Study vocational training in Russia

Students who want to develop their careers and increase their chances of employment can conduct vocational training related to their specialties and professions in Russia.

There are two types of vocational training courses offered in Russia:

Study vocational training in Russia
Study vocational training in Russia

Vocational training – offered by a vocational school: where the student studies for a professional certificate or a non-university degree that enables him to advance higher in the field of practice and do technical jobs in this field, for example: obtaining a diploma in dentistry.

This type is usually sought after by science students and graduates studying in the fields of: medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and engineering, where students study for a professional qualification that enables them to pursue a career in their field of study. This vocational training usually covers topics related to vocational training. The duration of vocational training ranges from one year to 2.5 years, after completion of basic general education (nine-year programs); or from one year to 1.5 years if the student completes 11-year programs of general secondary education.

Vocational training – offered by the Institute of Vocational Education: where students can study to be accredited to pursue a profession and at the same time are allowed to be admitted to an educational institution at a higher university level.

This type of vocational training is usually requested by students who have never studied before at a university level, and therefore students will receive educational and vocational modules that will help them practice the profession and be admitted to a university course. The duration of such vocational training in Russia is 3 years, after completion of basic general education (nine-year programs); or from one year to 1.5 years if the student successfully completes eleven years of study and general secondary education.

Why does the Russian Federation receive foreign students to study vocational training?

Because in Russia there is a severe shortage of manpower, technicians, trainers, and specialists in the field of vocational training, so it resorted to receiving students from abroad to fill the deficit in the shortage of labor that it has.

Wages for Russians are not tempting, but for an expatriate they are tempting, especially if his country is a developing country, and his country has worked low against the Russian currency.

Steps to apply to study vocational training in Russia

First you have to register and fill out the online form.

Second, attach your academic and medical certificates and all the required documents in the form.

Thirdly, you have up to six options from higher education institutions, choose what you want and wait for approval of your admission to one of them.

Fourth, upon your admission, you will receive an official invitation from the university to study there.

Fifth, the last step is to apply and get a visa, then travel to start studying in the Russian Federation.

Professional study programs in Russia

The study of vocational training in Russia is divided into two sections:

General Education Stage

It is the stage of enrollment in basic schools, and learning in general including pre-school education.

Vocational education stage

This stage includes colleges specialized in vocational education, as well as higher institutes, vocational technical schools, and academies specializing in vocational education and teaching.

Additional Learning Programs

There are other complementary programs for those who want to develop themselves more and more, including:

  • Summer courses for vocational education and training.
  • Preparatory faculties.
  • Additional programs for vocational and general education.
  • Programs to raise the level of training and rehabilitation of students in vocational training.

Stages and levels of study in Russia

The first stage is the bachelor's program: a program that offers students and learners a general vocational and technical education, and immediately after that you can work with your chosen professional specialization in advance, or you can complete your studies and obtain larger degrees such as master's and doctorate.

Duration of study of the Bachelor of Vocational Training in the Russian Federation

The duration of study at the bachelor's level is only four years, and the application for this stage requires the student's high school certificate, to register the application for admission to the college, or the bachelor's program, and the next educational stage is the master's stage if the student wishes to complete.

Details of the study of a professional master in the Russian Federation

When the mind wants to crave more science, and is not satisfied with what it has gained but seeks more, here science lovers continue their course of study at the master's level, which consists of two academic years more profound and detailed in the study of the researcher.

Applying for the master's stage requires a high school diploma, a bachelor's degree which includes the student's professional specialization, and after completing the master's stage the student can complete his educational path and apply to the graduate program.

Details of higher level or postgraduate study in Russia (equivalent to PhD)

Postgraduate studies in Russia are divided into four units:

  • Teaching activity.
  • Educational part
  • Scientific work.
  • Practical application.

After you have chosen your unit of study, you should prepare your thesis or thesis, and present it to a jury to obtain the first degree, which is (Doctor of the third stage).

Types of postgraduate studies in Russia

There are 3 options when you choose a postgraduate level so you can head to one of these three disciplines:

A postgraduate course, which is a program specialized in preparing those qualified in the higher program in the arts, and the owner of this program has the right after success in it, to practice teaching to students.

Repetition is a training program that takes place in a hospital under the supervision of the presidency of specialized doctors, and after the completion of the training period, the person has the right to professional work.

The third programme is affiliated with the Russian universities of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The graduate program is a specialized course in the field of culture, the duration of its study is two years, and after obtaining training you have the right to professional teaching in schools, higher institutes and institutions of higher education.

Civilian and military graduate programs: It gives you two options, namely regular study and be from three to four years, while when you choose to study irregularly, the years of study are from four years to five years, after which your qualification certificate is either a researcher or a research professor.

What papers do you need when applying to study in Russia

You are an Arab student and your diplomas in your country are submitted in Arabic, but in Russia certificates are accepted only in Russian, and not anyone or translation office translates them for you.

Rather, documents and certificates are written and certified by a notary public of Russian nationality, and you are certified to be true to this or other documents including your passport, medical certificates, all of which must be translated.

Do students in Russia have medical insurance?

Russia provides foreign students with an insurance policy, which expatriate students can book, pay in advance and specify the date of entry into force of the medical insurance policy, and you are not entitled to issue this policy, but it is mandatory by the government for expatriates.

You only have an ambulance, and emergency free of charge and the rest of the medical services are from your medical insurance policy, in case the policy does not work you will pay for every medical service you get, or you can go to private medical clinics and not the government.

You can apply for a medical insurance policy when you apply on the study site in Russia, or you can buy it after entering the Russian Federation, and the policy will cover all medical expenses such as a statement, hospital stay, and treatment for the patient.

The duration of the medical insurance policy is from three months for a whole year, and its price ranges from 7500 to 2000 Russian rubles.

Be careful not to buy an insurance policy, if you are exposed to a police patrol, and you do not have a voluntary medical insurance policy, you are a violator and you will be fined from 7500 to 2000 Russian rubles.

The nature of people and parents in the Russian Federation

Russians are known for their generosity, they only visit someone with a gift, they are also friendly and social people, and if you get into trouble don't worry you'll find someone to help you.

Holidays in the Russian Federation

In the year, Russians celebrate fifty officially approved by the state, the largest and most important of these holidays is Christmas, and then comes Easter.

Then Tatyana, the feast of celebration of Russian students, while the Day of the Defender of the Homeland was previously associated with the army and navy, while in modern Russia every man who defends his homeland Russia is celebrated.

Meslnitsa is a holiday celebrated at the end of winter to bid farewell to winter and receive spring, and International Women's Day is a well-known holiday in all countries.

After you have looked at the article and know what to know about the stages of study in Russia and the health insurance system, and the documents required to apply at each stage of study whether undergraduate or postgraduate doctorate, share the article with your friend who is hesitant and afraid to study in Russia .


Study vocational training in Russia

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