Study of International Relations in Britain

The study of international relations in Britain, this specialization is one of the most important disciplines in a number of British universities due to the expansion of relations between different countries in all aspects of economic, commercial transactions and others, so there has become a specialized study in international relations to know the common features between different countries and each other.

Study of International Relations in Britain
Study of International Relations in Britain

The best universities in Britain in international relations

Universities include the following:

University of Cambridge

One of the best British universities that offers a number of intensive courses for students in the field of study of international relations, to become an expert in this discipline on the widest scale.

University of Oxford

One of the most prominent British universities that are interested in research sciences for students, and it also gives students the opportunity to research and innovate through internships in various major international bodies.

University of London

This university has won a number of awards for being considered one of the best specialized universities in this field, as it contains a large number of departments specific to this field to enable the student to work in a number of international sectors after graduation.

Also leading and distinguished universities in this discipline are the University of Edinburgh, the University of Essex, the University of Manchester and the University of Warwick.

Definition of the study of international relations

It is that close bond that binds each country to the other in various economic, social and political aspects and is not limited only to political relations.

It is also the strength of the relationship that promotes commercial and investment transactions through the exchange of goods and the satisfaction of the needs of each country.

It includes the development of all scientific aspects between countries to receive student delegations to a number of countries in accordance with the agreements between countries and each other.

It is also the exchange of cultures between countries and the sweeping and transmission of intellectual development in one form or another.

Specializations for the study of international relations

Majors include:

  • Study everything related to the initial foundations of psychology and its relationship with individuals to know each behavior specific to individuals in each country and to derive psychological problems and how to address them.
  • Study all the foundations of sociology and how to communicate with others, and strengthen the connection between people from each country even if those people are at odds in religions or cultures.
  • Study the geographical sciences of each country and know the characteristics of the terrain and know the cosmic phenomena of each country, whether the percentage of rainfall, wind direction or the rate of water level and exploit it in various agricultural, industrial and commercial aspects.
  • Study the history of each country and the group it has gone through that affected the population of those countries in terms of language, religion or the general character of its inhabitants.
  • Study the economic aspects of each country and know the extent to which it needs a number of goods and how to compensate them by importing those goods from neighboring countries, and know the extent of the financial strength of each country.

Advantages of studying international relations

The most important advantages that the student gets from the study of international relations:

  • Develops the student's prospects significantly in various aspects.
  • The student has a significant background in the history and geography of each country.
  • The ability to solve problems, whether those problems are related to politics, law or others.
  • The written creativity that the student acquires as a result of writing international documents and documents.
  • The student's knowledge of all political and legal affairs alike.

Duration of study of international relations at British universities

The number of years for a bachelor's degree differs from the number of years for a master's degree to find that:

The average study of the bachelor's degree is up to four years in various British universities specialized in this specialization.

Master's study may need only one year of study.

The most prominent jobs obtained by international relations students

These include:

  • Work as an International Relations Officer.
  • Work as an expert in international affairs.
  • Obtain a prestigious job in various diplomatic sectors.
  • Work as an international relations officer in a number of embassies of each country.
  • Familiar with all written work related to international documents, reports and documents.
  • Work in the press sector.
  • Researcher in international legal affairs.
  • Analyst and expert in international political matters.

Master of International Relations and Diplomacy in Britain

Studying a Master's degree in Britain requires a number of important papers in order to be admitted, including:

Bachelor's degree for the graduation of the student from one of the universities specialized in the study of this specialization.

The student obtains an accredited certificate showing the student's mastery of the English language where all subjects of the bachelor's degree are taught in English.

Also, if the student does not receive a free scholarship from the university for the preparation of the master's degree, the student must have a bank account in pounds sterling.

The special costs of studying in Britain to study international relations vary from university to university to range from £6,000 to £19,000.

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