Study Pharmacy in Russia

Studying pharmacy in Russia, one of the important sciences that need intensive study is pharmacology as many students want to study engineering to the fullest in some European countries but they face many difficulties in those countries but one of the most famous countries accepting the largest number of students around the world to study pharmacology around the world is Russia, so follow us this article to learn about the most important steps that enable you to go to Russia and study there.

Study Pharmacy in Russia
Study Pharmacy in Russia

Learn about the conditions for studying pharmacy in Russia

Pharmacology is an important science that the world has been interested in because it is the basis for the preparation of all kinds of medicine that patients need.

With the spread of viruses and diseases in recent times, pharmacology has become the first destination by many scientists and researchers to devise appropriate antiviral drugs.

One of the countries most interested in this science in a large number of its universities is Russia, where it has not set conditions that have restricted its students to enroll in the faculties of pharmacy and education in this world.

Any student who is successful in the secondary examinations of the indigenous country can also enter this field and study this science in the faculties of Russia.

However, the conditions approved by the country for the study of pharmacy were approved by students from other countries, as these conditions were:

  • The student must have a specific total determined by the university in that year to enroll in the college.
  • The university particularly looks at the degrees a student has passed, which are biology, chemicals and physical sciences.
  • A first exam is conducted at the Russian Embassy in the student's country for a number of scientific subjects to find out the extent to which the student excels in those subjects and accordingly one of the conditions is met.
  • Also great interest is paid by the university in the language of the student and to know the extent to which he is familiar with Russian, English or French which is the second important condition by the university.
  • The student is also subjected to one of the laboratory tests provided by the embassy to ensure the student's understanding of the sciences of physics and chemistry and whether he has experience in conducting experiments for laboratory materials or not.

The cost of studying pharmacy in Russia

CityNumber of universitiesAverage Fees
Moscow4.53,750 EGP
Saint Petersburg4.21,442 EGP
Kazan2.12,333 EGP
Perm2.9,438 EGP
Samara2.11,995 EGP
Vladikavkaz2.16,864 EGP
Vladivostok2.11,137 EGP
Voronezh2.17,548 EGP
Arkhangel'sk1.31,903 EGP
Astrakhan1.50,865 EGP

Tuition fees in Russia compared to any other European country for example America are low and inexpensive for students.

In order to calculate the student's accommodation fees at that university, a sum of money must be placed in the university's treasury of approximately $ 650 as a total amount per year.

Important Note: In any of the scientific universities, students first have an initial preparatory year qualifying students to intensify the study of the field and give them all the sufficient information about the department they will study.

We find that the expenses for that year are completely separate from those of other years, valued at the University of Capperdino at about two thousand dollars, and at the University of Chichen like the University of Capperdino I also at two thousand dollars a year.

Comparing the expenses of the Dagistan University of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Moscow University in Russia, we find that:

Calculating the cost paid by the student in his stay at the first university, it is a small amount and is estimated at about $ 500 per year.

The expenses of the second university in accommodation are very high compared to other universities that break the barrier of one thousand and two hundred dollars a year.

The expenses of the first qualifying year at Dagistan University amount to two thousand dollars, while at Moscow University it reaches three thousand five hundred dollars a year.

One of the universities specialized in the field of pharmacy in Russia is the Friendship University, whose expenses are worth about four thousand dollars annually.

Student housing expenses are an approximate rate of about $700 per year.

The university's preparatory first year expenses are worth six thousand dollars a year.

Duration of study of pharmacy in Russia

Upon completion of the study of pharmacy in Russia, the graduate can engage in both pharmacy and management or scientific activity. Teaching is carried out in Russian and English, and its duration is 5 years.

Study Pharmacy in Russia in English

Study Pharmacy in Russia in English
Study Pharmacy in Russia in English
universitiesFare per year
Accommodation / MonthlyInsuranceAverage monthly expensesMinimum Diploma DegreeEnglish language skill
Kazan State Medical University3200$30$160$250$75TOEFL – IELTS

It is not difficult to study pharmacy in Russia in English and requires a number of conditions approved by the university, the first of which are:

The student has intensive certificates in English to be able to study pharmacy subjects without any obstacles.

In addition, the system of study in English in the faculties of pharmacy is a practical system based on conducting experiments in the laboratories of the university and a part not exceeding 40% is only a theoretical part for the student.

The study of pharmacy at the university is divided into a number of departments chosen by the student for specialization, the most famous of which is the department of preparation of medical medicines.

Also, the tuition fees at pharmacy universities in Russia vary in terms of language, as the cost of studying in Russian is less than the cost of studying in English, for example, the cost of studying at the University of Russia in Russian is about nine thousand dollars a year, while when studying in English, the value of expenses throughout the year is about ten thousand dollars a year.

Modification of the pharmacy certificate in Russia

In its meaning: it is to obtain a notarized certificate from the Russian university for the possibility of the student practicing the profession of pharmacy in his country or any other European country.

There are common questions about whether this certificate is accredited or not?

Yes most of the educational certificates obtained by the student from any of the different Russian universities are notarized by the embassy and can be worked out as documented viewing in any of the countries.

According to the texts of the Constitution documented in Russia that a student can obtain accredited certificates in any of the educational disciplines and be accredited by the Russian University.

Master of Pharmacy in Russia

Some students travel from all over the country to prepare a master's degree in Russia in one of the university disciplines of the most famous of which is pharmacy.

Preparing a master in Russia is not difficult but requires a number of conditions that you should know:

The student obtains a graduation certificate from the university with an appropriate grade to be signed admission on the papers for the application.

Also the appreciation of scientific material should be good at least.

Several other papers are submitted, the most important of which is the student's language certificate in Russian and English.

Travel papers are completed at the embassy and the passport must be international.

One of the language exams is taken in travel and upon success in it the travel is certified.

The duration of master's study at universities of Russia is about two years and may increase depending on the student's completion of his master's thesis.

Pharmacy acceptance rate in Russia

As we mentioned before at the beginning of the article that the total is not considered for the indigenous population of the country but the student applies and studies the department of his choice.

Unlike expats who are checked with a total percentage in which the student must have an 85% high school diploma in his country and have grades in good scientific subjects.

Study Pharmacy in Russia for Moroccans

One of the countries from which a large number of students are admitted to study pharmacy in Russia is Morocco.

Applications are made at the Embassy of Russia in Morocco and all entrance examinations are conducted, including language exams.

Due to the ability of the Moroccans in English and French, their acceptance rate is high.

The cost of studying pharmacy for Moroccans in Russia is not prohibitive, ranging from 4,000 to about $6,000 all year round.

The cost of studying pharmacy in Russia for Iraqis

Similar to Morocco, a large number of students are accepted to study pharmacy after high school in Russia or prepare a master's degree in pharmacy sciences.

The student chooses any of the departments in which he would like to specialize, whether pharmacy sciences and technology, pharmaceutical preparation sciences or others.

The Iraqi student prepares his own passport and must be translated into Russian and then the rest of the conditions for the language are met and approval and travel within a short time.

The cost of studying in Russia and enrolling in the pharmacy department ranges from approximately $3,000 to $9,000 per year depending on the university chosen by the student.

In addition to the costs of accommodation and the costs of the preparatory first year with the addition of personal expenses for the student of eating and drinking.

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