Study the preparatory year in Russia

Studying the preparatory year in Russia, a lot of Arab students are accepted to study in Russia, and the Russian language stands in front of them as an obstacle, so before starting to study in Russia students must take Russian language lessons, so that students can understand the subjects in Russian, and this may take a year, and this year is called the preparatory year, and today we will talk about everything related to the preparatory year.

Study the preparatory year in Russia
Study the preparatory year in Russia

What is the preparatory year in Russia

Many Arab students may try to travel to Russia to continue studying there, not knowing anything about studying the preparatory year in Russia.

The importance of the preparatory year lies in the student's adaptation to the new country to which he has moved, and his mastery of the Russian language so that he can learn and live.

The preparatory year is the year before study, in which the student learns the basics of the Russian language, so that he can keep up with the study in the same language.

The student also studies some of the disciplines necessary to be admitted to Russian universities, and most Russian colleges offer a lot of diverse fields to be studied in the preparatory year.

Among the most prominent disciplines that are studied in Russian universities are natural sciences, technology engineering, and a lot of other fields.

Each student chooses the field of study of the preparatory year in Russia, based on the specialization he wants to study in Russia.

A student wishing to study physics enrols in the field of engineering and technology, until he or she is eligible to start their chosen major.

Often, a student can choose a course in Russian, without having to study other scientific disciplines.

Preparatory year expenses in Russia

A foreign student must apply for the preparatory year study in Russia, where he undertakes Russian language lessons, in the period leading up to the actual study.

The study during this year is based on receiving intensive training courses to learn the Russian language, after which the study shifts to focus on the field of specialization.

A student who has attended the Faculty of Medicine of the State of Russia joins the preparatory program that includes medical expressions in Russian.

The preparatory school year in Russia costs from $ 1,000 to almost $ 5,000,000 maximum.

Most of the time, the student joins the courses offered by the university to which he was admitted, and the student can choose to study the preparatory year in Russia, at any other college.

The cost of the preparatory year varies depending on the number of semesters the student receives, as the cost increases if the classes increase.

One student during two semesters of preparatory study costs 140,000 rubles, while the cost of three classes reaches 215,000 rubles.

The preparatory study of engineering, medicine, economics and technology costs 115,000 rubles during two semesters of study, and the three semesters 155,000 rubles.

The study at the National College of Astronomical Research costs 150,000 rubles for the aforementioned scientific departments.

Peters the Great University has set the cost of studying the preparatory year at about 175,000 rubles, in the humanitarian, engineering and economic fields.

The Ural Federal University has also set the cost of its preparatory study at up to 140,000 rubles, for natural sciences, medicine, humanities, economics and engineering.

The Technological University of Information, Optics and Mechanics approved the cost of studying the preparatory year in the range of 177 thousand rubles.

The preparatory year for students of Kazan University wishing to study master's, bachelor's and postgraduate studies costs 110,000 rubles.

When to start the preparatory year in Russia

Many universities are similar at the time of the start of preparatory study, and universities focus mainly on Russian language programs.

The study of the preparatory year in Russia is one of the most important academic years that a foreign student studies in the State of Russia.

It is the basis on which the student builds his studies in the coming academic years, due to the importance of the Russian language in the study.

Because the foreign student receives the study in Russian, which many new students do not know, so they must learn it faster and more accurately during the preparatory year.

The first of September is the scheduled date for the start of the preparatory year in the vast majority of faculties and universities of the State of Russia.

The University of Information Technology differs from the rest of the Russian universities in its preparatory year, where the first date of October is set for starting, and the year ends at the end of June.

The Higher School of Economics also starts preparatory study in October and ends at the end of July.

Peter the Great University starts preparatory study from the beginning of November until the end of June.

Preparatory Year Exams

After completing the study of the preparatory year in Russia, an exam is held at the end of the specified period until the student is evaluated.

The test includes a set of questions, as follows:

  • Question rules, comes in the form of multiple choice.
  • The conversation question, which is a piece in Russian, includes a set of questions answered by the student.
  • A writing question in which the student writes a multi-line piece about a topic chosen by the student, and this topic is about family, city or any other similar topic.
  • There is a group of universities that require a story question, and require the student to tell a story to other students in an oral way.
  • The test focuses heavily on the student's understanding of the Russian language, and how to use it for Russian vocabulary.

The student must pass the test, in order to be able to obtain a certificate stating that he has become fluent in the Russian language.

If the student fails the test, he will receive a document that is not considered by the universities and colleges of the State of Russia.

Therefore, people wishing to travel to the country of Russia to study, should hurry to start studying the Russian language, before traveling to the country of Russia so that the study becomes easier for them.

Accommodation of foreign students during the preparatory year

Some may wonder where students live during preparatory year study in Russia, and where they live.

It is worth mentioning that a foreign student coming to Russia for the purpose of studying enrolls in one of the preparatory universities.

In this case, the student's university provides accommodation for the student in the university city of the university where he or she was admitted.

Housing is one of the conditions to be implemented by the university, in case the student is accepted to start a preparatory study therein.

However, university housing is not provided free of charge by the university, but there is a fee for accommodation in the accommodation.

A student's stay in university accommodation may cost a sum of money starting from $25 and up to $120 per month.

The cost varies depending on the location of the city in which the student chose the college, and this cost is suitable for all students, and the student resides inside a room for two people, or a room for three people.

Therefore, the study of the preparatory year in Russia is one of the basics of academic study in Russia, and all students should pay attention to this year, so that the student can adapt to the state of Russia, and know the Russian language to use it properly during the study, and deal with the people there.

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