Study Petroleum Engineering in Britain

The study of petroleum engineering in Britain, one of the disciplines that the labor market needs greatly, especially the Gulf countries, which contain large quantities of oil, natural gas and petroleum, is the specialization of petroleum engineering, which is one of the disciplines that need intensive study by a number of universities, which the State of Britain is famous for teaching to students from different parts of the world.

Study Petroleum Engineering in Britain
Study Petroleum Engineering in Britain

Duration of study Petroleum Engineering in Britain

The number of years of study of petroleum engineering in a number of British universities ranges for a period not exceeding three years, and in the event of the start of the preparation of master's degrees in those universities, the duration of study is approximately two years.

Petroleum Engineering Universities in Britain

The list of universities is:

Coventry University specialized in the study of petroleum engineering

This university offers outstanding study to students that enables them to study this field on the widest scale by studying the layers and properties of the earth, in addition to the special methods of extracting petroleum and how to preserve it and its refining processes.

University of Portsmouth in Britain

From one of the leading universities in the study of this field, which receives a large number of students from different countries to provide intensive studies to students and study the departments of petroleum engineering starting from drilling and ending with how to calculate the quantities of oil and petroleum underground.

University of Manchester

It is one of the best universities that encourage students to research, innovate and think, as it is interested in studying in a practical way rather than being theoretical, in addition to intensive courses by the university to ensure a high level of students and graduate a number of students with experience in the field.

University of Bradford

This university did not differ much in its study of this specialization from other universities in providing a number of courses to students during the study periods by going down to the training sites for research and exploration for oil.

It also offers the student a great opportunity to obtain an accredited certificate to work in many leading companies in the field of petroleum extraction.

University of Surrey

It combines a dual approach system as it offers its own curriculum in the form of training courses, the most famous of which is the Ming course, which explains to students the basics of drilling, exploration and research sciences, while the ping course is obtained by students in order to prepare in general for work in this field.

Imperial College University

If you want to get an applied study in a systematic and accredited manner, you have that university, which is one of the most brilliant universities in the study of petroleum engineering.

In addition, it is difficult to admit if you do not pass the initial tests that the university requires of students, the most important of which is the examination of students in mathematical, physical and statistical sciences.

The university also uses the best educational systems, the most prominent of which is the entry of the Internet according to the educational system in the university.

Learn about the general term petroleum engineering

This specialization is at the top of the list of disciplines that a number of universities have been interested in in recent years as a result of the oil discoveries that have swept through a number of countries.

Therefore, this specialization was interested in the study of the physical and chemical properties of petroleum death, the most famous of which are oil, gas and others.

In addition, this specialization is concerned with the study of the geological sciences of the earth and the identification of each layer of it and the knowledge of its components in order to search for petroleum chips and derivatives.

Due to the recent extraction of huge amounts of petroleum from a number of Gulf countries, there has become a great demand from a number of companies for graduates of petroleum engineering, so a number of universities have become specialized in this specialty and graduate a number of students on an annual basis.

Petroleum engineering is widely taught in a number of British universities that qualify the student to study in various petroleum companies specialized in the field of mineral exploration.

Petroleum Engineering Majors in British Universities

They include the following:

Section on the foundations of initial drilling

Through it, students are taught the foundations of drilling and how to dig in diverse climatic conditions of high temperatures, humidity and rainfall.

In addition to qualifying students on how to infer petroleum derivatives in rock layers, we have to know whether the nature of the soil contains petroleum or not to start using the best giant mechanisms to preserve what has been extracted and start the refining process.

Engineering specialized in the production of petroleum quantities

This is the second part that begins after the end of the drilling process, where the extracted oil is kept in special tanks and began to be distributed in transport cylinders.

Special Department of Petroleum Storage Engineering

A third part of previous operations comes through which the quantities of oil and natural gas are calculated in detail to estimate the quantities that companies will produce from the same plant.

The great benefit to the petroleum engineering student from his studies in British universities:

Because by studying this specialization in one of those universities specialized in the study of petroleum engineering, it increases its excellence in this field as a result of the intensive studies and research provided by the university to students.

In addition to the great experience that students gain as a result of the study in a practical way that is conducted through training in various sites that produce quantities of oil.

As soon as one of the major companies in the field of petroleum learns of the student's graduation from one of those major universities in Britain, a number of major offers are made to the student in order to work and provide rewarding offers to him.

The study of this specialization develops a lot of experience in the student in knowing the layers of the earth and its physical properties.

Special Salaries for Petroleum Engineers in Britain

The profession of petroleum engineers is one of the most important professions that are in great demand by many companies and are rushed by offers that may reach salaries of about forty thousand pounds.

This article is part of the Engineering Study Series in Britain.

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