Study English Literature in Britain

The study of English literature in Britain attracts many students for several different reasons, some of them are interested in working literature, whether in English or its translation into English, and what may attract many people are the scientific subjects that develop the English language where this specialization gains you the ability to analyze and criticize.

Study English Literature in Britain

Study English Literature in Britain

This specialization allows the study of literature in different branches of theater, novel, poetry and short story, whether written in English and translated into English, such as Russian literature, which has been translated into English.

The specialization in English Literature also gives students to develop their translation skills by providing study materials for each semester studied.

Introduce students to the importance of translation and specialized translation patterns, whether economic, political, technical or otherwise, and this specialization also contains construction materials that help students develop academic skills in addition to the Department of Linguistics and Phonetics to help them pronounce properly.

Therefore, students should study another European language such as French or German to expand their circle of knowledge and give them this greater self-confidence and get the best jobs in the future.

What are the subjects studied in English literature?

The subjects taught vary from one university to another, but these subjects are the usual ones that are studied in British universities.

  • First year of the first term: poetry, Shakespeare, language, literature.
  • First year second term: short story, history of English story, theater, construction.
  • Second Year First Semester: Language, Translation, Arabic Literature, Comparative Literature.
  • Second Year Chapter Two: Creation and Essay of Comparative Literature, Shakespeare, Theatre.
  • Third Year First Semester: Poetry, Construction, History of Literature, Arabic Literature.
  • Third Year Second Semester: Criticism, Language, Creation and Essay, Theatre.
  • Fourth Year First Semester: Comparative Literature, English Story History, Criticism, Language.
  • Fourth Year Second Semester: Theatre, Language, International Literature, Comparative Literature.

Benefits of Studying English Literature in Britain

From the study of English literature the student is fluent in learning English as a member of the British people, and the development here also is at the level of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Because any language needs to be learned proficiently, well spoken and also written correctly, the student necessarily also learns about political terms and definitions old and new.

What areas of work are available in the study of English literature in Britain?

Specialization in English literature gives you a great opportunity to join any job because the fields of specialization in this field are endless, where the most prominent areas are the recognized that the student is a teacher of the English language, whether in public public schools or private schools, working as a translator whether for local or international organizations or television channels and stations.

It can also work in the political field or media, banking and other matters.

Postgraduate fields in the study of English literature in Britain

  1. Diploma of educational qualification for those wishing to delve deeper into the field of teaching.
  2. Universities for the study of English literature in Britain provide a diploma of translation for those wishing to specialize in the fields of translation.
  3. Follow the Master of Arts program.

British universities offer various programmes within postgraduate fields and when it comes to PhDs they are also obtained from the English-speaking country and this is the only requirement.

Number of years to study English literature in Britain

The study in Britain is from 5 years to 6 years, of which 5 years are basic and students are taught all the curriculum related to English literature, one year to obtain a master's degree and the possibility of continuing afterwards to obtain postgraduate studies in English literature.

Study of Arabic Literature in Britain

The study of Arabic literature in Britain is one of the basic sections of the Arabic language and an integral part of it and consists of original art forms such as poetry, prose, rhyme, balance of verses with each other and poetic verses that are closely related to feelings and how they are expressed.

Arabic literature conveys diverse ideas with the help of writing and the image that should be communicated to the reader.

Benefits of Studying Arabic Literature in Britain

  • Arabic literature makes man a gentle person who is beautiful in feelings and expresses how grateful he is through words.
  • Promote and stimulate mental abilities to master understanding language and think carefully to express it.

Studying in Britain to study Arabic literature in Britain is one of the methods of expression that grows about the advancement of thought and its impact on the psyche.

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