High School in Britain

Secondary school in Britain, all individuals strive to provide the best education for their children, in order to achieve their aspirations to reach prestigious centers in education, social status, and one of the most important stages of education has an impact on the lives of students and their parents secondary stage, and it is called the stage of pre-university education because it determines the fate, and future of students, and in any path seeks to reach its goal, so we offer you the secondary education system in Britain, which is one of the most important education systems quality, discrimination and in which the student finds his goal and achieves his goal of progress In his university studies, Britain offers many scholarships to international students to study at the secondary level, or to study university education.

High School in Britain
High School in Britain

Today we offer you a guide for every student, and his parents of the secondary school system in Britain, always preparing you to go the best way, highlighting the information and waiting for your inquiry and your various suggestions.

About education in Britain

 Education in the UK is one of the best in the world, and Britain's education system has ranked 13th in the world, according to the OECD International Student Assessment Programme (OECD ) to measure the skills and knowledge of children from the age of 15 in science, reading and mathematics.

Education in Britain goes through five stages, all of which are compulsory for children in every part of Britain and study is full-time in school, and the stages of education begin:

Early stage, primary stage, secondary, additional education, higher education.

The mandatory school age in Britain has been extended to 18 years, and you do not have to be full-time in school, and students may choose to study at home.

Secondary education in Britain

Secondary education in Britain may be different for some than what is customary in some countries, because it lasts the period of secondary education in Britain for five to seven years, where students aged 12 years are required to enroll in the stage of compulsory secondary education, called the stage of lower secondary education, and lasts up to 18 years, and the most important feature of education in Britain is that it allows all immigrant students to attend secondary education schools, regardless of being immigrants, and after completing the study The student may choose to start a vocational training, or complete university studies.

Secondary school in Britain is divided into levels, or models, where each level has a name, age group, and subjects assigned to it.

High school levels in UK English countries include:

  • The first level "11-12 years".
  • Second Level "12-13 Years"
  • Third Level "13-14 Years"
  • Fourth level "14-15 years"
  • Fifth level "15-16 years"
  • Minimum level "16-17 years"
  • Upper Level "17-18 Years"

Subjects in British Secondary Education

Britain is keen on the quality of education at all levels, especially the secondary education stage, and is interested in teaching basic and scientific subjects, and takes into account individual differences in the development of the curriculum, and one of the most important subjects of study is the teaching of English, mathematics, scientific subjects, subjects of civic education, social sciences, and humanities in addition to attention to the artistic and creative talents of students, if the student has a talent in music, the secondary school is chosen accordingly.

It is noticeable that a student may study new subjects, and different subjects that he does not study in his country, and the subjects vary from school to school within Britain.

What is the General Certificate of Secondary Education in Britain?

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an accredited certificate in English obtained for students studying from the ages of 14 to 16, and is an international certificate recognized by the most famous universities and educational institutions around the world, and the General Certificate of Secondary Education is one of the important differences that distinguishes secondary education in Britain from other countries of the world, especially the American education system.

The British High School General Certificate is studied over a period of 2-3 years, and is divided into 4-5 semesters.

The subjects in the IGCSE secondary school are divided into two levels in each subject a limited level studied in the ninth and tenth years, and the extended level of the subjects studied in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth years.

High school students are regularly assessed after the end of the semester through written, oral and research exams, the British Council organises and supervises exams, and IGCSE students must take exams in 9 subjects, usually performing these exams at the age of 17 to 18 years.

The General Certificate of Secondary Education ( IGCSE ) exams are evaluated by a numerical scale of (1-9) and the scale of 9 is the highest score, in addition to the evaluation of advanced levels gradually on the scale of letters starting from the letter A to the letter U and the letter A is the highest score.

Although legally you are not required to obtain the General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE ), it is a prerequisite for university entry in Britain, in addition to being required to apply for various jobs, even if you do not attend university you have the option to enroll in vocational education.  

British High School Costs

Studying in Britain is characterized by low costs, with increased rates of quality and interest in education, and may be available to expats, and immigrants to get scholarships at the lowest costs, and studying in British schools is divided in terms of cost into two categories:

The first category schools are less expensive and start from 5000 to 6000 hectares per year.

The second category is schools with better facilities, suitable for international students and costs at least 15,000 Hazar per year, and boarding schools in Britain are famous and have great popularity, and demand from students where the costs reach from 3,500 to 4,000 Hazar per year including all costs of study, accommodation, food, and various activities.

High school students may need introductory courses to enroll in university such as medical school, etc., or A-level courses obtained in the eleventh and twelfth year of study and these courses may cost approximately 1,700 Hazar per year.

The most famous schools for secondary education in Britain

Many secondary schools across the UK are renowned, all of which feature high quality education and world-class facilities including:

London International School

London School is an international school that offers a specialized educational system for students, designed to nurture the abilities and individual needs of students, and London International School students have a high level of culture and education, London School courses are known as (International Baccalaureate) and are offered in the form of three levels: Primary, Intermediate, and Diploma, and end up at university.

Haroudian School

Haroudian School was established in the City of London in 1993, and the school includes students aged 4 to 18 years in separate departments, and the school is characterized by the quality of education according to academic and international standards, and the school relies on teachers with scientific experience, and two specializations to develop the talents of students, and the school offers its students many training courses for A-level students, triple design courses, and high school courses.

Conditions for secondary school study in the UK

If you want to study British high school, there are several conditions you must meet including:

  • At least 14 years of age.
  • Have a high level of English.
  • Submit an application form for secondary school study in Britain.
  • Obtain a passport and visa to study in Britain.
  • There may be entrance tests in some British schools, and you have to pass them.
  • The school you want to apply to study in must be a resident of the school evaluation bodies in Britain such as the Offset.

Advantages of high school study in Britain

All students, especially the secondary stage, are keen to get a high-quality education, because it is a fateful stage for them, and the British secondary school achieves for its students many advantages, and goals that make it desirable from everyone.

The most important features of British high school include:

  • British schools provide immigrant and expatriate students with access to secondary school as their right, as well as a scholarship including accommodation and tuition costs.
  • Studying high school in Britain qualifies you to attend universities in Britain and makes you a priority in studying at various universities in the world.
  • High school schools in Britain are keen to offer the best academic curricula, taking into account the individual differences between students, and developing their artistic and creative skills.
  • The British high school has a strict educational system, to suit the age stage of students, so do not leave time for the student to waste but spend most of his time researching and studying, so you find most geniuses and geniuses learned in British schools.
  • The curriculum is developed by specialists in educational materials, with the aim of developing students' skills on information analysis, logical thinking and thus eliminates the phenomenon of memorization, and after high school the student is able to think creatively, in addition to the ability to solve problems in a logical way, and present his ideas in an organized manner.   
  • The most important thing that distinguishes high school study in Britain is the proficiency of the English language from its source and all schools offer educational courses to develop the English language for their students because it is a prerequisite for education in schools and universities.
  • Studying high school in Britain gives its students a chance to cultural diversity, and you can form a network of friends from all over the world that will ensure you get to know the cultures of other countries.
  • While studying in Britain, you can discover and see Britain's fun cities.

Studying high school in Britain is a dream that all students have, so you can do it and apply to study in Britain , or look for scholarships that you provide to students, do not leave your dream and work hard to achieve it.

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