Study of Maritime Law in Britain

The study of maritime law in Britain, the entire sea treasures of mineral wealth, fish and others are subject to control by the authorities where a number of maritime laws have been developed to keep all those riches from being destroyed, this specialization is one of the limited disciplines in a number of European universities but Britain has become the leader in teaching this specialization to students from different countries of the world.

Study of Maritime Law in Britain
Study of Maritime Law in Britain

What you don't know about maritime law

· These are the laws to which the entire world of the sea is subject from the ships that operate in it, where each ship travels within the borders of its state and does not operate in any of the other borders except in the presence of legal licenses, for example, commercial ships loaded with other commercial transactions that move from one country to another all these ships operate according to maritime law.

· Ships that move from one country to another in order to obtain several types of fish or what is known as the overseas fish trade are also subject to the law of the sea, as there are types of fish that are forbidden to catch in a number of areas for fear of extinction.

Master of Maritime Law

· Studying a master's degree in the specialization of maritime law requires dogs a great deal of study and that study includes a specialized study of various marine sciences, the texts stipulated by those laws and study them thoroughly.

· The student's master's thesis should include a number of chapters including special controls on the movement of goods across the seas, country-specific laws on how to obtain permits for movement across maritime borders.

· The student obtains an accredited certificate in English where all subjects of maritime law are taught in English.

Maritime Law Specializations

· Introduction to the study of maritime law.

· Study all laws related to the shipping of all products that move through the seas.

· Study the controls of the various international maritime conventions.

· How research on maritime law works.

· Study all laws that criminalize piracy, theft or theft of ships' products.

· Study the right to exploit the wealth of the sea and study the areas where fishing is prohibited.

Duration of study of bachelor's and master's degrees, especially maritime law

· The duration of the bachelor's degree in maritime law at a number of British universities is four years.

· While the duration of law study in Britain for the preparation of the Master's thesis in Maritime Law is one year.

The most prominent British universities specialized in the study of maritime law

· There are a number of universities that a student can travel to and complete his studies fully with the latest modern technological methods of study and follow the methods of scientific research, most notably: Cambridge Community, BBB University, University of Nottingham, University of Lancaster.

What are the special conditions for obtaining a bachelor's degree?

Some of the most prominent conditions set by British universities are:

· The student successfully obtained the high school diploma.

· The student's English language certificate to indicate the student's level of language.

· The student must submit all the papers proving his identity from the birth certificate and a number of personal photos.

· Applications are made at the Embassy when British universities launch applications for a bachelor's degree.

· The papers are then approved by the embassy and the visa for travel is issued and then the student travels abroad to complete his university studies.

Areas of work for holders of a bachelor's degree in maritime law

· Work as an international expert in marine affairs.

· Work as a scientific researcher specializing in maritime laws.

· Work as a lawyer in international bodies to resolve a number of international disputes that occur between states.

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