University education system in Russia

The system of university education in Russia, requires the order of study to many important points that must be followed and the student should be aware of them before starting to apply to study different disciplines in Russia, where Russia is one of the scientifically advanced countries significantly and in order to learn how to apply for university education opportunities in Russia Follow us this article.

University education system in Russia
University education system in Russia

A brief overview of the duration of university education in Russia

The number of months in which a student gets his university education in Russia is about 300 days and there are 60 days that a student can take a vacation that he can either spend in Russia or can use to visit his relatives.

Preparatory Year for Education in Russia

It is called this name because it helps the student to have great scientific knowledge of all disciplines specific to all subjects for example:

The student's desire to study engineering in Russia

In that year, the university qualifies him to study all the sciences of engineering, mathematics and chemistry.

In the field of medicine: Provide the student with all the sufficient information in various scientific subjects from biology, physics and others.

Computer Science: Helps the student to be sufficiently familiar with all the subjects that concern computer science now and practice all the creation of electronic programs in addition to intensive courses in programming science.

It helps the student to train in its own centers to start his specialization with a great deal of information.

It also enables him to master the country-specific language which will help him master the subjects and academic excellence for example mastery of Russian, French and English.

Latin is also taught professionally as it is considered the primary language of a number of doctors to be used in a number of medical studies.

Offering intensive courses in English to a number of students applying for a master's degree, as it is the official language of a number of dissertations found in libraries.

A large number of students from all over the world flock to receive one of the specializations in various different fields in more than one distinguished university at the level of Russia.

Learn about the advantages of housing and accommodation in Russia

Student housing in university cities in Russia is considered a level of luxury and sophistication and is designed in the style of hotels.

The students' rooms are spacious and contain a number of beds ranging in number from about three to three.

In addition, the university provides special pieces for each student from a small cupboard for all his personal belongings, and a special office for studying.

As for food and drink utensils, they are not part of the room preparations, all these things are bought by the student and kept within his personal tools to use on his own.

All rooms are connected to an integrated air conditioning system to suit cold weather in winter and hot weather in summer.

Bathrooms are also constantly cleaned by staff and each student should use their own tools of personal towel, soap and shower.

The university is not responsible for the student's own food, but rather gives the student the opportunity to prepare food himself, and this develops his self-reliance similar to some other universities.

In each student residence of the universities of Russia is a small library with a number of books if the student wants to spend time of his vacation reading.

In addition to an integrated place of computers connected to the Internet so that the student can use it with ease.

The university is interested in researching students on their personal hygiene, organizing the mattresses of their rooms and keeping them tidy.

Find out about the student's personal expenses to study in Russia

Student expenses in Russia are not expensive, as the price of food is low in any other country.

The average student's personal expenses per month do not exceed $150 per month.

Learn about the procedures for admission to the University of Russia

Obtain a passport in Russian, submit it to the embassy, obtain an application to travel to Russia, and complete all the papers for the travel visa.

An admission card for admission to the university to complete university study abroad or a special application for master's preparation.

Submit all the papers for language courses, conduct the exam for the language, whether Russian or English, and extract the certificate of success of the language and the extent of the student's proficiency in those languages.

There is a visa called a study visa that is extracted from the Russian Embassy in your country that admission must be signed on that visa from the Embassy.

The student fills out a form for the university application and submits it along with the rest of the papers and must meet the conditions.

Find out what university qualification programs universities in Russia offer you

Departments of medicine include Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Engineering Departments:

It includes the study of civil engineering.

Study of architecture.

Study of engineering for agriculture.

Study of chemistry engineering.

Study of energy engineering.

Study of genetic engineering.

Departments of Economics and Political Science include:

Everything related to the science of business administration and the improvement of the economic level.

Everything related to resources and how to manage and exploit them.

What are the competent authorities that supervise university education in Russia and the means they provide to help students?

The Ministry of Higher Education is the first body to oversee the university education system and everything related to post-university preparation for master's or doctorate.

The Ministry offers a number of means that help students to progress significantly in the university field, for example in the medical field:

It provides a number of hospitals to train students in them and also there are special laboratories for dental students.

In the field of engineering: It conducts training courses in the sites to qualify students on how to establish engineering and architectural projects.

In the field of sports: Allocate international playgrounds equipped for the student to professionalize his favorite sport in a practical way.

Study in Russia has seen remarkable growth in all sectors and its development has been helped by the facilitation of university enrollment opportunities for students.


University education system in Russia

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