The best specialties to study in Russia

Studying in Russian universities is a very good thing that can benefit the student greatly, and the best disciplines to study in Russia are diverse and their costs are not expensive, and Russian universities are one of the best universities that exist in the world and that have obtained an advanced ranking among Arab universities and foreign universities as well.

The best specialties to study in Russia
The best specialties to study in Russia

The best specialties to study in Russia

The disciplines that a student can enroll in within the universities of Russia vary and abound, and the best disciplines that can be studied are the following:

  • The specialization of human medicine is one of the first disciplines that a student can enroll.
  • Dentistry is a very good specialty that exists within Russian universities.
  • Engineering and technology are programs that enroll a large number of students as this specialization is distinct and highly branched within Russian universities.
  • Universities of science are universities that also have a great prestige within Russia.
  • The humanities and social sciences are a favorite of many as well.
  • The specialization of financial and administrative sciences is an important and fascinating discipline within the universities of Russia.
  • Hotel and tourism are some of the best specialties found within Russia as well.
  • Aeronautical engineering is one of the disciplines that the student is difficult to find within a country especially the Arab countries.
  • Radiation protection engineering is also one of the best disciplines.
  • The specialization of agriculture and the environment is an important and fascinating discipline within Russian universities and a large number of countries of the world.

The cheapest universities in Russia

Within Russia there are a huge number of universities as well as disciplines and the student can choose the one he deems appropriate for him.

The student chooses the university based on several things where he chooses it according to the educational level of the university in addition to the costs of study and also the atmosphere of the region where the university is located as the climate of Russia is diverse.

There are many universities within Russia and all of them are distinctive but a number of the best universities are preferred and those universities are:

  • Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.
  • South Ural University within Russia.
  • Russian State Technological University.
  • Voroting State Technological Academy within Russia.
  • Russian MGIMO University.

Preparatory year in Russian universities

The preparatory year within Russian universities is an important year for foreign students regardless of their nationality, whether Moroccan, Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Jordanian in addition to Algerian, Lebanese and Libyan nationality as well as

During the preparatory year, Russia offers a number of preparatory courses in kind for foreign students, sometimes up to seven months and sometimes up to ten months.

The main objective of conducting these courses is to learn the Russian language well so that the student is able to study in it in the future within Russian universities as well as deal with it within Russia, and the student can study in English also in case he does not attend that preparatory year.

After the student has completed the study of the specified period of the preparatory year and successfully passed it he will be able to obtain a certificate from the Russian government confirming that he has become highly fluent in Russian.

During the preparatory year, the student studies a number of scientific subjects related to his future specialization, and studying them using the Russian language makes him have a tally of the basic synonyms necessary for his field of study.

The study for the preparatory year can be one year and it can be two years through which the student can learn about Russian culture and the Russian people as well as the city in which he stays.

Costs of studying in Russia

The costs of study vary depending on the specialization studied by the student and the universities he chooses as well, where there are a number of high-cost, medium and also cheap universities, and the student can get a scholarship if he is an outstanding student or apply for tests that qualify him for this and thus study for free within a Russian university.

The cost of study for the preparatory year within Russia reaches approximately 2500 US dollars and it varies depending on the university where the student is studying, it can be more than this amount and it can also decrease.

The costs that the student must submit to enroll in graduate studies such as the master's in the case of full-time study range on average from 220: 240 thousand rubles i.e. from 3.670 US dollars to 4.000 dollars annually, and the maximum costs reach 7500 US dollars or 450 thousand rubles.

If a student trains within a Russian university to study a master's degree, the cost of full-time is 240:260 thousand rubles, and the minimum cost reaches 137: 500 rubles or 2275 US dollars per year, and the maximum is 6.750 US dollars.

The costs of studying inside Russian universities are not high compared to European universities and also some Arab universities and compared to the subjects and sciences they obtain, and the certificate of Russian universities is one of the certificates recognized within a large number of Arab and foreign countries as well.

Is the study in Russian or a foreign language within the universities of Russia?

Russian students study in Russian both inside schools and universities as well, but foreign students are able to study in English or Russian as well as French.

Not all universities give the student a choice between languages until he studies in the language he finds best for him, and if the student chooses English or any language other than Russian, the costs of study are higher, so it is possible for the student to enroll in the preparatory year before studying the specialization in order to master the Russian language and study in it.

The use of Russian in study is much better than any other language where students studying in English experience some difficulties in understanding information during practical application as well as when dealing with the community in which they live as the Russian language facilitates the student a lot of things including daily dealings that do not include study hours.

The student can also easily find work in case he knows Russian but part-time with study.

Conditions of study within Russia

There are a number of conditions that a student must meet in order to be able to study within Russian universities, and these conditions are as follows:

  • Documents related to the study i.e. the student's certificate obtained at the baccalaureate stage or any papers specifying the level of the student are not requested by the Russian Embassy.
  • The student must carry with him the card of the official invitation received from a Russian university.
  • Bank guarantee is also not required.
  • Application for visa.
  • The visa must be submitted to the Main Department of Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation up to three months before its expiration.

By studying in Russia, an individual can get a high level of education in a large number of fields as well as a good job both within Russia and within one of the other countries.

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