Study Architecture in Britain

Studying architecture in Britain, the work of the architect is a very hard work as he is the main responsible for the entire construction, so we should not be ignorant that this field needs more study and for this matter a number of British universities have been interested in teaching this specialization to students from different countries so follow this article to learn what this field needs from study.

Study Architecture in Britain
Study Architecture in Britain

What architecture means

The role of the architect is not limited to a specific task, but he performs a number of side tasks besides his main task which consists of designing the entire building from its infrastructure until the completion of the entire construction.

As for the side tasks, he heads the civil engineer and supervises him in all civil functions of the architecture he implements, in addition to supervising also the exterior facades of houses, hospitals and mosques with their drawings, decoration and colors.

In addition, its field is widely spread to include knowing the geological composition on which the land being built is to see if there are defects in this land or whether it is suitable or not.

Also the architect is interested in everything related to the construction from the inside for example:

If the architect is headed to build a hospital, he is primarily responsible for the internal and external entrances to the air conditioning, in addition to the safety mechanisms of the building by identifying the places where alarms are placed everywhere in the building.

Find out what job opportunities an architect gets in Britain

Due to the huge architectural expansion that a number of countries are now in, there is a demand by major architectural firms for the demand for architects.

You find that most of the giant buildings in many countries were co-built by the largest architects around the world such as the Burj Khalifa.

So if you are an architect you will find many career opportunities such as:

There are a number of companies that are specifically specialized in the diagrams of the architectural building, those drawings are on the basis of which the entire building is built.

There are also a number of other jobs that involve working for major engineering companies that head a number of entire projects.

Supervision, equivalent to the work of the architect general supervisor of the construction as he monitors the construction process and how the tools are properly employed and utilized.

Find out what subjects the architect teaches at British universities

They are as follows:

  • Special materials for the construction process.
  • Special materials for the selection of types of materials used in construction.
  • The historical origins of each building such as the date of an ancient mosque and the origins of its construction.
  • Special materials for the implementation of architectural buildings.
  • The use of modern systems in design such as graphics
  • Special materials for the internal installation of buildings.
  • Materials for safety and security mechanisms for construction.
  • Special materials for the reconstruction and restoration of old buildings.

The cost of studying architecture in Britain

The general cost of studying this specialization at each university varies from the other, for example:

The cost of studying at the University of Brighton is different from the University of Cante, the former estimates the annual cost of about £13,900 and this amount includes the costs of the stay.Comparing the universities of Hull and Glasgow, the first is a low cost of an average of £8,000, while the second is an average total cost per year equivalent to £13,000.

Duration of study of architecture in Britain

Architecture degrees in the UK typically require at least seven years of study, divided into three phases.

The Best Universities of Architecture in Britain

The list includes the following:

University of Greenwich

This university contains a number of disciplines, the most prominent of which is the specialization of architecture, offering the student a number of important subjects that enable him to study this field with distinction.

Kent University

The university is interested in the mechanisms of modern education from the use of means of distance education and also computers to make drawings for various architectural constructions.

University of Salford

The university is famous for its practical training of students where students train in various construction sites and teach them the initial foundations of construction, in its other stages.

University of Derby

The university has a large number of professors specialized in this field and offers intensive courses to students continuously in order to excel in this specialization.

Equivalency of an architecture degree in Britain

Some students obtain an architecture degree from some countries other than Britain, in order for the student to be equivalent to that degree in British universities, some conditions must be made, which is to communicate with the office of Uk NARIC, the first specialist in achieving that equation for students and if the student wants to obtain a master's or doctorate or work in one of the engineering institutions that need accredited papers in this specialization in order to be admitted to work.

Papers for obtaining the equivalency of the architecture degree

There are a number of sheets that include:

  • The certificate of graduation of the student.
  • A certificate of the student's degrees.
  • Student's data certificates containing his/her address, mobile phone number and a way to communicate and respond to the student.
  • A paper in which the student writes the reasons for his submission to that equation.

Master of Architecture in Britain

Applying for the Master of Architecture requires a number of papers, the most prominent of which are:

  • The student's bachelor's degree in this specialization.
  • A special statement of the student's own degrees such as physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • The application is made at the British Embassy and the student submits a special certificate in English showing the level spoken by the student.
  • In addition to a statement of the financial situation of the student in a bank and must have a bank balance worth 1200 pounds.
  • Once the student's papers meet all the conditions, the student extracts the visa, visa and travel within a short time.
  • The duration of the master's study years in British universities is one year.
  • The tuition fee for an MSc at a number of British universities is on average approximately £14,000 per year.
  • In addition, the special salary of master's holders in a number of engineering companies is approximately £230,000 per year.

You can now study architecture in Britain easily and at lower costs than expected, through which you get an accredited degree and study engineering in Britain enables you to enter the job market easily.

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