Law Study in Britain

The study of law in Britain, in order to achieve justice in society, in order to eliminate harema, in order to financially control entire persons and organizations, in order to maintain the sound principles and foundations of the upbringing of children and young people It was necessary to establish strict laws that keep societies from the spread of violent phenomena, so the interest in studying the specialization of law was one of the most prominent concerns of the British state, so follow us to know everything related to this specialization.

Law Study in Britain
Law Study in Britain

About the definition of the study of law

It is that study that is most widely concerned with the study of the foundations and principles on which society is marching for a better society free from extremist ideas, violence and extremism.

It is that study that includes a number of laws that punish the perpetrators of the crime and also preserve the financial rights of persons and commercial transactions that take place between merchants and institutions that fall under the control of the commercial law.

How long does it take to study law in Britain?

Law students study for five years. The Postgraduate Diploma is designed to cover almost the same content as a LLB degree in a shorter period of time, and the Postgraduate Diploma allows non-legal students to transition to law after university. Alternatively, students can complete a typical LLB (3 years) or LLB (5+ years).

Conditions for studying law in Britain

  • 32 points from UCAS (a UK-based organisation whose main role is to run the application process for UK universities) of one A level or 40 UCAS points of two levels A Level or equivalent qualifications.
  • 5 GCSE certificates (General Certificate of Secondary Education is an academic qualification in a particular subject) in grade A-C/9-4 (including English) and grade D/4 or higher in mathematics, or equivalent qualifications.

Now students with a successful high school diploma and distinction in a number of literary subjects can enroll in one of the leading British universities in order to obtain a bachelor's degree.

One of the most important conditions set by British universities is that the student obtains an accredited certificate in English that ensures the extent of the student's mastery of the language because it is customary that many subjects, especially law, are taught in English.

The university also requires a student bank account in a bank that is at least £1,000.

Once the student complies with all these conditions, he can travel and complete his studies abroad.

Best Universities to Study Law in Britain

University of Law

The University of Law prides itself on being one of the oldest educational institutions in the UK for legal studies. Their founding dates back to 1876 when the leading educational software company Gibson and Weldon was created. Since then, their role and contribution to the national legal system has been enormous, leading to the emergence of some of the most prominent legislators.

The UK Law University offers a wide range of study programmes in a variety of law and business disciplines. No matter how accurate your academic ambitions are, at the University of Law, there will definitely be something that fits into those goals.

University of Cambridge

Their goal is to encourage you to develop a unique understanding of legal issues in a modern society and to appreciate the role of lawyers in the administration of justice. Thanks to the well-established confidence in the labour market, Cambridge graduates have a high employability capacity.

You can study law at the University of Cambridge in one of the following programmes:

Bachelor of Law Master of Law Master
of Corporate
Law Doctor of Law

Study at the University of Law

Be one step ahead with a globally recognised university in the UK!

Foot now

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers two courses in law:

The first course is a three-year program.

The second course is a four-year program that has the same curriculum as the first course, but also includes an additional year spent abroad at a university in France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

This university also offers the following:

Bachelor of Civil Law (Postgraduate Course)
DPhil in Criminology

University of Glasgow

Excellent degrees in law, a leading team of academics, a vibrant and dynamic research community, as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities make the University of Glasgow one of the best law schools in the UK. A law degree at this university will provide you with a basic understanding of Scottish and common law, but it will also enable you to gain additional critical and analytical skills that potential employers are looking for a lot.

The University of Glasgow offers some of the following law degrees:

Scottish Law Bachelor of Laws Public Law Bachelor of Laws

Scottish Law (Entry of Graduates) Bachelor of Public
Law (Entry of Graduates) Bachelor of Laws
in Corporate and Financial Law LLM
Diploma in Professional Legal Practice PgDip
Intellectual Property and Digital Economy Master of International Business Law Master
of Law and International Competition Policy Master of International Economic Law Master of

Social Legal Studies – MRes

London School of Economics

LSE Law is one of the world's leading schools of legal studies and research. This outstanding university celebrates high-quality education, flexible study programs and a unique and forward-looking approach to education. A law degree here will prepare you for a challenging career and for a competitive market.

Here are some of the law certifications offered by LSE:

Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Laws Master of Laws

Executive Master
of Law and Accounting
Doctor of Law

University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen Law School is regularly ranked among the top law universities in the UK because of its global reputation and unparalleled quality of education.

Students at the University of Aberdeen are taught in a wide range of legal fields in order to broaden their basic understanding of issues related to law which in turn will increase their employability in the future and the intellectual foundation for academic excellence.

Study law at the University of Aberdeen in one of the following degrees:

Bachelor of Laws
PGDip Professional
Legal Practice Public Law Master of International Law Master of Public
International Law Master of International Business Law Master of International Law Master of International
Law Master
of International

Public Law

University of York

York Law School is a symbol of innovative and research-oriented teaching excellence. Its law degrees are highly regarded in the academic world and in the labor market as well. Thus, law graduates at this university have high employability in a wide range of sectors.

At this law school, you will be taught by some of the best professors who will have a significant impact on your academic institution. In addition, the University has built a new object to provide optimal conditions for a suitable and inspiring study environment.

Master of Laws study in Britain

There are a number of conditions set by British universities in order to obtain a Master of Laws and these conditions include:

The student must have a bachelor's degree in law from one of the universities specialized in this specialization with a statement of the general appreciation of the student

The student passes the English language exam held at the British Embassy.

A complete medical examination of the student to ensure the complete safety of the student from any infectious disease that may lead to the surroundings.

Papers proving the student's identity from the photo ID card and the number of two personal photos.

LLM Specializations in Britain

There are many areas of specialization in which students can obtain an LLM in the UK, such as international law in Britain , commercial law in Britain, business law, medical law, and maritime law in Britain, among many others. An LLM in the UK takes at least one year of full-time study, but there are also options for part-time study.

The cost of studying an LLM in Britain

The UK LLM is often available for full-time study only for international students, and can cost around £19.5,000 to £44,000 per year. For a student, the cost of studying a Master's from UK law schools rises to 40,000 per year.

Study a Juris Doctor in the UK

There are a number of international students who are taking that important step of obtaining a PhD accredited by a British mother.

For this reason, the master's degree must first be passed and completed in a distinctive scientific manner in order to be accepted to complete the doctorate.

There is a special test for students that is held in order to know the extent of the student's merit in research performance according to modern scientific means and this test is called the MRES test

Also an accredited certificate of English showing the student's level of speaking the language.

Law Study Scholarships in the UK

These scholarships are awarded by the UK Higher Education Authority to a number of international students who have obtained outstanding grades in high school.

Where the student receives a full scholarship free of charge, the student is granted free accommodation for the student in the university housing and receives all the textbooks on law free of charge.

Some of the most prominent universities that offer these free student scholarships to study law are the universities of BBB, Ruskin.

Equivalency of a law degree in Britain

In order to obtain an accredited certificate to practice law in Britain, this requires several conditions, the most important of which are:

  • A statement of the bachelor's degree in law from the university from which the student graduated.
  • The student's private embassy of his country must approve that request by submitting a special request to the embassy in which he writes what are the reasons for the request for equivalence.
  • A statement of the student's identity and proof of identity.
  • Send all these papers to the competent authority and the application can be sent via the website of the Ministry of Higher Education in Britain.

Study Series in Britain

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