Studying Dentistry in Britain: Costs, Universities and Admission Requirements

Studying Bachelor of Dentistry in the UK is generally five to six years old and challenging both academically and technically. Universities across the UK offer undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma degrees in the field. During this period, students learn to diagnose, prevent and treat oral diseases and pains. The first year of academic dental studies focuses on basic knowledge in oral biology, anatomy, biochemistry, and orthodontics.

Study Dentistry in Britain
Study Dentistry in Britain

The cost of studying dentistry in Britain

The average tuition fee for international students (including EU students) is £27,000 for the first year of study. On the other hand, the average annual tuition fee for the MDS programme in England is £23,500.

Conditions for studying dentistry in Britain

While different dental schools have different admission requirements to study medicine in Britain , here are some indicators of the UK's usual eligibility criteria for dentistry.

  • English Language Proficiency Requirements: IELTS score of 7.0 in general, but not less than 6.5 in any component.
  • Typical requirements for Level A: AAA including biology and chemistry
  • International Baccalaureate Requirements: Requirement of 37 points.

Best Dental Universities in Britain

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers a BDS Dental course which is the first step for individuals towards a career in dentistry. It is a five-year course that combines the study of basic and advanced dental sciences with significant clinical knowledge and experience. The university ranked fifth in the QS World University Rankings 2021 for Dentistry.

University of Liverpool

The BDS course in Dental Surgery from the University of Liverpool is designed to facilitate the development of teamwork, leadership skills and personal growth. The program includes quality improvement projects to ensure an in-depth understanding of clinical governance. Individuals in this program can also engage with the local community and enhance their skills in a primary care environment. The university was ranked 14th in dentistry for 2020 in the UK.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow School of Dentistry offers opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate and research in dentistry. Located in Scotland, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree is a highly sought-after course in the UK.

It is a modern and integrated course offered to about 400 students over 5 years. From the importance of patients' oral health to spending a typical day in dentist life, students learn everything at this university. At the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021, the University of Glasgow ranked first in dentistry.

Cardiff University

The University of Cardiff Dental School is the only one in Wales that provides unique and energetic leadership in dentistry. They have MSc and PhD courses that prepare students to contribute to the future of health. Postgraduate courses are offered by internationally recognized academics and research physicians.

They provide a supportive and friendly environment that allows students to grow. Cardiff University is ranked among the top three UK universities for dentistry.

University of Bristol

Bristol Dental School offers training courses and training within the University of Bristol Dental Hospital. Their BDS program is a five-year course that provides individuals with a strong set of skills vital to contemporary clinical dentistry practice.

Students can start working with patients from year two onwards. The school also gives individuals experience working in highly integrated teams. The University of Bristol School of Dentistry is among the top 10 universities in the UK.

University of Dundee

This is a public research university in Scotland known for its BDS Dental Course. Dundee students develop skills and knowledge across different dental disciplines. Moreover, they learn to employ patients in the university's dental hospital. Their curriculum encourages individuals to learn creatively and interactively.

Students also get the opportunity to participate in research projects as part of the summer internship programs in this course. In the 2021 edition of Guardian's University Guide, the University of Dundee ranked in the top five in dentistry.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham Dental School is a place for leading professionals and students looking to engage in world-class research and make a difference. The school accepts more than 130 students annually and is a thriving place to research and grow.

The Bachelor of Dental Health and Treatment program links to the theory that underpins the theory and practical clinical experience at all stages. That is why it is a desirable and fully integrated course in dentistry. The school was ranked 13th in the world by QS World Rankings.

King's College London

King's College BDS Dental Course is a research-led program with faculty with a high level of clinical expertise in all areas. It is one of the largest dental schools in the UK, with 150 students graduating each year.

Dentistry at King's College London ranked first in the 2021 QS rankings in the UK. The school uses a delivery method to ensure that students have a rich experience from the very beginning.

Best University to Study Dentistry in Britain

University of Manchester

Dental Equation in Britain

The only way to equalize British dentistry to practice dentistry for a dentist with a foreign degree in dentistry (outside the UK) is to pass the ORE test, a licensing exam conducted by the General Council of Dentistry. This test is held twice a year (i.e. around April and September) in the UK.

Master of Dentistry Study in the UK

Most universities prefer that applicants for graduate degrees have at least two years of clinical experience to work as a dentist before applying for a course for a graduate degree. Master's programmes in the UK can be an existing course of study or research.

The cost of studying a Master of Dentistry in Britain

The Master of Dentistry in the UK is a specialization of 1-5 years. Tuition fees for a full-time major range from £20,000 to £53,000 per year.

universityDuration of specializationTuition fees (first year)
University of Manchester3 years£47,000
University of Glasgow12 months£ 20,400
University of BirminghamOne year£24,780
University of LeedsOne year£25,750
University of NewcastleTwo years£48,300
Cardiff University3 years£46,400
University of Liverpool5 years (part-time only)£20,500
University of DundeeOne year£24,100
University of Kent1.5 years (part-time only)£5700
University of Plymouth3 years (part-time)£25,000
Queen Mary University of LondonOne year£25,150
University College LondonOne year£52,900
King's College LondonOne year£29,310
University of Bedfordshire3 years (part-time)NA
University of Southern Wales3 years (part-time)£14,300
The cost of studying a Master of Dentistry in Britain

Fellowship of Dentistry in Britain

One of the options dentists can make for post-graduate training is to complete a fellowship program. These are non-degree programs that provide dentists with more practical experience in the field of their choice, or a particular aspect of it, such as implants, giving dentists the opportunity to conduct research projects accredited by the fellowship awarding organization.

Scholarships to study dentistry in Britain

Merit-based scholarships and other funding opportunities are available to international students in the UK. Some of these scholarships require students to apply with all supporting documents proving their eligibility for the scholarship.

University of GlasgowJoseph Leicester India Scholarships£5000
University of LiverpoolInternational Vice Counsellor Scholarship for Collection£2,500 to reduce tuition fees
University College LondonChevening Scholarship20% of tuition fee contribution
University of BedfordshireVice Chancellor Scholarship£1000
University of DundeeGlobal Citizenship Scholarship£5,000 per year
University of KentBritish Council Grand Scholarship£10,000
Scholarships to study dentistry in Britain

Dental acceptance rates in Britain

Nearly 12,000 people apply to dental school each year, with only about 5,000 seats available in the United States in 2016, there were approximately 12,058 applicants and 6,100 students enrolled. This is the overall acceptance rate ~ 50%. Many schools have admission rates as low as 5% of the total applicants.

How many years of dental study in Britain

Dentistry in the UK generally takes five years (six years if a foundation year is required) and is required both academically and technically. Dental students will study the cause, prevention, management and treatment of oral and dental diseases.

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Study Dentistry in Britain

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