Study in the UK for free

If you are eager to enroll in the best universities abroad you must take some important steps to pass that step, if you are looking for excellence and progress in one of the scientific or literary disciplines or strengthen language skills you will find everything you dream of in Great Britain, a country that is one of the most important countries around the world that offers the student a obtained achievement in all areas of education, follow us these articles to know more information.

Study in the UK for free
Study in the UK for free

Number of years of study in the UK

The number of years of study in Britain varied according to the specialization, namely:

For example, a specialization in the field of human medicine requires four years of study in addition to a year of excellence spent by the student as an elderly internship in university hospitals, the number of years in the specialty of pharmacy is approximately four years.

As for receiving a specialization in engineering, whether civil, architectural, informatics or others, the number of years of study is about four years.

Practicing dentistry at a specialist university in Britain requires four years of education and study.

There are a number of specialties where the years of study are about three years such as nursing.

The universities of Britain, like any European country, allocate what is known as the preparatory year for the student before studying for any of the university disciplines he desires as a kind of study preparation and training in various disciplines in practice.

Study in Britain for Jordanians

Jordan is one of the countries that are interested in education at various stages, especially higher education, and it contains a number of universities that are one of the best Arab universities.

Despite this great progress, a number of British universities specializing in many different disciplines have been contracted annually to give a number of Jordanian students the opportunity to receive various sciences.

One of the most common majors that Jordanian students enroll in are medicine and engineering.

The University of Cambridge and Oxford awards a number of student scholarships to a number of Arab countries for outstanding and outstanding students among those countries, namely Jordan.

What a Jordanian student has to do is apply online, submit their application and wait for admission to the application by UCAS, which is responsible for all applications submitted by students for admission to British universities.

How to study in the UK for free

Every year, British universities grant their students a number of free scholarships, which are an important initiative by the university, launching them in all Arab countries.

The state selects a number of students who have received final grades in various educational disciplines and gives them a great opportunity to enroll in its university to complete their studies free of charge.

There are a number of British scholarships that are awarded to a number of outstanding students in various countries, the most famous of which is the "Shiving" scholarship, which qualified a number of students to receive various sciences in a number of British universities free of charge, where the student travels and does not pay any sterling pounds because the university is charged with the full scholarship starting from the student's visa.

One of the most important scholarships awarded by Britain are the two scholarships offered by the University of Cambridge and Oxford that helped students who excelled academically in various countries to achieve their dream of enrolling in a British university and completing their studies completely free of charge.

If you are an outstanding student with outstanding grades in various subjects, simply enroll in one of the scholarships offered by the State of Britain, which is granted to many Arab countries.

Study in Britain for Tunisians

One of the most important requirements required by British universities to approve applications submitted by a student is the existence of a bank account for the student of at least one thousand pounds.

With the need to provide certificates proving the student's proficiency in English.

However, with the joint meeting between the Minister of Higher Education of Tunisia and Britain, decisions were drawn up that were completely different from those approved by the university, namely:

Any Tunisian student can travel to any British university and receive the specialization he wants under the agreement concluded between the two countries in 2019 and without conditions.

Study in Britain without a baccalaureate

This system is for young students over the age of 13 years for those who wish to receive secondary school study in a British school and for this the student must meet the following conditions:

The student must have a primary and preparatory certificate from one of the British specialized schools.

The student excels in English significantly and has accredited certificates in the language, the most prominent of which is the IELTS certificate

British universities hold an initial year in which the student is initially prepared for various subjects before the beginning of the academic year.

Study in Britain for Algerians

A number of educational initiatives have been launched by the State of Britain for a number of Arab countries, including Algeria, but with conditions set for students for Algerians in order to enroll in various universities, the most famous of which are Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester.

Interview the student before approving his application in order to verify that he speaks English proficiently.

Conduct a full medical examination of the student to show that his body is free of diseases that lead to infection of the rest of the students.

The student must have a current account in the bank in pounds sterling.

Study in Britain for Algerians for free

Through the free scholarships granted by Britain to students every year to more than one Arab country around the world, the State of Algeria included the following scholarships:

The student obtains all the study sciences at a British university free of charge without additional expenses related to housing, transportation, visa or others.

However, the university considers the student's degree certificate and the extent to which he excels in various subjects in order to receive that scholarship free of charge.

These scholarships are launched annually and the application is through the website launched by this initiative and the first responsible for admission is the CUAS Foundation

Study in Britain for Saudis

Approximately a thousand students travel annually to London to complete their studies at British universities and study a particular discipline.

Some Saudi students travel after the end of the annual period to obtain a bachelor's degree at a university and you should know that the cost of studying a bachelor's degree at a British university costs approximately forty-five thousand Saudi riyals.

In addition, there are a number of Saudi students who travel after completing their bachelor's studies to obtain a master's degree in a British university, which costs approximately one hundred and fifty thousand Saudi riyals annually.

The student must also obtain a number of proficient language certificates in English in order to be accepted and approved for travel.

Study in Britain for Sudanese

There is a high chance that a number of students residing in Sudan will have the opportunity to travel to Britain and enroll in a British university by:

Submit your papers on the website or through the British Embassy in Sudan which launches several British scholarships for education for a number of Arab students about science.

Provide the student's educational certificate that shows the extent of the student's excellence and successful passing all study subjects.

There are some advantages granted by British universities to Sudanese, the most prominent of which is the free education that a student can complete his studies at a university in Britain without paying any expenses.

The need to conduct an interview from one of the agents of the university at the embassy to find out what the student's desire to enroll in any of the educational disciplines at the university is.

A special accredited certificate in English and the student has a certain level of language.

Study in Britain for Syrians

After the recent political period that swept through Russia and exposed it to destruction and destruction, a number of Syrian residents were forced to leave the country and travel to various countries, including Britain.

Among the outstanding initiatives that Britain has granted to Syrians is the opportunity to study at British universities in any discipline desired by the student for free.

In addition, the student does not pay any additional expenses related to housing, insurance or others.

A student can also apply to a university without meeting any of the conditions set by the university for other countries.

Study in Britain for Iraqis

There are a number of Iraqi students who submit their papers on an annual basis at British universities in order to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree.

It is difficult for some to pay for the university's expenses because it is a bit expensive, so the cost of a bachelor's degree exceeds the barrier of one million Iraqi dinars a year.

Therefore, British universities launch annual scholarships for Iraqi students free of charge and exempt them from all tuition fees.

These scholarships are launched annually by the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester and the student must quickly pass their place in those scholarships in order to receive the specialization they wish to take at a British university.

Study in Britain for Palestinians

In order to strengthen relations between those two countries, Palestine and Britain, the Hespal program was launched.

It is one of the most important educational initiatives granted by Britain to Palestinian students.

A certain number of Palestinian students are selected annually to enroll in British universities and obtain master's and doctoral degrees.

Study in Britain for Egyptians

A number of annual British scholarships are launched for a number of British students and those scholarships are related to English language proficiency which the student can receive for several months at a British university.

Due to the strengthening of relations between the two countries, a number of scholarships have been launched for a number of Egyptian students to complete their bachelor's studies at a British university free of charge.

However, there are a number of students who travel at their own expense and the cost of studying a bachelor's degree in Giza in Egypt is approximately EGP 150,000 per year.

The student must also be fully qualified in order to travel, the most important of which is to obtain more than one level in English through the accredited certificates provided by the student with his own papers.

Study in London

London is one of the most expensive British cities in various tuition expenses.

But there are special advantages of studying that are the small number of years of bachelor's and master's studies.

Compared to the number of other countries we find that the study of a bachelor's degree in one of the disciplines reaches five years but unlike London which does not exceed three years and is possible at most four years.

This applies to the preparation of a master's degree whose studies in London do not exceed one year unlike other countries.

By calculating the number of years of study with the annual cost in London, it is almost equal to the cost in any other country.

Study in Britain for Moroccans

Some of the most famous universities in Britain that receive a number of Moroccan students are the University of Edinburgh, Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford.

A Moroccan student can enroll in one of these universities and complete his university studies in full with the payment of expenses on an annual basis.

The student obtains accredited certificates after study that enable him to work in any other country in the same field.

In addition to the possibility of the student to obtain a master's degree within one year unlike a number of other universities where the student exceeds three years in order to obtain that degree.

The cost of studying for a bachelor's degree is more than forty thousand Moroccan dirhams per year.

Bachelor's expenses are also rising to break the 350,000 Moroccan dirhams per year.

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