Study veterinary medicine in Russia

Studying veterinary medicine in Russia, it is known that the profession of veterinarian is very difficult and responsible, because not everyone can be responsible for the health and life of animals, although many people aspire to become one of the best animal doctors, and often that profession is chosen by those who are very enthusiastic about understanding and treating animals, and one of the best places where you can study veterinary medicine is Russia.

Study veterinary medicine in Russia
Study veterinary medicine in Russia

Study veterinary medicine in Russia

Russia takes a great place among all European countries in the field of study of medicine, especially veterinary medicine, as the field of veterinary medicine in Russia occupies a prestigious position in the universities of Russia.

The reason behind studying veterinary medicine in Russia is due to the many advantages of education in Russia, including the following:

  • The procedures that concern education at the University of Russia Branch of Medicine Department of Veterinary Medicine are simple and easy to perform.
  • The absence of any kind of tests in the branch of veterinary medicine in the universities of Russia, which is an important condition in universities in other countries for admission to this department.
  • The educational process related to veterinary medicine in Russia is characterized by the fact that its quality is high in all respects, whether equipment or medical devices or the presence of someone studying in this department.
  • The cost of living for a student in Russia is low plus the premium of veterinary medicine in Russia is low relative to other countries.

Conditions for studying veterinary medicine in Russia

Most veterinary schools in Russia rely on the secondary certificate and its equivalent with the requirements of the passport and study visa and get the costs of study and submit it to any university that has signed your choice and here are the conditions for studying veterinary medicine in Russia.

  1. A document on general or secondary secondary vocational education equivalent to Russian (with translation into Russian and notary public)
  2. Application for Admission
  3. Assignment from Rosobrnadzor (upon receipt under the budget share)
  4. Copy of the active pages of the passport with notarized translation
  5. Copy of Student Visa
  6. Certificate confirming the absence of infectious diseases and HIV.
  7. 6 images in 4×6 format
  8. Immigration card, temporary residence permit or residence permit
  9. TOEFL or IELTS or equivalent for teaching in English
  10. For applicants from countries, when accepting into the budget, you must have a birth certificate of a parent born in the USSR, or a marriage certificate.

Veterinary faculties in Russia


SpbGAVM is the oldest university to train veterinarians to date, the State Academy has opened the directions of "veterinary medicine", "veterinary and health expertise", as well as "aquatic bioresources and aquaculture".

Budget seats are provided The cost of training on the basis of a contract for the listed programs ranges from 150 to 214 thousand rubles, per year please note that the Academy has courses for schoolchildren who are in the stage of preparation for the exam in chemistry, biology and other materials required for admission The duration of courses is 1-8 months, the price is 4-12 thousand rubles.

RSAU Academy – Moscow Agricultural Academy

At the RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy of the Faculty of Animal Sciences and Biology, specialized training areas were opened.The student can gain knowledge in veterinary medicine, zoology or veterinary and health examination, the university has budget-funded places, but the competition is very high.Also, students can study on a contract basis, and the cost of one year is about 280 thousand rubles.At the RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy there is a pre-university faculty, its doors are open to students in grades 9-11, students of colleges and technical schools.Courses help to strengthen knowledge, prepare for the Olympics or use.The duration of preparatory training programs is 1.5-24 months.

K.I.Skryabin University

University students receive excellent theoretical knowledge, and practical skills are practiced at the Veterinary MBA Center. The Skryabin MBA has created good conditions for inclusive education (visual impairment or ODA, hearing-impaired students).

For schoolchildren, courses are open to help prepare for the exam and the entry campaign There is also Kennel College with various forms of education, which you can enroll in after ninth or eleventh grade.

RUDN University

Several areas of interest to future veterinarians at the RUDN Agricultural and Technological Institute have been opened:

  • "Veterinarian" with three training profiles;
  • "Veterinary and health examination" with many training specifications.

Students have the opportunity to train in the best Moscow clinics, as well as work with interesting and relevant scientific materials.

The gain of the veterinarian within Russia

As follows:

  • The average salary of a person who specializes in that field is 28 thousand rubles, in Moscow 33 thousand rubles, in other regions 25 thousand rubles.
  • The most profitable is to start your own personal business.
  • Veterinarians who work in clinics and in private laboratories earn an average of 3 : 4 thousand rubles, and that is more than their colleagues who work in similar positions but in government agencies.
  • The increase in wages with career growth exists, but it has not been as clear as in many other disciplines.
  • This means that if the difference exists between the salaries of an official who is ordinary and a senior manager is apparent, the salaries of a veterinarian who is an expert and assistant will be expressed in the amount of 5:7 thousand rubles.
  • However, creating a successful career and achieving high salaries is real.
  • The prerequisites for this are permanent development, working well, and the constant search for vacant jobs with higher salaries.

Who is the veterinarian? And how to be a veterinarian?

Get to know it in the following lines:

  • A veterinarian is a doctor who processes animals.
  • It is the veterinarian who was not only responsible for examining the pet and maintaining their health, but he must have the ability to perform a lot of manipulations and also surgeries and many very difficult things.
  • It's very easy to be a veterinarian, but it's essential that we enroll in a university that specializes after you graduate from the institute.
  • The graduate must train well internally and take on an assistant position, so that he begins his duties immediately after this.

Qualities that a veterinarian should possess

In order to fit this profession, the veterinarian must have some qualities, which are the following:

  • Love animals.
  • The possibility of finding that communicates with people, because most of the time you have to explain to who owns an animal what happened to their pet and what the reason is.
  • Good memory and great interest.
  • The possibility to do more than one thing at the same time.
  • Sense of responsibility.

Tests to take as a veterinarian in Russia

Lists of subjects may vary to be accepted within educational institutions across the country.

However, students of Russian schools are usually tested in the following subjects:

  • Russian language.
  • Biology.
  • And at times chemistry.

Many times you can even reach the budget place, because not all schoolchildren are ready to accept this profession, as it is very rare.

Private universities of veterinary medicine within Russia

There are a lot of major and well-known universities in that specialty in Russia, where you can get a veterinarian education.

But an individual can know 5 of them better (it is necessary to note that not all of them are inside Moscow):

  • Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology. K. I. Skryabin.
  • Russian State Agricultural University is named after K. A. Timiryazev.
  • The St. Petersburg Academy which is governmental and is for veterinary medicine.
  • Novosibirsk State University that is agricultural.
  • Kalmick State University was named after B. B.

Each university gives students some opportunities to get a vet career with the ability to choose the most well-known major.

After the end of the training, the students are good at quick work, since they take training and their skills are of high quality.

Number of years of study specializing in veterinary medicine in Russia

They are:

  • Veterinary medicine means a huge number of skills and knowledge, which is why the study at that university is usually 4: 5 years depending on the form of training.
  • It is advisable to register in the full-time section.
  • The study is very difficult, as there are many topics, but relative to someone who is addicted, this did not cause any special difficulties.

Where the veterinarian can work

You can recognize it as follows:

  • After you have learned to be a veterinarian, only one thing after completing the training is essential that you get it and it is a good and affordable job.
  • After graduating from within the university, the student must undertake an internship within a veterinary clinic such as an assistant for a period of approximately two years in order to acquire the necessary skills and experience and to stabilize the knowledge he has acquired at the institute.
  • After this, the graduate can go to work in a veterinary clinic, be a private veterinarian, or get a job inside a veterinary pharmacy.
  • Also for these individuals the doors of training and also grooming and technology all animals are open.
  • Also graduates who have a diploma can get a job within an enterprise for the production of animal feed or vitamin complexes.
  • In addition, work in what is known as agricultural production such as a veterinarian will be constantly available.

Disadvantages of working as a veterinarian

  • The work is stressful.
  • Permanent monitoring, there must be constant attention.
  • Death in animals is possible, negative reactions are possible from owners of animals that are pets.
  • Working times are unexpected.
  • A schedule that is irregular.

Benefits from your veterinary career

They are:

  • A necessary, useful and also crucial specialization.
  • The possibility of saving animals daily.
  • Good wages in private clinics.
  • Functional minds of qualified veterinary professionals
  • It really makes a very fun job for individuals who love all animals.
  • It makes you have enough ability to take responsibility.

This article is part of the series of study of medicine in Russia.

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