Study of International Law in Britain

The study of international law in Britain, since the beginning of history there are a number of wars that have arisen between countries, those wars to deduct a number of lands belonging to other countries and control their wealth and for military sovereignty over the surrounding area, so it was necessary to develop international laws that protect each country and protect its limbs and borders and protect its wealth from looting, so there has become a specialization of international law that is taught in a number of universities, most notably British universities, so follow us to know more.

Study of International Law in Britain
Study of International Law in Britain

Best Universities of International Law in Britain

Universities in the list include the following:

University of Cambridge

You can study all the branches of international law with its branches of maritime law, air law and humanitarian law with sound scientific foundations through the unique research system that distinguishes the university from various other universities.

University of Edinburgh

This university ranks second among the universities that are interested in teaching international law to students as it accommodates numbers of international students to study a bachelor's degree in law with modern teaching mechanisms.

University of Manchester

The university has a huge library of the strongest books through which students can obtain all the information on various legal subjects, and the university prepares the student to join a number of career opportunities in the largest international bodies after graduation.

Another leading university in the study of international law in Britain is the University of Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield.

Costs of studying international law in Britain

Annual tuition fees for international undergraduates in the UK* started from £9,250 (US$12,870) and went up to £30,548 (US$42,500), or up to £64,652 (US$89,950) for medical degrees.

Study Master of International Law in Britain

Obtaining a Master of Laws from a British university specialized in this specialization requires specific conditions for admission, the most important of which are:

The student obtained a bachelor's degree in the specialization of international law with a statement of the student's general grade.

A special statement in English showing the level at which the student speaks and masters.

The duration of the Master's degree in the specialization of International Law at British universities is one year.

Also, a student may receive a number of free British scholarships to obtain a master's degree in international law if this student is a student who excels academically as he is completely exempt from all tuition fees for study.

Bachelor of International Law in Britain

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in international law is not difficult, all it takes is:

The high school certificate obtained by the student and ensuring the extent of his success and his acquisition of a number of literary subjects.

In addition, a special exam in English is held at the embassy that determines the student's level of language, which is one of the most important conditions on which the admission of applications is held.

The student's papers are from the birth certificate, and the lover of his residence.

The duration of the study of the Bachelor of International Law in Britain is four years of study.

Definition of international law

It is the law that was developed in order to protect the personnel of each state from death as a result of robbery and constant attacks by other countries, as those international laws contributed greatly to the rejection of the violence that countries faced at a period of time that led to more bloodshed.

There may be an ongoing dispute between two countries over an island that falls within the geographical system of the other country or someone attacking one of the borders of the states, so the decisive in this dispute is the study of rights in Britain , which grants each country its geographical borders without moving away from the borders of others.

Branches on International Law

These branches include:

Human Rights Law

This law helps greatly to give individuals in society all their rights to cast their votes in elections, to object to government decisions launched by the government, or to express their opinion freely.

Law on Airspace

This law prohibits the launch of air missiles in the private domain of any other country, securing and monitoring air and military aircraft in order not to cause any air disasters.

Law of the Sea

It is he who prevents any State from encroaching by any means of violence overseas, securing the movement of merchant ships transporting major commercial cargo across the seas.

Law on War

That law provides for the continued supply of supplies, ammunition and the needs of individuals during the period of war between any State and the other international.

Areas of work for graduates of the specialization of international law

  • Work in a number of embassies belonging to a number of countries.
  • Work in a number of foreign ministries as responsible for international relations.
  • Expert in international legal affairs.
  • Work as a legal researcher in the international affairs of states.
  • A lawyer specialized in international law to solve the problems facing many countries.
  • Holders of a doctorate in this specialty may reach a number of major job positions, the most prominent of which is work in the State Cases Authority.
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