Study Engineering in Britain

Studying engineering in Britain, the study of engineering in all its disciplines has received the greatest attention by many universities, including British universities that accommodate a large number of students from different countries, to be the leader in expanding the horizon of students in this field specifically, in addition to the use of distinguished scientific methods in teaching and communicating information to students.

Study Engineering in Britain
Study Engineering in Britain

Costs of studying engineering in Britain

Each university differs in its costs from the other university where each university adds the cost of residential accommodation for students at the university, adding also the value of the student's health insurance with transportation expenses and personal expenses of the student for example:

The annual costs of studying engineering at the University of Cambridge are on average approximately £18,900.A sum of money is added to that previous value for accommodation at the university for the total amount of expenses equivalent to £24,000.

The annual costs of studying engineering at the University of Oxford are worth approximately £17,000, adding the amount of money for university accommodation and the amount of health insurance to break the total financial value of the £25,000 barrier.

The annual costs of studying engineering at the Royal University of London are approximately £16,000 on average plus the total value of the expenses for accommodation at the university + the expenses for health insurance to reach the total value of £23,000 per year.

The annual costs of studying engineering at Keele University are the lowest cost universities to average around £14,000 by adding the amount of money for university accommodation and the amount of health insurance to reach an average value of approximately £20,000.

The annual costs of the University of Lincoln are on average approximately £15,900 plus the costs of university accommodation and the value of health insurance to reach around £21,000.

All these costs are not added to the value of transportation and personal expenses of students.

Engineering majors in Britain

Engineering majors in Britain
Engineering majors in Britain

The Department of Engineering is divided into more than one department as the student has the freedom to choose his own specialization for his studies and excellence in it include those study disciplines as follows:

Civil Engineering

The study of civil engineering in Britain This type of study that is interested in studying the structure of buildings and their basics in addition to the design of the entire building and supervision in terms of the use of multiple building tools, and this specialization is also interested in the construction of bridges and a number of bridges and also supervises the structure of the building, hospitals and government and private sectors.

Informatics Engineering

The study of this specialization has added a lot to technology as it is considered an important means of transmitting and receiving information through various means of technology, also this specialization is widely concerned with maintaining the confidentiality of information transmitted through satellites.


The study of architecture in Britain is similar in its study with civil engineering but it is much more comprehensive as the architect is the first supervisor of the entire building and is the one who gives instructions to the civil engineer and workers and supervises the general decoration of the building and its decoration, and the architect is interested in the internal affairs of the building such as installations for electricity, air conditioning and means of safety and security for various buildings.

Marine Engineering

This specialization is one of the important disciplines as it is concerned with everything related to marine science, geology and the study of malfunctions that may occur in ships and submarines in addition to receiving messages across the sea and knowing how to manage ships and their installations as this specialization is in great demand in the sectors of the army.

Decoration Engineering

Study of Decorative Engineering in Britain If you are interested in decorations, architectural drawings and engraving on buildings, here is this specialization that combines art and engineering at the same time as the decorator is very familiar with how to exploit small places and make them a masterpiece in addition to highlighting the building by choosing colors and exterior facades.

Aeronautical Engineering

· The study of aeronautical engineering in Britain includes a number of sections including the manufacture of structures for aircraft and how to maintain them, the identifier of defects that may face engines and how to deal with them, also dealing with the aircraft remotely and maintaining the safety mechanisms of passengers, communicating with the pilot throughout the duration of the flight and directing instructions if any malfunction occurs for the aircraft itself.

Chemical Engineering

The study of chemical engineering in Britain is interested in knowing all the information about chemicals and concluding the result of chemical experiments when adding two compounds to each other, this study encourages research and innovation, and the graduate of this field works in many sectors, the most famous of which are chemical companies and petrochemical manufacturing companies.

Electrical Engineering

· The study of electrical engineering in Britain This type of study is interested in knowing the installation of all electrical circuits in various sectors such as hospitals, major malls and also mobile networks, in addition to the vacancies that await the electrical engineer are multiple, the most prominent of which is working in major electrical companies and mobile companies.

Study Telecommunications Engineering in the UK

Studying telecommunications engineering in Britain, you don't get surprised if you're a resident of a country around the world and you make a phone call and another answers you in less than a femtosecond.

Study Petroleum Engineering in Britain

Studying petroleum engineering in Britain, one of the disciplines that the labor market needs greatly, especially the Gulf countries that contain large quantities of oil, natural gas and petroleum is the specialization of petroleum engineering, which is one of the disciplines that need intensive study by a number of universities.

Study Software Engineering in the UK

Study software engineering in Britain, if you are a fan of creativity and design but have not found your place in a number of sectors that give you the opportunity to become a professional.

Study Automotive Engineering in the UK

The study of automotive engineering in Britain is one of the most important engineering departments and focuses on car parts and engines, and the development of car parts and systems, where the engineer is also proficient in the industry, development and use of measurements of more engines.

Study Renewable Energy Engineering in Britain

Studying renewable energy engineering in Britain, some are confused about the distinction between renewable and non-renewable energy, but the general concept of each of them is quite different as the sources for each of them are different.

Study Computer Engineering in the UK

Studying computer engineering in Britain is the perfect introduction to the New World because it will be the first and important language to learn, namely the language of programming, and this study needs creativity and innovation.

Study Electronic Engineering in the UK

The study of electronic engineering in Britain is concerned with the study of scientific methods for the design of electronic circuits and their basic components of connectors, insulators, semiconductors and densities and benefit from the many applications of these circuits in the manufacture and maintenance of various electronic devices.

Study Environmental Engineering in the UK

The study of environmental engineering in Britain is the scientific study of the diversity and difference of living organisms in the surrounding environment and the influence of these organisms on the interrelationships between all living things and their surrounding environment.

Study Industrial Engineering in Britain

The study of industrial engineering in Britain means the study of administrative and engineering methods necessary to manage and facilitate work and explains that the industrial engineer mixes management with engineering in order to design and photograph systems and methods of work and management of individuals in order to get the best results at the lowest prices.

Study Medical Engineering in the UK

Studying medical engineering in Britain, medical engineering is a mixture of engineering, electrical, mechanical and electronic sciences as it is considered the strong link between engineering and medicine.

Study Mechanical Engineering in the UK

The study of mechanical engineering in Britain is considered one of the widest and most important engineering studies and disciplines.

Study nuclear engineering in Britain

Studying nuclear engineering in Britain, nuclear engineering is one of the latest engineering disciplines where it seeks to search for new sources of energy and contribute to the design, construction and operation of nuclear plants.

Study Genetic Engineering in the UK

The study of genetic engineering in Britain is a technique that deals with the genes of humans and animals as well, in addition to the genes of microorganisms or animals and plants as well, or units on chromosomes in separation and connection, entering genes from one organism to another to know the type of (embryo), and you can study to learn about genetic engineering in Britain .

Study Marine Engineering in the UK

Studying marine engineering in Britain is one of the most important engineering departments where marine engineering includes the engineering of oil drilling boats and any other ship or skeleton in addition to ocean engineering.

Number of years of engineering study in Britain

It is customary that studying engineering at any university around the world may reach five years, but it is different in British universities to find that those universities have a duration of study of about four years and other universities with a number of years up to three

Years and a first year called the preparatory year is added in which the student studies all departments of engineering sciences.

How to study engineering in Britain

The study of engineering in Britain includes following several important methods, the most prominent of which are:

Provide a number of subjects related to this field to be comprehensive of the curriculum in general.

In addition, the number of years of study varies from three to four years to begin with a preparatory year provided by the university to students in order to study all departments of engineering in a codified and detailed manner in order to choose the student the department thanks to him.

Each university has a laboratory filled with computers in order to teach students to study all subjects in the modern education system and not only lectures.

There are also research systems for the study of this specialization and major libraries containing the best books in the field.

This system is also applied to master's and doctoral studies.

Students are also trained in various fields of work such as major engineering companies, and business sector companies in each discipline separately.

Equivalency of a Civil Engineering degree in Britain

This equation that the student applies for in one of the specialized offices in Britain to receive all student applications in order to make an equation between two certificates and this equation is done by applying through the website of the Uk NARIC office, the student does the following:

Communicate with the office and submit its graduation papers, with a stamped paper from the graduation side showing all the degrees that the student has successfully passed.

In addition to sending all the information fully about the student, most notably the student's ID card, his residence statement and the contact address with him, with a statement explaining the reasons why the student applied to that equation.

Best Engineering Universities in Britain

Best Engineering Universities in Britain
Best Engineering Universities in Britain

The best universities are as follows:

University of Cambridge

One of the best universities in Britain that was founded since ancient times to pay great attention to the education of students in all disciplines in a purely general manner and the use of the best means in education from the use of computers and the Internet in the delivery of information to students.

University of Oxford

The university became a leader in this specialization, which was not limited to the study of the particular engineering specialization, but it included mechanical and electrical engineering, civil and architectural engineering and decoration engineering for each of them special ways of learning and it is also very interested in the descent of students to the fields of work to learn about the mechanisms of work of each specialization separately.

Royal College London

This university has received the largest harvest in the demand of a number of students to study this specialization more comprehensively and widely, as the university has won many awards from the Higher Education Authority for its use of a codified scientific method in communicating information to students.

Kelly College

One of the universities that launches many free scholarships for students from different countries and cares about brilliant students in a number of subjects to give them the greatest chances of obtaining a master's and bachelor's degree and also a doctorate in addition to the annual tuition fees for engineering study are not high compared to other universities.

Master of Engineering in Britain

When the student passes the bachelor's degree fit he has the cravings to prepare a master's degree that would:

  • Raising the scientific status of the student in a number of disciplines
  • It also gives the student more jobs with greater opportunities with higher salaries in a number of sectors who are flocking heavily to master's holders.
  • If you want to prepare a master's degree at a British university, you should do the following:
  • First, submit all the papers that prove the student's graduation and excellence in the bachelor's degree, in addition to his excellence in a number of subjects, most notably chemistry, physics and mathematical subjects.
  • One of the most important conditions launched by British universities is the student's fluency in English, where the student must have a number of courses in the language.
  • In addition, bring papers from the bank showing the student's financial balance in order to approve the visa for travel.
  • The rest of the paperwork that includes the visa is then completed, and the student travels to take that opportunity to obtain a master's degree.

Scholarships to study engineering in Britain

These scholarships are offered for several categories:

The first of them is the students who have passed the secondary stage with great success and excelled in a number of scientific subjects that enable them to be admitted to those universities with ease.

The second category: Submitted to a number of students to a number of Arab countries that have a joint agreement between higher education bodies that stipulates the possibility of students traveling without any conditions and without paying any expenses.

The third category: It includes a number of students who are refugees to and residents of Britain as these students are given the opportunity to study in Britain fully and free of charge and without any complications or restrictions.

مدة دراسة ماجستير الهندسة في بريطانيا

تبلغ مدة دراسة الماجستير تقريبا سنة واحدة فى بريطانيا قد تزيد المدة إلى أن تصل إلى عامان وهذا يتوقف على إتمام الطالب للرسالة الخاصة بالماجستير ومناقشتها.

تكلفة دراسة ماجستير الهندسة في بريطانيا

فى هذا المقال سوف نذكر النسبة فى المتوسط ولكن هذه النسبة غير ثابتة فهى متغيرة من جامعة لأخرى ولكن بالتقريب تصل التكلفة إلى ما يقارب من ٢٥٠٠٠ جنيه إسترليني سنوياً.u003cbru003eوهناك عدد من الجامعات البريطانية على غرار جامعة كامبريدج التى تصل فيها التكلفة الخاصة بدراسة الماجستير إلى ما يقارب من ٢٨٠٠٠ جنيه إسترليني سنوياً.u003cbru003eأيضاً تتقارب التكلفة الكلية الخاصة بجامعة أكسفورد مع التكلفة لجامعة كامبريدج لتبلغ فى المتوسط ما يقارب من ٢٧٠٠٠ جنيه إسترليني سنوياً.


Study Engineering in Britain

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