Russian courses in Russia

Studying Russian in Russia, Russian language learning centers are spread within the State of Russia, so that students of different nationalities can learn the Russian language, as students use this language in studying inside the country, and a number of specialized professors teach people wishing to learn the language, and there are special programs for new students to be taught the language in a way that suits the nature of the university to which they were enrolled, and by the end of the academic year the student gets a certificate stating that he has learned the Russian language.

Russian courses in Russia
Russian courses in Russia

The cost of studying Russian in Russia

The cost of studying Russian in Russia
The cost of studying Russian in Russia

Many students want to travel to Russia to attend various universities there, but the Russian language stands in the way of them.

Since Russian is not the language in circulation, and students do not know much about it, so new students try to learn Russian so that they can study easier.

A wide range of universities offer a lot of courses that help students acquire language quickly.

Some students wonder about the cost of studying Russian in Russia, and whether it takes a lot of money for a student to become fluent in the language.

The cost of learning Russian within the State of Russia may start from $1900 to $3000, depending on where the course will be received.

Russian courses in Russia

Many Arab students are keen to go to Russia to complete their university studies there, as the State of Russia provides suitable study opportunities in several diverse fields.

One of the most important obstacles facing students during university study in Russia is learning Russian, as learning the language is one of the basics of learning there.

The State of Russia provides more than one preparatory course that enables students to study Russian in Russia, so that they can study there with ease.

Some universities set specific conditions for admission, and sometimes one of the conditions is proficiency in the Russian language.

The student must study the Russian language in order to be able to deal with the subjects, understand them as well as so that he can take the exam countries and pass it.

Russian courses in Russia

The State of Russia offers a lot of courses for learning the Russian language within the State of Russia, so that the student can learn the language in a short time.

These courses focus on individual individual skills, giving each student a course according to their educational needs.

Since there are some students who are good at speaking and are not good at writing well, here the focus should be on teaching the student to write correctly.

The duration of the courses depends on the content of the course you provide to the student, as the courses that help students study Russian in Russia differ in their content and quantity.

The training courses develop many language and written skills so that the student can master the Russian language.

Sometimes the student can determine the duration of study in which he will receive the course, the number of lectures and lessons, and the weeks for the course.

Many times students want to learn Russian until they settle in Russia, and here students must take courses on a larger scale than normal.

Full-time Russian courses

A student studying Russian may need to intensify the lessons they receive from the courses, in order to become eligible to start university study.

He focuses on learning all the vocabulary of his field of study, so that he can understand all the subjects scheduled.

Often the teaching of the Russian language is associated with some training programs by the university, in addition to many language programs.

Studying Russian in Russia may require you to come on a daily basis to receive Russian language classes at designated training venues.

Where to take Russian lessons in Russia

There are many places in Russia where students can take language lessons, the most prominent of which are the following:

Kazan University

The student can take Russian language classes inside Kazan University starting from 9 months, if he is going to take one-year lessons.

If he wishes to take classes for a year and a half, he starts studying on the tenth of 2 months, where the student chooses the appropriate system for him.

A one-year program costs $1,772, and a program taught in a year and a half costs $2,646.

Ural University of the Russian Government

Ural University offers a large number of training programs, to help students wishing to study Russian in Russia.

It offers specific programs for educational, as well as professional purposes, and the person chooses the program that suits his personal requirements.

The program, which ends in 252 hours, costs three thousand rubles, equivalent to $ 461, while the cost of the program that takes 360 hours reaches four thousand rubles, equivalent to $ 615.

Higher Institute of Economics

This institute offers Russian language classes so that students can learn the language faster, as lessons are followed by the formation of specific groups.

The institute has set the number of hours of the program to reach 504 hours, in order to enable the student to study Russian in Russia.

The program's lessons start in February and end in July, and this period is considered only one term, not interspersed with long vacations.

Studying Russian at the institute costs $1483 for entry-level students coming from outside the Russian state.

Petrozavodsk State University

Petrozavodsk University offers some language training courses in Russian, for a short time.

The cost of the program depends on its duration, the size of the members of the group that will receive the lessons of the program, and the cost of the program ranges from 28,000 to 402,200 rubles, equivalent to 431 to 6,118 dollars.

University of Friendship between Peoples

Students can enroll in full-time courses offered by the university, where lessons are received intensively.

There are two types of courses offered by the university to students wishing to study Russian in Russia, each of which varies in terms of costs and time.

One of them takes fifteen days, the value of which costs 34,000rubles, equivalent to $ 551, the other takes 8 days and the value of its cost is 44,280rubles, equivalent to $ 682.

State University of St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg University offers a variety of programs, which do not take long, in the study of Russian in Russia.

It offers a course in Russia's cultural heritage and the Russian language, costing up to 15,000 rubles equivalent to $231.

A course on the cultural treasures of Prussia, the language of Prussia and the cost of the program is three thousand rubles equivalent to $ 461.

Another intensive program for novice people, this course takes several different levels, and costs up to four thousand rubles equivalent to $ 615.

Students take course lessons informally, outside of the university's core lessons taught to students.

To this end, we have asked you how to study in Russia, its cost, as well as the many places that teach the language to non-Russians, and how long each training program needs.

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