Study Automotive Engineering in the UK

The study of automotive engineering in Britain is one of the most important engineering departments and focuses on car parts and engines, and the development of car parts and systems where the engineer is also proficient in the manufacture, development and use of measurements of more engines, so the study of automotive engineering in Britain is the first step to success for the student for a bright and bright career, where Britain is interested in providing the opportunity for its students to go to workshops and innovate and design new ways for cars, learn within simple lines about the study of automotive engineering in Britain.

Study Automotive Engineering in the UK
Study Automotive Engineering in the UK

Automotive Engineering Study Departments in the UK

The study of automotive engineering in Britain is divided into several main sections such as: (Design Engineering, Prevention Engineering, Fuel Economy, Noise and Vibration Engineering, Driving).

Department of Design Engineering: This department is concerned with human behaviors and interaction with the surrounding environment, and also includes modern technologies and mechanisms that have been implemented depending on the technology solutions inside the building, where the most prominent objectives of the designer and the presence of an organized environment and a natural and comfortable lifestyle.

Prevention Section: This section deals with the protection of all networks and power networks such as transmission and distribution networks, and its aim is to detect damaged devices and replace them with electrical protection devices to ensure protection and security, where the protection system is supposed to be applied practically and scientifically to avoid any error about to occur.

Subjects studied in the study of automotive engineering in Britain

The most important subjects studied in the study of automotive engineering in Britain, where the subjects taught in one university to another and their examples are:

  • Heat transfer.
  • Automotive Engineering.
  • Electrical systems and electronics in vehicles.
  • Vehicle Security Systems.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Computer design.
  • Design of machine elements.
  • Vehicle technology.
  • Gas turbines.
  • Dynamics.
  • Anthropology.
  • Electrical and Electronic Sciences.
  • Machine elements.
  • Internal combustion engines.
  • Introduction to Automotive Engineering.
  • Vehicle mechanics.

General Overview of Automotive Engineering Specialization

The specialization of automotive engineering is one of the branches of modern engineering, and began to take its way strongly to meet the global developments and the spread witnessed by the field of manufacturing and production of means of transport, and the field of automotive engineering is branched from the field of mechanical engineering, and the specialization includes the study of various design stages, and other studies related to security and safety, and the specialization includes other means of transport such as trucks, buses and many other means of transport.

What are the advantages of studying automotive engineering in Britain?

The specialization of the study of automotive engineering is one of the most important departments required, due to the extreme and continuous need for this specialization, with the development in the production and production of cars, and the acceleration of large companies to production and competition, and this makes the graduate open the door wide to the jobs that await him, as the study of specialization opens the horizons of creativity, development and innovation to develop operating systems, and everything related to this specialization,

Areas of work of the specialization of automotive engineering after graduation

The automotive engineering specialization sector is one of the sectors rich in job opportunities, and one of the most important jobs that a graduate of the automotive engineering specialization can work in its fields:

  1. Design of mechanical systems.
  2. Mechanical expert.
  3. Work in air, sea and land transport companies.
  4. Work in production companies.
  5. Teacher in industrial schools and universities.
  6. Maintenance centers and manufacture of auto parts.
  7. Car agencies.

The fields of work of the specialist in automotive engineering extend to other fields, such as the field of iron and steel industry, the manufacture of industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment, construction and fuel products and others.

The importance of the specialization of automotive engineering

Due to the emergence of many rumors about the specialization of automotive engineering and that it has no future, but the largest companies of the global automotive industry are competing to hire the most qualified engineers with sufficient experience in car parts and work on their development and the invention of new cars with modern non-traditional technologies.

Number of years of study in Automotive Engineering in Britain

The number of years of study in Britain is 4 years and the degree of master and doctorate and we will address each stage of study separately:

Phase I: A general introduction to physics, a general introduction to chemistry, computer engineering and design, and fundamentals of automotive engineering are studied.

Phase II: In the second stage, the automotive laboratories are studied, an introduction to the materials used in engineering, algebra, statistics, fuel fusion, differential equations.

Phase III: The digital method of engineers, heat transfer and distribution, fluid mechanics, mechanization theory, machine elements, automotive engines is studied.

Phase IV: An introduction to automotive engineering, truck dynamics, and transportation systems design is studied.

Specialized universities to study automotive engineering in Britain

They are as follows:

  • Robert Gordon University.
  • University of Lincoln.
  • University of Surrey.
  • Blackpool University and the Wild Narrative.
  • Cardiff University.
  • De Montfort University.
  • University of Brighton.
  • University of Liverpool.
  • University of Stafford County.

The British University is then keen to train its students for another two years to ensure that they can work afterwards and bring them to the best companies for employment.

Admission Requirements for the University of Engineering in Britain

The university offers two systems of engineering programs: (Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering).

Typical IB requirements must not be less than 30 points, Typical requirements for the first level and proficiency in English and Mathematics, IELTS test not less than 6 points.

Before joining the university, the student must study for 4 or five years, including English and sports, and must pass them, as expatriates must apply for the personal interview during this year.

Studying engineering in Britain is an important study that generates a strong return, and you can now study it easily and do a special project.

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