Study tourism in Russia

Study of tourism in Russia, the study of the field of tourism is one of the most enjoyable disciplines that can be studied in the State of Russia, and the person who wants to study the field of tourism must be very familiar with the most important tourism information, and have a passion for visiting new places and getting to know them, and the study of tourism in Russia is subject to several specific criteria that the student must follow, and today we will touch on the study of tourism in the State of Russia.

Study tourism in Russia
Study tourism in Russia

How to study tourism in Russia

Many people want to study tourism in Russia, because of the importance of the field of tourism and work in it, as it is one of the most important sectors in the State of Russia.

It is preferable that the student wishing to study tourism look for a university or institute in one of the Russian tourist cities.

One of the best and most famous of these cities is the tourist city of Sochi, where the city is characterized by being one of the most important tourist cities in the State of Russia, and the city is located in front of the Dead Sea.

Sochi University is one of the best in the world, specializing in the study of ceremonies and hotels, as well as museums.

How to apply to the university

The study of tourism in Russia requires that the student apply at the university of his choice, to start his study journey through it.

There are some companies that do this work in the Arab world, where Arab students turn to them to enroll in the university.

The most important required documents

In order for an Arab student to travel to Russia and be able to study tourism in Russia, he must have these documents with him:

  • A scanned copy of his passport translated into Russian.
  • A photocopy of the last certificate obtained containing a transcript of the subjects, taking into account that it is translated into Russian or English.
  • Write the application form sent by the company responsible for the student's travel.

Duration of study at the university

The student can enroll in a tourist institute within the university, if he holds intermediate degrees, in which case the study will be for only two years.

There is another category of students wishing to obtain a bachelor's, master's degree or doctorate in the field of tourism.

The periods of study a student spends at the university vary depending on the degree they want to receive.

A student wishing to obtain a bachelor's degree needs four years of study, in addition to a course in the Russian language.

A master's degree requires only two years, along with a course in Russian, which is one of the basics of learning in Russia.

A PhD requires a longer period of master's degree, extending to three years, with a course in Russian.

The minimum period of study of the field of tourism in the State of Russia is two years, which is the period for the study of the Institute, and the aforementioned course.

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality

The study of tourism in Russia for a bachelor's degree is based on the idea of training the student to do some diverse work.

The student must study more than one foreign language, so that the student can deal with tourists in multiple languages that suit the language of each tourist.

The educational institution aims to graduate a new batch of bachelor's degree holders with many special skills, which enable them to enter the labor market.

The knowledge and experience they have gained through the university also qualifies them to have the special tools that push them to advance in tourism.

There are many tourist activities that a graduate of the Russian University can work in, where he can work in leisure tourism, hospitality fields, and some tasks related to commercial tourism.

Bachelor's Degree in Restaurant Technologies

Students wishing to study tourism in Russia are trained in the techniques of restaurants, and their most important methods.

The student is trained in this field on a large scale, so that he can master his tools and be able to excel in this area.

The student learns many chemical features of all types of foods, and the advantages and benefits of each of the different foods.

The student can also distinguish between the types of foodstuffs, the validity of these materials, and whether they are suitable for presentation and use in restaurants.

The student also learns modern techniques for food production, and how to make them in different ways that meet the requirements of restaurants.

This is in addition to developing the student's cognitive skills related to the field of control related to the quality of processed and preserved foods.

Bachelor of International Hotel Management

Universities in Russia to study tourism can grant a student a bachelor's degree in international hotel management, and this specialization is one of the most sought-after disciplines globally.

The student is qualified to assume an important management position in the hotel, where he can advance and reach the highest positions in major tourist hotels.

A student can obtain a bachelor's degree within three years, during which he learns a lot of important information that is useful in his working life.

The student acquires a lot of knowledge in several areas that serve the hotel and tourism sector, such as legal, linguistic and economic knowledge.

One of the most important skills that the student acquires during the study period is learning how to head a team, and some basic management skills.

Bachelor of Tourism and How to Manage Tourism Business

The study of tourism in Russia is branched out, as it is divided into many different departments, which meet the wishes of all students.

The study of this sector offers the student a lot of study materials related to the organization of tourism activity, so that the student becomes a professional in this field.

The student also studies the management of the tourism industry, where sound management systems are the basis for success in any field.

One of the most important subjects received by the student is the marketing methods of tourism, where marketing is one of the most important elements that make a person eligible to enter the field of tourism anywhere in the world.

Bachelor's degree in travel office services and tour organization

The bachelor's degree in this field is one of the most important certificates that a student can obtain from the State of Russia.

The trainers are based on giving the student the appropriate training, of high quality to the student who wants to excel and disagree.

At this stage, the student is qualified to compete for entry into technological fields, which are specialized in organizing the tourism and excursion sectors.

The student's own skill and ability to learn the latest technologies that make him an innovative person who can succeed in the tourism sector is developed.

Bachelor of Service and Tourism

When a student makes a decision to study this academic type of tourism, it will open up new horizons for him to receive information from multiple sources.

During the academic year, senior teachers specialized in tourism are present, where they are hosted by Russian teachers.

Teachers come to hold lectures on tourism from several different countries, such as Turkey, America and Germany.

Students at Russian universities participate in international training programs in Germany, America, Belarus, Turkey and Slovakia, and the student receives these programs free of charge.

The student can also get a practical internship in one of the aforementioned countries, during the summer period, especially in Turkey.

Therefore, studying tourism in Russia is one of the most things that a student can enjoy, as studying in Russia there is done differently, and the student acquires many professional skills, which make him a successful human being in this field.

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