Is studying in Britain difficult?

Studying in the UK can be expensive. This may cause some financial difficulties for some students. You can take some part-time jobs. International students are allowed by law to get a part-time job of up to 20 hours a week during their stay in the UK.

Is studying in Britain difficult?
Is studying in Britain difficult?

Is studying a master's degree in Britain difficult?

But unlike your friends at home who will make their way through two- and three-year master's courses, master's programs in England usually last only one year. Masters in the UK is fast-paced.

This question we will address through an important set of different aspects, so we continued:

Different Culture

You will find your surroundings different from the Arab society in which you grew up and then you have to deal with their culture in a different way and style.

You will find a different lifestyle and the type of food that does not exist in Arab and Muslim countries.

And you have to integrate within the community and get to know more about their culture by making friends to overcome this problem.


Some students will have a language problem even if they are fluent in English as English is the second language in many Arab countries.

But when you go to Britain you will find a clear difference in the way English is spoken.

Universities in Britain are interested in providing services that modernize the English language, through the provision of a range of courses.

You can take advantage of these courses by registering and taking advantage of them to raise your level of language proficiency.

You can master the language through the friendships you have made with native English speakers by communicating with them on a daily basis.


Providing enough money for the student is a difficult thing that most students also face and one of the biggest problems is the payment of tuition fees.

Transportation, accommodation and living expenses are also expensive within Britain, especially within the city of Manchester and London.

These cities have the largest and most important universities in the world, and you can overcome this obstacle by working.

Suitable housing

Finding suitable housing within Britain is difficult, especially within cities with large populations.

This is one of the reasons why getting a residential place for students is difficult and arduous as well as the housing cost is high.

All British universities offer consultancy service by specialists in the guidance and advice sector.

Their first role is to solve the problems that students may suffer from in the duration of university study.

Motivating and encouraging students is important for students.

Is studying medicine in Britain difficult?

The criteria for admission to any medical college are rigorous. Admissions interviews can be challenging and students should expect to ask questions about motivation, previous work and personal interests, as well as the ability to provide evidence of all past achievements, including relevant work experience.

A valid question that you can reach yourself and prepare all your papers for study, knowing the requirements of various universities, which are as follows:

Enroll in universities to study in the UK

  • The Kingdom of Britain has been ranked second globally in terms of the quality of education.
  • To enroll in British universities, all the basic conditions and requirements are met in order to be admitted to universities.
  • And apply all the different conditions that each university sets for students.
  • The student must be fluent in English to be able to apply through the British Consulate.
  • Students can apply for admission to UK universities by contacting the British Consulate.
  • Or you can contact the website of the British Consulate.
  • The student must choose the university and specialization that suits his aspirations and ambitions of study and personality.
  • Submit the paperwork and application on time to start admission.
  • The submitted application must include all the necessary data and information in order not to postpone or reject the application.

The application must contain the following:

  • A copy of the high school diploma in case the application is for bachelor's, master's or doctoral level.
  • The student must have the appropriate grade in English.
  • Skip all interviews.
  • The specialization that the student wants to enroll in and obtain.

British universities that do not require difficult conditions to study in

There are many British universities that do not require difficult conditions to study in them where they accept students without complex conditions and universities are:

University of East London: This university has many diverse disciplines that students can study easily and without complications.

  • Among the disciplines that can be studied are pharmacy, politics, economics and social sciences.
  • The University is keen to provide facilities and assistance to students wishing to study at the University.
  • One of the prerequisites offered by the university is to master the English language and pass the language tests.
  • The annual fee for studying at the university is about eleven thousand pounds for the bachelor's degree.
  • For master's studies, fees are estimated at around thirteen thousand pounds a year.

University of London: Students can apply and be admitted to the University of London without applying many conditions.

  • The university is keen to offer many disciplines such as engineering, arts, medicine, construction and media.
  • To study at the University of London, it costs around £10,000 per year.

University of Roehampton: The University of Roehampton offers many important disciplines such as:

  • Majoring in Business Administration, Philosophy, Biological Sciences and Communications.
  • To study at the University of Roehampton, the student costs around thirteen thousand pounds per year.

Angela Roxyn University: The university accepts students without setting complex conditions.

  • One of the basic conditions of the university is that the student passes the English language exam.
  • This is so that he can enroll in the bachelor's degree.
  • To enroll in the master's degree, the student must have a pass rate in the English language test of more than 65%.
  • The annual tuition fee at Angela Roxin University is estimated at around twelve thousand pounds.

University of Southampton Solint: There are many different conditions that the university sets for admission and each condition varies depending on the specialization in which the applicant wants to study.

  • Among the disciplines offered by the university are general engineering, arts, tourism and administrative sciences.
  • The annual tuition fee at the University of Southampton Solint is estimated at around thirteen thousand pounds a year.

New Buckingham University: It is one of the newest universities recently established where students can enroll in it without applying any conditions.

  • The new University of Buckingham offers multiple disciplines including the arts and business administration.
  • Psychology, engineering, media, design and many other fields are required locally and globally.
  • The annual tuition fee at the new University of Buckingham is estimated at around twelve thousand pounds a year.

Stanford Shopper University: This university is distinguished after offering complex conditions as the only condition you set is proficiency in English.

  • To be admitted to Stanford Shopper University, a student must pass the English language exam.
  • The annual tuition fee at Stanford Shopper University is estimated at around ten thousand pounds a year.

Advantages of studying in the UK

Studying in Britain has many advantages, including the following:

  • Learn English with ease and high professionalism.
  • Study in the most prestigious international universities according to the international rankings, where Britain includes the top four universities in the world.
  • Learning about diverse and different cultures allows the student to learn about cultural diversity.
  • Britain is characterized by low tuition cost as it offers short-term study programmes.
  • Obtain a high and high level of education where students can do many research in the discipline they are studying.
  • Universities are characterized by providing support and motivation to students in order to gain many experiences.
  • Certificates offered by universities to a student are recognized all over the world.
  • Learners at UK universities are able to find employment opportunities in a very short time.

This is how you can choose one of the universities above and complete your studies easier, and we hope that our answers to whether studying in Britain is difficult will be simple for our dear reader.


Is studying in Britain difficult?

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