Work after studying in Russia

Working after studying in Russia, Russia is one of the eight major industrialized countries within the world, and Russia also offers important job opportunities for Russian citizens after graduation but international students do not get many flowering opportunities permanently but in any case he can find work and he has to strive to apply and get more.

Work after studying in Russia
Work after studying in Russia

Work after studying in Russia

To work after studying in Russia, where the Russian student has a greater chance of getting a job than the international student and there are a number of jobs that an individual can join after studying, and those opportunities are:

  • Industries located within Russia such as natural gas, as well as oil, as well as wood as well as metals provide a number of jobs for individuals.
  • Upon graduation, the student is able to get a job within banking and electronics companies as well as IT and mobile technology venues.
  • Education is a very important job that an individual can enroll in in a simple way as TOEFL education is highly sought-after.
  • The individual is also able to work in translation and teaching English, one of the jobs that the international student enters significantly.
  • Individuals can teach Russian families English and take Russian from them as well.

Work of foreign students in Russia

In order for a foreign student to find a job within the State of Russia, he must have reached or exceeded eighteen years of age, and must hold all appropriate permits by the General Directorate for Immigration Issues, which is affiliated with the Russian Ministry of the Interior.

International students do not need to obtain any permits if they enroll in jobs within universities as well as affiliated organizations and this is outside class times and this includes vacations.

In all other cases, the student must possess the necessary permits. These permits are issued to students only within full-time courses within accredited universities in the country.

The student can only work within the job within the permit, as well as within the city where the university to which he or she is enrolled is located.

The permit is issued for a year and should be extended for the duration of the student's work, and the permit is revoked if students leave their semester.

If a student changes his job before the expiry of the current permit, he can work under it within the next workplace, but the General Directorate of Immigration Issues of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs should be notified of all changes that have occurred.

Documents necessary to work in Russia

Starting in 2014, international students obtained a permit to work after studying in Russia, where the number of documents became less and the processing time also became shorter, and the student submits these documents:

  • Passport.
  • Migration card.
  • Receipt of the paid fee of 3.500 rubles for the year 2018.
  • Employment contract.
  • A certificate through which it is confirmed that the applicant is not infected with HIV and also infectious diseases and also drug abuse.
  • A statement issued by the university stating that this student is studying in a full-time core course.

Foreign individuals who get a job without a permit are subject to fines ranging from 200 rubles to 5.000 rubles. But inside Petersburg, Moscow, Leningrad and also St. St. the fine reaches 5.000 rubles or 7.000 rubles and can even reach the deportation of the individual as well.

Working with studying in Russia

One of the most accessible jobs for students during study is that of assistant professor, especially if the student has experience in this field as well as if he has experience within a specific field or course.

When doing the job of assistant teacher, the student helps the teacher in preparing some materials for the class and acting as an intermediary between the teacher and the students, and that job is nice and easy and helps the student to get some of the pocket money, and this is also good when placed inside the resume.

The student is also able to work as a teacher outside of school times, especially if he is a holder of one of the popular languages of Russians such as French, English, Spanish, Italian, in addition to German, and that teaching is not formal, and the individual receives a rewarding fee from this work.

The student goes to the client's house in order to do a teaching for a specific number of hours and the financial remuneration is assessed according to the student's experience as well as his level, and it is possible that it is also due to luck where the individual sometimes manages to get $ 50 per hour.

New Labor Law for Students in Russia

New Labor Law for Students in Russia
New Labor Law for Students in Russia

The Russian Chamber of Deputies has adopted a draft through which a student can get a job during the period of his studies without the need for special approvals or permission as well.

This project has been agreed upon by Vyacheslav Volodin and Valentina Matviyenko, as some changes will be made regarding federal law.

According to this initiative, foreign students studying in higher vocational education have the right to work without permits within Russia, which applies only to that category.

This category is able to work within the educational institutions to which they are enrolled in their own free time, they have the right to work within companies established by educational organizations that have a budget or are independent and in which they study, and they can work within trade associations as well.

Students studying full-time have the right to work on Russian territory but in accordance with the permits issued according to the list of conditions established by the responsible authorities.

This draft also stipulates that the student shall be able to practice work if he does not obtain permission to practice work, but this shall be for foreigners studying in the Russian Federation on a full-time basis within professional educational organizations.

This law may be able to contribute to the process of reducing the many financial burdens of a large number of foreign students within Russia.

This makes their lives simple and they are able to integrate into Russian society as well, which enhances their chances of acquiring a number of skills that help them when choosing a specialization and also from the professional side in general.

The laws of the Student Labor Law are enacted according to the current reality and its requirements as well, so this law has been developed that is highly suited to the requirements of students.

This law will be a source of attraction for students in order to study within Russia where the individual is able to save a large part of his tuition expenses, own a job and also possess a recognized university degree.

Volunteering in Russia

A law for the regulation of voluntary work within Russia has been promulgated by the State Duma, and there are many activities related to voluntary work, including:

  • Prevention of AIDS.
  • Keeping the environment clean also on nature.
  • Provide support to the disabled, the elderly and refugees.
  • Contribute to the establishment of charitable parties in addition to supporting law enforcement agencies.

Working after studying in Russia or after graduation is not so difficult, so that experience can be useful in some way.

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