Disadvantages of studying in Britain

The disadvantages of studying in Britain, some may think that life and study in the country of Britain is the happiness and comfort that the foreign student is looking for, but is it really fun to study and life there, will we find Britain is the same picture that we painted in our imagination, and to answer these questions, and to know the disadvantages and advantages of studying in the country of Britain follow the following article.

Disadvantages of studying in Britain
Disadvantages of studying in Britain

The most important advantages of studying in Britain

Studying in England is characterized by a set of features that make a foreign student enroll in British universities, and the most important features include:

Short period of study

It is customary that any university in the world gives a student a bachelor's degree after four years of study.

But here it is different, as a student studying in Britain can get a bachelor's degree in just three years.

Some students will be able to obtain a bachelor's degree in a shorter period, in case the student is superior and hardworking.

British universities offer a range of intensive programmes, which enable the student to access study information in a faster way.

We may not find these programs in some other developed countries such as America, where the study period there takes longer.

Feeling safe in Britain

Although there are some drawbacks to studying in Britain, a student who decides to complete his studies in Britain will not miss a sense of security.

Students in Britain help international students, and international students will not feel alienated while studying in the British country.

The British student is keen to lend a helping hand to the foreign student, guide and guide him, and help him adapt to the new situation.

Diversity and cultural diversity

Britain is one of the countries with many nationalities, as many students around the world are keen to study in the British country.

From the first moment you arrive in Britain you will find yourself without feeling you have a range of public relations with a lot of students of different nationalities.

After you have completed your studies in Britain, you can get a job in any country because of your new friends.

Develop the student's skills in English language practice

When you engage in life in Britain, you will find yourself fluent in English well, and you will master the dialect in a short time.

The programs offered by universities to international students also help significantly in their learning of English faster.

Strict educational system

If you want to travel to Britain to study, you should know that studying there is serious and there is no room for recklessness.

Since teachers in Britain are strict, there is no room for a student who evades attendance or consumes time to sleep.

Be aware that you will spend time between studying, researching, gathering information and reading.

Most of the world's geniuses have graduated from British universities, where there is nothing but education.

British universities follow this policy of education, in order to ensure that the student benefits from the period of study and reaches the required level.

Recreational activities at universities

Besides the subjects offered by universities there, they offer many recreational activities, and host a range of events during the academic year.

This leads to students feeling happy, not bored or alienated while studying at British universities.

The foreign student enjoys the excursions, sports activities, and special concerts held by universities, rather than staying in their own room alone.

Universities of Britain are famous and prestigious international universities

It is known that the country of Britain is one of the most famous countries in the field of education, as it has a strong educational system, where a large number of foreign students frequented British universities.

Statistics have shown that the number of foreign students in universities there may reach 400,000 students within one year.

Britain ranks second only to America in terms of the number of students attending it, due to the excellence of its educational programs.

The reason behind this is due to the large number of universities and colleges that are considered in many countries of the world, and are located in the British country.

According to the QS rankings, Britain has 4 of the best and most important universities in the world, which has earned Britain more fame.

Disadvantages of studying in Britain

It may seem on the face of it that the state of Britain has no flaws in terms of studying there, as it is the dream of every Arab student.

But in fact, the disadvantages of studying in Britain are multiple, and vary from these defects according to the point of view of each person, the most prominent of these disadvantages are the following:

cold weather

Britain is characterized by its cold, even very cold weather, as adapting to the weather there is difficult, especially for students coming from warm countries.

When you look at Britain's skies at any time, you find it cloudy, warning of rainfall, and you will only see the sun shining a few times.

If you happen to study in a supercity, let it be like Edinburgh in Scotland, you'll find that the weather there is very cold, and can often reach below zero.

High housing costs

High housing costs are a disadvantage of studying in Britain, particularly in London, where rental prices are rising.

It's not easy to think about buying your own house in London, as house prices in London are remarkably high, and the average person can't own a house there.

There will be no other for the foreign student but to choose an apartment or room for rent, knowing that it will be at a high cost, especially in the heart of the city.

Sometimes a person who has recently moved to Britain may not be able to distinguish his home from the rest of the houses, because of the extreme similarity between the buildings there.

Unspoken racism

The very idea of racism is invisible among the British people despite its existence and is one of the drawbacks of studying in Britain.

But the British people carry within them a sense of racism, towards foreign students or any other element other than English.

But you won't feel that as you deal with them, you won't be able to prove it, and the British state may want to get rid of immigrant strangers.

However, racism is not so prevalent in Britain and is a crime and punishable under British law.

Street Narrowness

The British people are trying to use every inch of their land to erect buildings, specifically in the city of London, where house prices are increasing.

Because of the abundance of these buildings, this has narrowed the streets, but the City of London taxi can walk around these streets and reach the desired places.

The British people's fame for introversion

A British citizen is one of the most common species in the world that avoids strangers and cannot make friends with any stranger.

This is one of the drawbacks of studying in Britain, and we exclude no one from the rule, where a British citizen avoids any stranger.

But university life can be somewhat different, with students mixing but within limits.

The high cost of living in Britain

One of the most important disadvantages of studying in Britain is the high expenses there, as the cost of living in Britain is the highest in the continent of Europe, in addition to Switzerland.

This can strain the foreign student, leaving him unable to cover his own expenses and tuition expenses.

Thus, we have clarified the disadvantages of studying in Britain, in addition to the advantages and you have the choice, dear reader, can you study in a British country regardless of these disadvantages? Or you can't.


Disadvantages of studying in Britain

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