Study Aeronautical Engineering in the UK

Studying aeronautical engineering in Britain, the specialization of aeronautical engineering is one of the disciplines that are not widespread in the Arab countries but this field is in great demand as a result of the world has become a very small village you can travel across continents and visit the countries of the whole world in a number of hours using the aircraft, have you ever asked yourself what is meant by aerospace engineering!

Study Aeronautical Engineering in the UK
Study Aeronautical Engineering in the UK

How many years have you studied aviation in Britain?

Three years, although the Kingston course allows you to enroll in an extra year, making it a four-year program.

As for the opportunity to obtain a master's or doctorate in aeronautical engineering, it does not exceed one year to obtain a doctorate degree in a form approved by the university.

The cost of studying aeronautical engineering in Britain

There are many universities specialized in the study of this specialization in Britain, each of which has its own cost, which includes expenses for studying, accommodation expenses at the university, in addition to transportation expenses from one place to another.

Therefore, the cost of studying aeronautical engineering in the UK will be largely determined by the school you attended and the level of educational degree you are pursuing. Overall, studying in the UK costs £58,600 on average per year for international students. Students should expect to pay up to £1,850 per year

Student accommodation fees are estimated at £300 per month.

The value of transfers and student expenses is also estimated to be around £600 per month.

Aeronautical Engineer Salary in Britain

At the beginning of the article we mentioned that there are a number of departments related to aeronautical engineering, each of which has its own salary.

For example, the salary of an aircraft exoskeleton engineer from an engine maintenance engineer is different from that of an aerodynamics engineer.

But on average, the salary for this discipline is approximately £200,000 a year, one of the highest in Britain.

Aviation Colleges in Britain

  • Brunel University London:Brunel's aviation courses include the study of aeronautical engineering with a bachelor's degree in experimental studies, a three-year course that allows professional pilots to be trained after graduation. They also offer four-year "sandwich courses" that include a specific period dedicated to mid-course work experience. Brunel's proximity to Heathrow gives its students exceptional opportunities to gain first-hand experience with private and commercial aircraft at one of the world's largest airports.
  • Kingston University of London:If you're looking for a short course, Kingston offers options ranging from one to three years. Complete flight operations with a commercial pilot training degree are designed for those who plan to become commercial pilots.
  • Staffordshire University:Located on the Stoke-on-Trent campus, the Staffordshire Flight Technology degree in paragliding gives you the first year of this three-year course.
  • University of Sheffield:The Aeronautical Engineering course in Sheffield is ranked among the top ten in engineering in the UK in the Times Good University Guide 2017, and it prepares students well with modern modules.
  • University of Hertfordshire: While the Standard Course of Space Technology with three-year experimental studies at the University of Hertfordshire focuses on aeronautical systems engineering and the technical skills needed to understand and integrate modern avionics systems
  • University of Leeds:With 10 dedicated hours of flight training and many lessons available with additional lessons, three-year aviation technology with the Leeds Experimental Studies degree provides graduates with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ground inspection requirements, which they can complement with other modules to acquire their own skills. Pilot license.
  • University of Liverpool:Offering postgraduate and undergraduate courses in aerospace engineering, aviation courses at the University of Liverpool vary from the Bachelor of Engineering to the PhD level.
  • University of Salford: The University of Salford Manchester campus offers a combination of practical and theoretical aviation during the three-year Aircraft Engineering course with the Experimental Studies course.
  • University of the West of England:The University of the West of England in Bristol runs a four-year course in aerospace engineering with empirical studies designed to provide the skills students need to become technical specialists in the aerospace industry.
  • University of Nottingham:Between the University of Nottingham's academic lecturers and specialists from global airlines, Nottingham Aviation's courses in aeronautical engineering are excellent options for undergraduate and postgraduate students to become an aeronautical engineer.

Scholarship to study aviation in Britain

  • ACS Flight Training PPL Scholarship (PPL)
  • The Honourable Company of Air Pilots Private Pilot's Licence Scholarship (PPL)
  • The Air League 12-hour Flying Scholarship (PPL)
  • The Air League 5-hour Flying Scholarship (PPL)

Learn what is meant by aeronautical engineering

That discipline, which includes a number of studies, is not just about learning to fly and its mechanisms.

It also involves the study of the entire atmospheric properties and layers of the atmosphere, the pilot must be sufficiently aware of the contents of the atmospheric air and the consequences it faces at any time.

Also this specialization includes the study of each part of the aircraft and how to deal with it and maintain it and deal with the engine and tools related to it, there are a number of aeronautical engineers whose specialization is limited only to the maintenance of the aircraft completely.

In addition to studying the direction of wind and everything related to atmospheric sciences and safety mechanisms that include preserving the lives of passengers when exposed to any crisis that may face the pilot.

Are there other disciplines that are similar in their study to aeronautical engineering?

Yes, some are unaware of the distinction between both aeronautical engineering and that of the discipline called space engineering, which each has multiple facets in the study, but the significance of their study is somewhat the same.

Both deal with the mechanisms of travel in the atmosphere, whether an airplane, a rocket or even spacecraft flying through the layers of the atmosphere to explore the lives of other planets and the possibility of coexistence with them or not.

Both the aeronautical engineer and the aerospace engineer also study the entire aeronautical sciences and atmospheric layers and the application of the safety laws of flight at the top.

Both disciplines must excel in a number of subjects, most notably physics and dynamics and statics.

Both have multiple opportunities to work in different European countries, most notably Britain, which allows each of them to work in major companies specialized in aerospace and aeronautics.

Would you like to be a successful aeronautical engineer!

If you have this dream and would like to realize it on the widest scale, British universities provide you with the widest multifaceted study of this discipline through intensive training for those outstanding students.

This specialization also contains more than one department and the university provides you with a specific specialization in one of the departments for the study of aeronautical engineering, after you studied all those departments in the first year of the university.

The most prominent of these sections are:

The section on the installation of aircraft parts and how to maintain them if they encounter any malfunctions.

Section on handling engines only.

As we mentioned before, the university is interested in the student's excellence in dynamics and statics, which includes knowledge of the composition of atmospheric atoms and layers.

These sections also include how to deal with the aircraft remotely, communicate with the pilot throughout the flight, and send and receive information.

There are also a large number of holders of a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering study who travel annually to Britain in order to obtain a doctorate and a master's degree in this field.

This article is part of the Engineering Study Series in Britain.

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