Work and study in Britain

Work and study in Britain, the State of Britain provides job opportunities for foreign students graduating from British universities, where the student can get a job after completing the period of study, according to certain criteria, set by the State of Britain, and there are many students who adhere to this idea, because they are accustomed to life in Britain, and are imprinted with British customs and traditions, and we will talk today about how to work in Britain after completing the study.

Work and study in Britain
Work and study in Britain

Definition of a work visa in Britain after the period of study

It is possible to work while studying in Britain and after studying, where the competent government agencies grant foreign students who have completed their studies on a visa to work in England.

The competent authorities are keen to grant them the visa, so that their competence can be taken advantage of, and benefit from their knowledge, as the concerned authorities are well aware of the ability of students to go down to the labor market.

This idea corresponds to the latest immigration systems, which follow the idea of points, and this system has already been applied in the British state.

The student can work after studying in Britain, after implementing the visa plan in 2019.

This visa has been activated on students from the 2020 batch and the 2021 batch, and the British authorities have not set a specific number of students for the visa.

But any student who has studied in Britain can get it, and enjoy the privileges it gives to the student who will start working in England.

The focus is on students studying engineering, mathematics, any department related to science, and the technology branch.

The British state aims to expand its educational base by attracting more foreign students, as it looks to increase the number of students to 650,000.

Conditions for obtaining a work visa after studying in Britain

In order to be able to work after studying in Britain, a student must obtain a visa by following the following:

  • Submit the certificate obtained from the State of Britain.
  • The period of stay must be extended, and did not end when the student applied for the visa.
  • It is necessary for him to provide confirmation of admission for studies, CAS, which is used in the visa for the fourth level.
  • The university where the student was studying sends a notification to the UKVI, until the student's qualification is signed.
  • One of the most important conditions is that the student has not obtained any other visa related to student immigration.
  • A student who has studied at British universities but online can also obtain a visa, provided that he is in Britain before June 21.
  • If a student obtains one of the educational programs that does not exceed one year, in which case the student must be present in Britain before the end of his study program.
  • It is essential that the student returns to the British state, before the student's visa, Level Four expires.
  • The student is able to obtain the visa, without mentioning the job he wants to work in, enabling the student to change jobs as he wants, and develop his career, without any restrictions or conditions.
  • The visa is not granted to dependent persons.
  • All security, as well as criminal, investigations must be completed.
  • Pay the prescribed fees in order for the student to obtain the work visa after completing the study.

How to apply for a post-study work visa

The student applies for a work visa after studying in Britain through the Home Office in England, and here are the necessary steps:

  • Fill out the form submitted by the student for the visa, via the Internet.
  • Submit all the correct papers requested by the competent authorities.
  • Setting a date for submitting the visa application.
  • Go to the visa application interview.

Duration of your work visa after studying in the UK

When you get a work visa after studying in Britain, this does not mean that the visa is open term, but rather that the visa has a certain time and expires.

The visa grants a two-year period of employment in Britain for university graduates and master's degrees.

It also gives a longer period for holders of a doctorate, up to three years, during which the person holding the visa can practice work freely.

In order to be able to obtain a visa renewal, you must have obtained permanent employment and be affiliated with any institution that has been accredited by the British government.

In this case, you can obtain a visa for a period that corresponds to the duration of the work you have received, and you can stay in the UK without restrictions.

Fees for applying for a license to work after studying in the UK

Of course, a work permit costs after studying in Britain, where the competent institution asks you to pay the fees you have previously specified.

It asks you to pay an estimated fee of £700 and £624 for health insurance.

If the first amount is combined with the second, we will find that the cost has reached £1324, which you must pay to the competent authority.

Longest time available to work in the UK after studying

After the expiry of the specified time set by the work permit, the Ministry of Higher Education in Britain approved some decisions on this subject.

It decided that international students graduating from British universities could receive some of the jobs they excelled in and proved their abilities.

The competent authorities approved the extension of the period of work for students graduating from bachelor's degrees and those with a master's degree to 6 months.

While it gave PhD students a longer period, up to a year, but this does not work, and the newly graduated student will not be able to offer all his skills.

Finally, the competent authorities have reached a significant extension of the period of work for foreign students, until the available period reached two years.

The importance of international students' work in Britain

The British Prime Minister recently acknowledged that important scientific achievements and inventions will not be accomplished by local graduates alone.

Rather, the most intelligent foreign students should be used, and benefit from their scientific and practical abilities, as this category of students from all over the world is used.

Therefore, England opens its doors to international students wishing to work after studying in Britain, offering them all the possibilities that enable them to be creative and innovative.

Temporary Work Visa Level 5

A foreign student can obtain a license to work in the UK but on a temporary basis, after the completion of academic study at British universities.

International students undergo some training programs that enable them to start working in the UK and benefit from being there.

The student can convert his visa from a student visa to a work visa, i.e. from number 4 to visa number 5.

In this case, the student can stay in the country of Britain, and work there in the field of study he received there, for a period that may extend from one to two years.

Therefore, working after studying in Britain is fun, opening up new horizons for the student, through which he can prove himself and get a suitable job opportunity within the country of Britain.

Price of an hour of work in Britain

25 years and above£7.83£8.21
21-24 years old£7.38£7.70
18-20 years£5.90£6.15
Under 18 years old£4.20£4.35
Someone who learns a craft£3.70£3.90
Price of an hour of work in Britain

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