Study children in the UK

The education system in Britain is their main concern, which is training and taking courses to master it systematically and extract educated students and there are a lot of schools and universities in which the sections of the study and education system vary and the education of children from 6 to 15 years is mandatory for all students in the Kingdom and is also free.

Study children in the UK
Study children in the UK

Study children in the UK

Schools accept children from 4 to 6 years old where children are taught everything they are able to absorb and are also taught the basics of ethical behavior and diverse flexibility in education to prepare the child for better learning.

The number of children in these schools is between 35 to 45 individuals and no larger number is accepted so that it is easy to explain to children and easy to control.

There are some schools to study children in Britain that require the presence of female teachers only for education because they are the closest party to understanding children and children are treated flexibly and smoothly makes the child more loving to learn.

Teachers teach children through their own graphic films, play or learn the curriculum in the way of singing and this is the closest way that is loved by children.

Is a certain religion imposed to study in Britain?

Schools do not impose on children and the study of children in Britain is a particular religion except according to the person's choice of this school as there are many schools such as Islamic, Jewish and Christian schools.

The Islamic religion is taught in Islamic schools, customs and traditions, the teachings of the simplest religious matters, the presence of holidays or religious occasions, and the student is taught the existence of many religions also not limited only to the Islamic religion.

It is instilled in the child's mind that it is the Islamic religion to give alms to those with needs and those who are unable to afford the cost of life.

One of the most beautiful things that distinguishes British schools is the union of working people in how to get the best way to teach children to reach the result that helps parents.

Studying Saudi Children in Britain

The Saudi population tends to enroll children in British schools of education because of the ease of systems available to study children in Britain, and it is easier for students to enter schools at any time of the year, even if the transition in the middle of the year they accept the student's entry and do not have to wait for the next year to complete his education, and if the school is far from the housing allocated to the student, an application for transfer is submitted and is accepted and the school changes immediately.

There are some facilities and rewards offered by the Kingdom to Saudi students or expatriates in general, namely:

  • Financial allowances for all expatriate students and supervised by the bodies dedicated to the management of expatriate affairs in Britain.
  • Follow-up all the housing and study needs of expatriates and provide monthly allowances to provide a better living life for the study of children in Britain.
  • These allowances are determined in Saudi Riyals and then transferred in the currency available in Britain and these allowances are disbursed monthly to take care of all the student's living needs and also to take care of the accompanying families.
  • Allowances change as Britain's economic and material conditions change if they are in decline or increase.

Children's Study System in Britain

Primary education in Britain runs from the age of three to the age of ten, and in some British schools it is divided into two parts: the basic stage, which contains children between the ages of one to three years and the basic stage, which includes children from five to twelve years old.

The main objectives of studying in Britain are children's literacy and numeracy, working to achieve this knowledge among all children enrolled in the educational system and evaluating children each period for what they have learned.

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