Study of agriculture in Britain

The study of agriculture in Britain, agriculture is that basic means through which we get all our needs as it was the first primitive way for man since ancient times to satisfy what he asks for from food and clothing and also its biggest role in industry, so agriculture is the first means that helped humanity to progress in various fields, so if you are a fan of this field you should study it in detail and this can be done by enrolling in one of the British universities specialized in this specialty.

Study of agriculture in Britain
Study of agriculture in Britain

Costs of studying agriculture in Britain

The costs of studying agriculture in Britain vary in each university from the other as there are four of the strongest universities that teach this field to students:

  • Glendore College: The university costs of studying this major include £8,000 paid annually including the student's accommodation in university housing as well as the student's health insurance.
  • Rettle University: The costs of studying agriculture at that university are £11,000 and also include the student's accommodation fees at the university and his health insurance.
  • Myerskov University: The cost of studying this specialization is £9,500.

Best Colleges of Agriculture in Britain

Faculties include:

Harper University

This university is one of the most important and prominent universities in the study of the specialization of agriculture as it is interested in the field work of students through the practical experience of students in a number of agricultural fields in order to study more comprehensively the agricultural sciences.

Glendore University

The university encourages students to the fields of scientific research continuously, we used to offer a number of training courses on agriculture to familiarize the student with everything related to this specialization widely, and it is also interested in the mechanisms of modern science in the use of computers in the application of what the student studies scientifically.

Reitel University

The university has a large number of professors specialized in the field of agricultural sciences who provide intensive lectures in this specialization to students to absorb the student as much information as possible in this field.

Departments of Agricultural Sciences

The section on the construction of orchards through which all kinds of fruits and vegetables of all kinds are grown, as well as agricultural crops that enter into a large number of industries such as sugar cane and cotton that is used in the manufacture of fabrics.

Section on the breeding of four-legged or "cattle"

It includes the breeding of all kinds of four-legged animals that benefit man in one way or another in obtaining his needs of dairy, meat and leather that go into the manufacture of shoes, and also in trade and these cattle have been used in the recycling of a number of primitive agricultural machines since ancient times.

Section on all matters related to fisheries

Fish farms in various countries of the world serve as an economic interface, while the economy of a number of countries is fully based on it.

Section on forest conservation and attention: as there are a number of forests containing a number of grassy grasses that enter into a large number of pharmaceutical industries and treat many chronic diseases, so it was necessary to preserve those forests from exile and destruction.

Pros of studying agricultural sciences

Know the population census of each country and the extent to which it consumes a number of agricultural crops and also the extent to which it produces those crops.

Explore the mechanisms of modern agriculture: Science has now become the ideal means to increase production in all fields, whether agriculture, industry or trade through the use of the latest modern technological methods in agriculture, where a number of countries have begun to reclaim a large number of desert lands and turn them into a green spot to meet the needs of individuals.

Multiple career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Agriculture

An expert in the work of agricultural research with the aim of searching for everything new in the world of agriculture.

Public relations officer in a number of companies specialized in the production of agricultural seeds or tools for agriculture.

Accountant for the costs of various agricultural crops and the calculation of the amount of production.

Conditions for obtaining a Bachelor of Agriculture from British universities

The most prominent of these is the student's obtaining a specialized certificate in high school and a statement of the student's literary subjects.

The presence of a bank account for the student in a bank of at least £1,000.

The student passes the English language exam that takes place at the British Embassy.

Full health check for the student to ensure that there are no infectious diseases.

Study in Britain

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