Study Decoration Engineering in the UK

Studying decoration engineering in Britain, the technical features of any house or property you find that it gives it a special character that distinguishes it from others, and here comes the role of the decorator who is the artistic and creative founder of what you find of decoration for various properties, so if you are an amateur of architecture you have the opportunity to master that profession professionally by joining the study of decoration engineering in Britain

Study Decoration Engineering in the UK
Study Decoration Engineering in the UK

Study Decoration Engineering in the UK

The hand of the decorator represents the artistic imprint of the special character on various architectural buildings

Since ancient times the geometric art of decoration has not been in the literal sense it is now, but there have been painters and sculptors who have made their own mark on the buildings and palaces of princes in the Middle Ages.

It then evolved into professionalism by hiring those painters and those who make special design for palaces to be owners of basic professions without whom the place would not be complete.

You find that the art of decoration has made its mark on churches, mosques and a number of museums since ancient times, in addition to the fact that there have been private schools to teach the art of decoration since the fourteenth century and this appeared especially in Italy.

These schools then evolved into universities and departments specializing in the art of decoration and there was a study called decorative engineering.

The costs of studying interior design in Britain

Costs from each university vary from the other but on average the costs of annual tuition at different universities range from £8,000 to £10,000 paid annually.That amount is outside the cost of housing which is also paid annually and costs on average approximately £3,500.A small annual percentage of a student's medical insurance expenses is added to £1,000 per year.

The special expenses spent by the student on food and drink as well as transportation expenses in Britain must be calculated and the approximate percentage is the equivalent of £500 per month, and the percentage may increase or increase.

Duration of study of Decoration Engineering in Britain

The duration of study in interior and exterior engineering as a whole with its interior and exterior designs ranges from the equivalent of three years.

Best Universities in Britain to Study Interior Design

They are as follows:

University of Cleveland

This university was established in the eighties to be one of the leading universities in the field of interior design and decoration accommodating large numbers of students around the world.

All funds allocated to this field of study are provided by the major business management companies in Britain.

The university has earned a reputation among a large number of universities specializing in interior design and this is what the Times has praised.

University of Bradford

This university was interested in art, painting and designs on the widest scale.

In addition, it has provided students with important programs that they can access to a large area of professionalism that is applied to computers.

University of Glasgow

The university has won a large number of awards in the field of arts and engineering education for its students by the Ministry of Higher Education.

It was ranked among 15 universities around the world as one of the best universities specialized in the field of decoration engineering.

Hackney University

These universities have used the best modern mechanisms in education systems as they are interested in the field of scientific research and holders of bachelor's degrees can also obtain a doctorate from that university.

In addition to the mechanism of using computers in drawing special technical techniques, they face architecture and interior designs through graphics programs.

Moulton University

This university is interested in practical training for students on the widest scale through the training of a number of students in major companies specialized in this field.

In addition to having a number of art workshops to encourage students to art, painting and innovate.

University of Oxford UK

It is one of the first British universities to take the lead in teaching this discipline on the widest scale and offering a simplified form to students.

In addition, the university holds a number of exhibitions on an annual basis in which students present their own arts.

University of Liverpool

Students are applied annually to that university in order to enroll in it for its excellence in various disciplines of study, most notably the study of decorative engineering.

It also has a large number of the largest university professors to provide the best information about this specialization to students.

The student also obtains a university-accredited degree that he can work for in any of the companies in Britain.

What detailed work does the decorator do

If you are looking for sophistication, luxury and high taste in your home, you can use the decorators to get the final character of the place you are doing.

In addition to choosing the taste of the exterior facades, with an interior design of the houses and the ability to divide small spaces professionally with the addition of special artistic touches to them.

The decorator is also hired in government institutions that need a special design for each corner such as a special design for hospital parts inside and out.

In addition, there are a number of halls that are fully designed by the decorator, whether halls for various events, or halls that are designed to hold official conferences of senior states.

The most important subjects taught in British universities for interior engineers

They are:

Materials for design via computer.

Special materials to know the foundations of building materials and drawing and how to use them.

The décor of lamps and how to classify them in place and distribute them aesthetically is taught.

The art of using the special spaces of each piece in the place is also taught and turned into a masterpiece.

Teaching the history of architecture throughout the ages.

Teaching subjects for the integration of colors, how to apply them and choose the right color for each interface.

The attributes that an interior designer should have

Before you consider joining decorative engineering you should have a special artistic character to apply professionally during periods of work and study.

A decorator must have a hobby of drawing and innovation before taking that study only as a profession.

Some think it's easy to have a special career for a decorator, but it needs a lot of precision in dealing with design and painting and the ability to make every corner as a codified architectural masterpiece.

To have a great ability to persuade and consolidate his ideas for the client because he has the right vision for the place.

Punctuality and the ability to complete tasks in record time.

Tact and good appearance Because the client looks at the external appearance of the engineer, he must have a distinctive personal interface in order for the client to trust his technical opinions.

Tests for students first before enrolling in university, including

Tests for drawing and designs and to find out if this student has an artistic vision in this field or not.

This article is part of the Engineering Study Series in Britain.

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