Study journalism in the UK

If you are a fan of knowing the news that revolves in the whole world on a daily basis, and also an amateur writer professionally in various corners related to political science or economic affairs in the country, or writing about sports news that revolves around the world, if you are familiar with all matters of journalism and have a great passion for this field, we have provided you with the greatest opportunity to study this specialization on the widest scale in a number of leading British universities in this discipline.

Study journalism in the UK
Study journalism in the UK

Costs of studying journalism in the UK

The University£18,000-£25,000 per year
Graduate20.000 – £25.000 per year

Universities of journalism in Britain

The list is as follows:

University of Exeter

This university contains a large number of departments for the study of journalism sciences in various fields such as the departments of radio and television, the news department and the section on writing and creativity.

Lancaster University

The university is interested in the methods of field work for students through the training of students in a number of press agencies and agencies for news and also the training of students in a number of radio and television buildings in order for the student to choose the department in which he would like to specialize after graduation.

University of Leeds

One of the most prominent universities that occupied a remarkable role in following the latest scientific means of study as it contains a laboratory for the latest computers to enable the student to study in a scientific manner, that university is very interested in the means of scientific research and writing research for the specialization of journalism.

Types of journalism in Britain

There are several different types of mass media in the UK: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites. The UK is known for its large music industry, along with its new and upcoming artists. The country also has a broadcast industry and a large film industry.

Journalism for scientific intelligence, knowing what modern science comes up with day by day, and recounting the news of space intelligence agencies and explorations in various sciences.

  • The press is to know all the news related to cinema, actors and artists.
  • Journalism for various radio sciences.
  • The press specialized in following up on fashion and fashion shows and following the news of international designers around the world.
  • The press that specializes in the affairs of states and follows the events that take place on a daily basis and presents them to citizens through news.

About the Science of Journalism

It is that science that is very interested in the sciences of writing and professionalism in the codification of the news and attracting the reader to it, as the study of this world needs the internal talent that exists within the student to be on the right path in the professionalism of this field after graduation.

It is that science that is concerned with familiarity with the various medical, sports and artistic fields that revolve in society and write them correctly and accurately.

He is also interested in the student's language skill and the way he recounts various news with all credibility without promoting a number of false news.

Specializations in journalism in Britain

These include:

  • Study English and the correct ways to pronounce and write words.
  • Study the first principles of journalism.
  • Study the correct foundations in writing news.
  • Study the basic principles of radio science.
  • How to write and promote ads.
  • Study the foundations of interviews.
  • How to use computers and write news on various electronic programs.
  • Study of both radio and television production and directing.

Study in the UK for free

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