Study Nursing in Russia

The study of nursing in Russia, the nursing profession is one of the important medical professions that must be taken care of by universities because that profession is the right hand of the doctor and to help the patient, so there are a number of universities globally interested in teaching nursing to the fullest and one of the most important of those universities are Russian universities that we learn in this article about the most important and the costs of studying in them, so follow us this article.

Study Nursing in Russia
Study Nursing in Russia

Nursing study costs in Russia

UniversityUniversity fare/yearAccommodation / MonthlyInsuranceAverage monthly expensesMinimum Diploma Degree
Lomonosov Moscow State University6200$100$200$400$75
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia3500$120$220$400$65
Kazan State Medical University1800$30$160$250$65
First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg1800$60$220$400$70.
Nursing study costs in Russia

Russia is one of the developed countries in the field of medicine as a whole and comprehensive of all medical specialties, most notably nursing, and Russia is one of the most prominent universities around the world that cares about the system of vocational training for students in all different disciplines.

The cost of studying nursing in Russia is also much cheaper compared to, for example, America or England.

The certificates a student receives from the university are internationally accredited certificates that can be worked on in any hospital around the world.

The expenses paid by students in the nursing major in the year vary at each university from the other, for example:

Moscow University: It is a comprehensive university for all medical, engineering and other disciplines including nursing.

As it gives the student the advantage of clinical trials during the period of study, the student can practice in the university's own hospitals at the same time as the study.

Study Medicine After Nursing in Russia

Have you ever asked yourself if I am a graduate of the Faculty of Nursing can I complete my studies at medical school and become a practicing physician?

Answer Yes: But this happens not in various Arab countries but is limited to a number of countries, the most famous of which is Russia, where the student can complete his studies after the four years he passed in nursing and requires several conditions, including:

  • The student must submit the papers related to his university graduation from nursing and indicate the extent to which he obtained grades in the scientific subjects of the university.
  • The university looks at the languages in which the student is distinguished, especially Russian and English, to ensure how well he excels in the academic achievement of the specialty of medicine because it is known that all medical terms are taught in Russia in Russian and English.
  • The university conducts a special equivalency for students and preliminary examinations for ease of enrollment in the Faculty of Medicine of Russia.

RUDN University

This university is one of the most prestigious universities with originality in the field of medicine in Russia, as the university contains the most skilled senior professors in the field of nursing who help students to train intensively for that profession in some university hospitals.

A large number of students come to that university to receive a nursing career and the number of students from all over the world reaches about 4,000 students.

The cost of studying at that university for nursing majoring ranges from about $3,500 paid annually including residential accommodation for the student at the university in addition to $200 paid annually for the student's health insurance.

Perm Medical University of Russia

It is one of the universities that has recently taken its place in the graduation of a number of outstanding students specializing in the field of nursing.

The university is one of the universities to which between 1,500 students come and breaks the barrier of 2,000 students from all the world's population to receive a pharmacy specialty efficiently.

The university is internationally accredited and the duration of study of nursing specialization is about 4 years.

The annual costs paid by the student per year are about $ 320 in addition to the $ 400 expenses of the student's university housing.

Nursing Salaries in Russia

A person who works as a nurse in Russia usually earns about 76, 800 Russian rubles per month. Salaries range from 36,100 rubles (lowest) to 121,000 rubles (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transportation and other benefits. Nurses' salaries vary greatly based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed analysis based on many different criteria.

The nursing profession salary in Russia ranges between 36, 100 rubles per month (minimum) and 121, 000 rubles per month (highest).

The average salary The average salary is 81, 400 rubles per month, which means that half (50%) of nursing workers earn less than 81, 400 rubles while the other half earn more than 81, 400 rubles. The broker represents the value of the average salary. In general.

So the nurse in Russia gets a good salary but varies depending on his employment in each hospital of a region in Russia, for example:

A nurse who works in hospitals in Moscow receives the highest salary compared to other regions, with a monthly arrest of the disease in Russian currency of about 28,000 rubles.

Buryatia comes in second place in terms of high salaries for nursing staff, with the monthly wage of the sick in that city being about 27,000 rubles per month.

The city of Karelia comes in third place in terms of the high percentage of salaries for the nursing sector, where the monthly wage of workers in this sector in Russian currency is about 24,000 rubles.

In fourth place are the salaries of nurses in the city of Severod Vinicik about 22,000 rubles per month.

In the Mordovia and Tyumen region, the monthly salaries of patients in Russian currency in those regions are almost identical per month, amounting to about 21,000 rubles.

There are other places in Russia such as the Linnegrad region where the salaries of workers in the nursing sectors break the barrier of 24,000 rubles per month. This article is part of the series of studies in Russia.

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