Documents required to study in Russia

Any student who wishes to study in Russia must fully complete the documents required to study in Russia so as not to be exposed to some problems that could make him unable to enroll in the university that year, and those documents and papers are simple and all students can get them.

Documents required to study in Russia
Documents required to study in Russia

Documents required to study in Russia

The documents required to study in Russia in order to enroll in Russian universities are the following documents:

  • The student must have a personal photo of size 3*4.
  • Provide an AIDS test and have a negative result.
  • The original of the baccalaureate certificate and be certified by the Russian consulate or from the Foreign Ministry and a copy of the transcript must be attached with it.
  • A passport with a validity of two years or more.
  • The invitation is made within 25 days, and if a copy of the passport is sent early, this saves the student more time.
  • Acceptance of travel must be submitted by the parents in case the applicant has not exceeded the age of eighteen.
  • The original invitation to enter Russia must also be submitted.
  • The student must fill in all the required data within the application form correctly.
  • A copy of the ID card.
  • All papers submitted by the student must have been translated into Russian, and must be authenticated by one of the authorized translation offices.
  • The applicant must be in contact with Russian universities in order to obtain all the required papers and documents.

Documents required for a study visa within Russia

Obtaining a visa to study is not the same within all countries, which is why it is important that students communicate with the Russian Embassy so that they are aware of all the required papers, which are generally represented in the following:

  • The application form, which enables the student to complete the required information within the form electronically.
  • The original of the passport and a copy of the main page, it is important that the passport is valid for two and a half years or more, and it must contain two pages that are empty.
  • Invitation to enter Russia.
  • Eight selfies with a size of 4.5*3.5.
  • A document certified by a notary public must be provided that the student's parents agree on his travel in case he is not older than eighteen years old.
  • The duration of obtaining a visa ranges from two weeks to about three weeks.
  • The costs of the visa are not the same within all countries and this can be found out through the Russian consulate, the cost of extension is possible to reach about 1600 rubles.

Advantages of studying within Russia

There are a number of advantages that a student is able to obtain by enrolling in Russian universities, these advantages are:

  • The basic nature of university education: The student can obtain the basics of any science he studies, and there are a number of distinguished scientific schools within the fields of mathematics and nature as well as physics sciences.
  • Diverse disciplines: A foreign student can choose between a huge number of Russian universities, which number 741, and can choose between 400 specializations from the arts to the mathematical sciences as well as the natural sciences, more than 650 are available within Russia for master's, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Preparatory Programs: The student can enroll in one of the preparatory programs offered by Russia before joining universities, whether for the doctoral or master's program as well as the bachelor's program.
  • Proportionality between the quality of education and prices: Russian universities follow the contractual system of study and this system within Russia is at a much lower cost than the United States and the United Kingdom as well as Canada, all universities other than Saint Petersburg University and Moscow University have tuition costs affordable for everyone.
  • Study by government funding: Russia is one of the countries where the student can get free education, where Russian universities provide a lot of scholarships to foreign students where the number of grants exceeds thousands, and those grants are provided 1600 scholarships, including Arab countries and the most awarded countries Egypt, Syria and Jordan, while the State of Qatar is the only country with which Russia is still looking for ways to cooperate, and Russians and foreigners are equal when each of them receives grants Coursework.
  • The possibility of learning Russian: The number of Russian-speaking individuals around the world reaches 260 million, the number of foreigners who learn Russian reaches 10.5 million through the programs offered by Russian universities according to the preparatory department, and the grantees receive this study free of charge.
  • The possibility of studying in English: If the student is unable to learn Russian, this will not be an obstacle to studying in Russia where he can study through English.
  • Obtaining two university degrees at the same time: Russian universities and a number of foreign universities are involved in many programs, so that the student gets two degrees at the same time a Russian certificate and a European certificate.
  • Comfortable and elaborately equipped university housing: Russian universities are equipped both in lecture halls as well as laboratories and intelligence in addition to university housing with high equipment and no less mastery than Arab universities, each university has its own housing and the costs of this housing are very low.
  • Ease of adaptation: The state of Russia has more than 200 people where it has a large number of cultures and social backgrounds and therefore the adaptation of the foreign student inside Russia is never difficult, the Russian Constitution guarantees everyone inside Russia religious freedom without persecution and Russia has more than 100 languages, Russian universities have a long time of teaching a lot of non-Russian students.
  • Different climatic zones: Russia is one of the large countries in terms of area significantly and the climate varies from region to region and thus the student is able to enroll in the university located within the region that suits him its own climate, there is a temperate continental climate and a subtropical climate within Russia.
  • Great culture: Russia has a large number of writers, philosophers, poets and artists, and Russians are very proud of their culture and civilization, and Russia's ancient civilization makes a large number of foreigners want to get acquainted with that civilization and that country that contains different types of civilizations, and Russian cities are a center of culture, especially modern cities, a lot of shows, concerts and festivals are held within the cities of Russia permanently, and recreational and cultural activities are held at the national and international level as well.
  • The possibility of playing sports: Russia enjoys that it has presented the world with wonderful sports models such as Tritiac, Maria and other models, and the number of sports practitioners within Russia reaches more than 60% of the total population and the proportion of students practicing sports reaches 71%, within Russia there are 70.000 sports facilities in addition to 140.000 stadiums, as well as 4.800 swimming pools that everyone can use.

Studying inside Russia carries a lot of advantages and through which the student can get a large number of services that qualify him to have a good job in the future.

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