Russia Study Visa

Arab and foreign students need a visa to study in Russia and obtain university degrees, and if you want to get acquainted with the full information and details of the issuance of a study visa, visa costs and paperwork required for this procedure you must first be admitted to a university of Russia or anywhere to teach within Russia and also you will learn through this article about the best universities within Russia.

Study Visa in Russia
Russia Study Visa

What are the conditions for a study visa in Russia

You can apply for a student visa 45 days before you travel to Russia, so the applicant must apply through the Russian Embassy in the country of residence.

  • First Stage: Answer an invitation to study in Russia, before applying for a Russian student visa, the student may need an admission answer to the university where the student wishes to study.
  • The HIV test certificate taken within the last three months of application must be valid for 15 to 30 days on the day of your application.
  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form filled out correctly
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • If you are under the age of 18, you will have to submit a consent form stating the consent of your parents or legal guardians.

There are also centers of the Russian Embassy in your country and there are centers for reliable visas in many countries, including:

  • South Korea.
  • Switzerland.
  • Sweden.
  • Turkey.
  • United States.
  • Denmark.
  • Canada.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Austria.
  • Estonia.
  • Belgium.
  • France.
  • Netherlands.
  • Finland.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Lithuania.
  • Greece.
  • Portugal.

If a student is infected with HIV, this prevents you from obtaining a visa to enter Russia.

The visa can take a long time to process the visa of the Russian student, the processing of the visa takes from two to five weeks and the time required to know the place of study is added.

You can divide applications and theories of application into several stages, including the following:

The University will then send the official invitation to study in Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia issues invitations to most of the students who have paid university fees.

When the University sends the invitation, it is available for three months from its receipt.

Phase II: Funding and scholarships in the Russian language, the student will need to make sure that the costs of tuition and the basic course in Russia are covered.

If you want to study in any field at state-funded public universities, by studying in Russia you may be able to obtain a scholarship from the Russian state.

The Russian Ministry of Education and Science makes scholarships available to at least ten thousand students annually, so if some students win a place in Russian universities, the university will give you a six-digit number to apply through.

Third Step: Applying to study in Russia You can apply for admission to up to six different universities, and the application is done by means of applications submitted by the applicant provided that it does not exceed two institutions in each region.

In this case you will need to pass several tests or attend interviews, and through interviews or tests you will receive an invitation through which you can obtain a Russian student visa.

Study Visa Price in Russia

Type of entryFees in rubles
Single Entry2,749
Double Entry6,184
Multiple Login8,246

You should be aware that the costs of the visa vary in price from one country to another, and the price may depend on the visa, whether individual or collective, and vary in price also by choosing a fast service or a standard service.

For example, a visa for a student or British citizen is priced at £165.

Who needs a visa to study in Russia?

Foreign citizens need a visa to study inside Russia and Russia is known to not have membership in the European Union.

Therefore, EU citizens are not allowed to enter Russia without a visa.

Some of the countries that need a visa to enter and study in Russia are:

  • State of Ukraine.
  • State of Armenia.
  • South Ossetian State.
  • State of Kazakhstan.
  • State of Moldova.
  • State of Kyrgyzstan.
  • State of Uzbekistan.
  • State of Tajikistan.
  • State of Belarus.
  • The state of Abkhazia.

By 2015, an inventory of citizens of these countries had been made, showing that the number of students studying in Russia was more than half a million.

Some countries make accommodation arrangements without a visa and the length of stay ranges from 14 days to 90 days.

People who need a Russian student visa

For students who need a visa to enter and study in Russia and are from the European Union countries.

Students applying for a Russian student visa are therefore required to know that the visa is valid for about ninety days, and then students can extend their stay to study for a year and then update it again.

The visa is valid for study at any university or college or for any training and short courses, and if the visa applicant is doing research or preparing a doctorate in any field or to attend seminars, then an application for a visa to enter Russia must be submitted.

In this case, the visa is valid for a year-long stay because it is related to culture and science.

The Russian student is granted a visa for three months for the first time when submitting the visa application papers, after which you must submit the papers to the local department of immigration services of the Russian Federation in order to extend the visa period.

The local department of the Russian Immigration Services issues a multi-visa that allows you to reside or enter Russia for a whole year.

Before the expiry of the visa period you can get another term and then stay like this for the duration of your studies.

Preparation of a study visa application in Russia

You have to go to the Russian consulate or embassy in your country to get a Russian student visa.

The documents submitted with the application form for the Russian Student Visa vary and therefore you need the following:

  • Your Bosphorus which proves your identity, provided that it is valid for use for a period of at least eighteen months.
  • From the date of issuance of your visa and to have inside the passport blank pages at least two pages.
  • A new image must be provided with a large size.
  • The letter attached to the student must be the original letter from the university.
  • Attached with the required paperwork must be a certificate proving that the student is not infected with HIV.
  • The medical certificate must be three months old and you need to provide the certificates in the language of your country and Russian.
  • Submit an application form, completed through the Internet but must be printed and submitted in paper.
  • If an application is made by an eighteen-year-old student, he must obtain the consent of his parents by signing the submitted papers.
  • All Arab and foreign arrivals to the State of Russia must register their data at the Guvm branch.
  • Provided that the registration is within a week of the arrival of the papers and documents of the applicant.
  • If you hold Russian citizenship and study there from a young age, the university will make all the required papers and documents on your behalf.
  • In the event that the student is not registered with Guvm a fine will be paid or the student will be expelled from Russia.
  • Upon completion of the registration process, a Russian student visa will be provided and is valid for use for 90 days on the date of issue.
  • Once in Russia, the student must arrange the Russian student's visa on Guvm in order to cover the period of study for a full three years.

How long is the processing time of a study visa in Russia

The visa is launched in two to five weeks, and in case of acceleration of the receipt of the visa, an additional fee is paid, so the cost will vary from country to country depending on the currency of the country in which you reside.

You should contact the Russian Embassy in your home country or the Visa Center for confirmation.

Download the application form for a study visa in Russia

When you go to the embassy you must have a completed visa application form, where you can fill it out online and print it out.

Mandatory registrations after your arrival in Russia

All Arabs and foreigners entering Russia to study are required to complete their immigration form, and the forms are distributed at airports, trains and planes, while passing through the border.

Then you will get the separator part of the form, and this card will be for immigration, and you will need it until you leave Russia it will be valid for use during your stay inside the country.

When you leave and return to Russia again you must fill out a new form upon return, and then you will have to register for Russian federal immigration within seven days of entering Russia.

Therefore, the university organizes these procedures for you when you arrive in the country, all you have to do is go to student affairs within 3 days of entering Russia.

Then take your visa and passport or ID card that proves your identity and you have to take all the original and photocopies of them.

The university will give you the stamped immigration card of the Russian Federal Immigration and then you will receive a three-month residency.

You will then receive a one-year residency two weeks before the end of the stay, and you will receive renewal by contacting the affairs of international students to extend the document.

Note There is no fee to extend or register an access document, and in case of loss of the immigration card you can get the replacement for free.

By submitting an application within three days, you can then do this procedure by International Student Affairs.

How to extend your student visa in Russia

In case you want to complete your studies in Russia and get your university degree you must extend your visa.

If you risk and remain in Russia with an unusable visa, it will expose you to a fine of between five thousand and seven thousand Russian rubles, and you may be banned from entering the country for five years in the future.

All you have to do is contact the International Office of your university by phone thirty or forty days before the expiry date of the visa, and to extend your visa, you will need:

  • Completed application form.
  • Your passport.
  • Personal photo.
  • An answer to explain why you want to extend the visa for it.
  • The card for immigration is a copy and original.
  • A copy of the agreement for your registration or proof documents from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • The section separated from the form for the arrival notice.
  • Costs (1600 Russian rubles).

Family members of students in Russia

The Russian Student Visa allows you to accompany a member of your family when you submit an invitation to a family member, and you can also include them by inviting you to Guvm and then they will be subject to the standard Russian visa fee.

Can a student work with a student visa in Russia?

The Russian student's visa allows students to work inside Russia provided that they work in the profession written in the permit, and must work inside the city where they study and not outside the city.

How much is a student's visa fee to study in Russia?

Processing costs vary from country to country, by limiting the income of citizens within the UK so we can expect to pay $165.

Citizens of the United States of America will have a cost of US$160.

Students from independent countries will not need a visa to enter Russia. Part of the study series in Russia.

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