Which is better to study in Turkey or Russia

Which is better to study in Turkey or Russia, studying in Russia is one of the best things as it has a lot of advantages as Russia is one of the countries that have a large number of universities and a variety of options of disciplines as well, and studying in Turkey is no less important than in Russia as Turkey is one of the countries whose universities occupy an advanced position among the universities of the world as well and its students get a lot of privileges.

Which is better to study in Turkey or Russia
Which is better to study in Turkey or Russia

Which is better to study in Turkey or Russia

In order to be able to choose between studying in Russia or studying in Turkey, the student must know the reasons for studying in both countries, which are as follows:

Reasons to study inside Russia

  • Speaking Russian: Learning Russian will be easy through direct contact with Russians as Russia offers a preparatory year before the start of the academic year in order to master the language and is optional, and this will open the way for the student to get diverse jobs in prestigious fields.
  • Exclusive methodologies: The State of Russia innovates every year in its own educational plan as the student acquires a number of skills in addition to many knowledge during the period of study, and the university also gives the student the opportunity to obtain the desired development program individually.
  • Dual Diploma Programs: The student can study within a Russian university while studying at any other university he wants and these are among the best advantages offered by Russian universities.
  • Brilliant and innovative engineering universities: The field of engineering within Russia is a truly excellent field as it contains an excellent specialization with a high level of study and therefore a large number of students enroll in the University of Tomsk.

Reasons for studying in Turkey

They are as follows:

  • Ideal location: Turkey is called the bridge of the world as its geographical location is distinct as it is a meeting point between Morocco and the Levant and therefore it is a place for the gathering of a large number of different cultures and backgrounds, all of which coexist harmoniously and this achieves for the foreign student a fertile environment to learn and learn about new cultures.
  • Quality of education: During the past two decades, Turkey has increased its existing universities and raised the quality of education significantly, where Turkey's universities in 2014 ranked third among the ten strongest universities, and seven of the Turkish universities ranked among the hundred most powerful universities in the world.
  • Multiple study opportunities: Over 3.6 million students applied for admission to Turkey's universities by the end of that decade.
  • Cost of living: Obtaining a scholarship from Turkey makes the student able to cover all aspects of his living as studying inside Turkey is much cheaper than studying inside Russia, and the cost of living inside Turkey the student from 150: 250 US dollars, and the country is also ranked as one of the top ten countries in living and working.

Studying inside Turkey or inside Russia both carry for the student a lot of advantages but for the Arab student Turkey is an Arab country and the vast majority of its people are Muslim with the availability of high quality education and good living and therefore it is suitable for the Arab student more, as Russia is not an Islamic country where drinking alcohol is widespread and many non-Arab customs.

Admission Requirements to Turkish Public Universities

There are a number of conditions that must be met in a student in order to be admitted to a Turkish university, and the method of admission is done through two methods and those two methods are:

The first method:

This method is based on the average obtained by the student during high school and admission is made following an internal trade-off at each university.

The application to that trade-off is done through a baccalaureate degree and then begins to trade-off in order to obtain a university seat within a Turkish university.

There are a number of Turkish public universities that accept the baccalaureate and do not need additional certificates.

The second method:

The student makes an internal trade-off and takes the IOS exam within the university where he wishes to study.

Admission to universities is made according to the marks obtained by the student in the YOS exam where preference is given to students with higher grades.

There are a number of universities that put the Turkish YOS exam as a prerequisite for a student to book a seat inside them, and there are a number of other universities that put the SAT International Exam as a prerequisite for admission as well.

The best cities to study in Turkey

There are many cities where a student can study in Turkey, which are as follows:


Istanbul is one of the most important cities within Turkey as it is its largest city and it is also the tourist, economic and social center of Turkey.

It also contains the port connecting its part located on the continent of Asia and the other located on the continent of Europe by the famous Bosphorus Bridge.

Istanbul is a distinguished educational center within Turkey where it contains a number of the best universities such as Sabancı, Bosphorus University and Istanbul Technical University as well, and it is also a good place to live and spend fun times.

Ankara City

Ankara is also one of the largest cities within Turkey, it occupies the second place in terms of largeness, Ankara has a long history and is one of the most important political and economic cities within Turkey.

There are a number of important universities within Ankara which are the Middle East Technical University, Gazi University, Belkent University, Hejçi Tepe University and also the Turkish Military Academy.

Adana City

The city of Adana occupies the fifth place among the large cities of Turkey and is also one of the most beautiful cities, and it is one of the best cities where students can study and it is a densely populated city.

The city of Adana contains a number of distinguished universities such as the University of Chukurova, and the most important thing that makes the education inside it distinctive is that it is of high quality where it is carried out by the latest means.

The costs of studying within that city are also low as well as the cost of living and this is what makes it a very special city.

The best Russian universities

Russia has a lot of universities and many disciplines, perhaps this is what makes the field of Russian education one of the best fields, and the best universities are the following:

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University: This university holds the first place among the universities of Russia and the seventy-fourth place among the universities of the world so it is the first destination for foreign students.
  • Saint Petersburg University: This university also occupies a privileged position and has 24 faculties in addition to 13 institutes for scientific research.
  • Novosibirsk State University: This university is one of the distinguished universities within Russia as it is one of the top 2% of universities within the world, and that university is similar to Lomonosov University in many things except that the cost of studying in it is lower.
  • Tomsk State University: This university is one of the most important universities within Russia and it is also a unit of good research centers, the university contains 23 faculties in addition to 151 specialties.

Turkey and Russia are two of the best countries that any student can enroll in order to study as they both have special advantages, but the student must look at the disadvantages and choose the least harmful.

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