000 US dollars in order to study and return home again, especially third world countries without getting a good job opportunity for skills development or residency, is one of the things that the foreign student does not accept and finds very expensive for him, especially if he needs work.

Advantages of studying within Canada

The student gets a number of advantages if he joins the study within one of the universities of Canada, and these advantages are characterized by the following:

  • Cultural diversity: Within Canada there is a range of different cultures and this is the result of immigration to Canada, so that the student can learn about many cultures and thus have a community experience.
  • High quality of education: The State of Canada takes care of all levels of education within the country in order for all domestic and international students to obtain good degrees and job opportunities within important institutions.
  • Global Certifications: Canadian certificates are accredited within all countries, so a student with a Canadian degree has a much higher chance of getting a good job.
  • Low tuition costs: The student pays low tuition costs compared to the US or UK despite having the same high level of education.
  • Work after graduation and during study: A student within Canada can enroll in a part-time job, Canadian law requires a student to work no more than 20 hours during the week, and can also reside for three years as a temporary residence after graduation.
  • International Universities: Canada has international universities such as the University of Toronto, where the student receives the curriculum based on the latest educational means and thus the student gets a great experience within his field of study.

Advantages of studying in the UK

There are a number of advantages within British universities, which makes a large number of students prefer them, and these advantages are:

  • Short period of study: In order for a student to obtain a bachelor's degree, he needs a four-year period within any country other than Britain, as the maximum duration of a bachelor's degree within Britain is three years and perhaps less depending on the student's degree of diligence.
  • Safety: The student feels at home while studying in Britain, and the student finds a lot of people who help him.
  • Cultural diversity: Many students from different countries of the world turn to study in the UK, so the student finds friends from different countries, and can also form a huge network of relationships that will help him find a good job quickly.
  • Serious educational system: Teachers within British schools and universities are very strict and therefore the student will not be able to evade lessons or waste time in what does not work, so that the student is able to get the most out of it as well, and there are a large number of brilliant people who have obtained their degrees from a British university.

Studying within the two countries is one of the things through which the student will get a great benefit and therefore he should be aware of which is better for him to study in Britain or Canada.


Which is better to study in Canada or Britain?

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