Study Marine Engineering in the UK

The study of marine engineering in Britain is one of the most important engineering departments where marine engineering includes the engineering of oil drilling boats and any other ship or naval structure in addition to ocean engineering specifically marine engineering is the specialty of applying engineering sciences including mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science in the process of development design and maintenance of watercraft propulsion.

Study Marine Engineering in the UK
Study Marine Engineering in the UK

Study Marine Engineering in the UK

This specialization also includes the study of oceanographic technology which includes pipe systems, power plant control systems and control systems for marine vehicles on surface ships and submarines.

Duration of study of marine engineering in Britain

The duration of study in Marine Engineering in Britain is from 4 years to 5 years after which he obtains a graduation certificate in Marine Engineering.

Universities of Marine Engineering in Britain

They are:

  1. Lancaster University.
  2. Keele University.
  3. Imperial University of London.
  4. University of Cambridge.
  5. University of Birmingham.
  6. University of Loughborough.
  7. University of Exeter.
  8. University of Leeds.
  9. University of Oxford.
  10. University of Warwick.
  11. Durham University.
  12. University of Bristol.

The most important subjects studied in marine engineering in Britain

They are:

1 – Science of water movement and its physical and chemical properties.

2 – Structural analysis of ships, their construction and balance in addition to surface equipment.

3. Science of marine diesel engines and technology of marine arsenals.

4- Studying the global standards for shipbuilding organizations and bodies.

5 – Study of mathematics, design sciences, mechanics, engineering drawing and beach engineering.

6- Establishment of maritime platforms and maritime legislation, in addition to industrial security and safety and others.

What are the disciplines of marine engineering

Ship Engineer: He is responsible for the construction, installation and maintenance of machinery on the ship and the repair of ships and naval boats including merchant and war ships and submarines.

Marine Engineer: He is responsible for the design and construction of offshore platforms and the repair of machines on the boat from the main engine, generators and surface machines.

Offshore Platform Engineer: Responsible for creating follow-up of loads on the ship during long-term voyages.

Skills that must be available in a marine engineer

They are:

  • Be familiar with all the necessary information about marine engineering.
  • His ability to solve all problems in the most difficult situations.
  • Its ability to solve complex computational problems.
  • Lead the team and form a team team.
  • His ability to manage time well and make use of it.

Study Maritime Navigation in Britain

Students in this specialization study the arts of maritime navigation and its traffic systems, study the principles of ships and how to operate these ships and repair malfunctions in them and can also learn about maritime laws and how to protect individuals and goods, and qualify the engineer to command and guide ships, and maintain the ship with its contents, and can give courses and workshops in the government or private sector.

Master of Marine Engineering in Britain

The study of the Master in Marine Engineering in Britain is one or two years depending on each university, where he studies many of the curricula of study in the Master such as:

1. Master in Hydrographic Surveying.

2. Master of Caravan Operation and Maritime Safety.

3. Master in the protection of the marine environment.

4. Master in marine surveying.

5. Master in Advanced Navigation.

The importance of the Master in Marine Engineering lies in a more in-depth study of all aspects of ocean marine engineering where it calculates wind and waves and meets the conditions of ships, and is also interested in studying the fields of industrial engineering.

It gives graduates the opportunity to work in a lot of other government jobs.

Qualifying graduates of marine engineering to identify and deepen the forms of industrial tasks.

Work in other areas related to electric and electronic engines and machinery because he undertakes them during his studies of the specialization.

The study of engineering in Britain is for applicants who see themselves doing presentation work in the oceans or coastal waters of the future, to be a successful marine engineer.

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