Ophthalmology study in Russia

Studying ophthalmology in Wusia, we are no longer surprised when the name of Russia appears in the first successful during any field in which all countries of the world compete, as Russia is constantly the successful and developed country, as Russia in recent times has advanced in the university study of medical branches, especially in ophthalmology, and it has also taken the first place in the study of medicine.

Ophthalmology study in Russia
Ophthalmology study in Russia

Ophthalmology study in Russia

It is probable, dear reader, that when you see the following reasons for studying ophthalmology in Russia, you will want to go through this experiment, which is the study of ophthalmology in Russia, which is evident in the following:

  • The procedures for admission to the University of Russia Ophthalmology Branch are simple and easy to apply.
  • There is no special test for admission to the branch of ophthalmology in Russia which is a prerequisite for admission within other countries.
  • The educational process of ophthalmology in Russia is characterized by its high quality in all respects, whether medical equipment, medical devices or the presence of specialized teaching staff.
  • The cost of living is low in addition to that the premium of ophthalmology in Russia is low relative to other countries.

Duration of ophthalmology study in Russia

To master a particular specialty, ophthalmology or nephrology, you will need to finish an internship and residency as well. Depending on the specialization, it may last from 2 to 4 years. For example, to become a surgeon, it will take from 8 to 9 years.

The most important center where an ophthalmology student trains in Russia

The Fedrov Center is the best eye treatment center within Russia, as it is an important place in the fight against eye diseases in Russia It specializes in surgery that is accurate for the eyes, and in the following we will get acquainted with the Fedorov Eye Treatment Center in detail:

  • The Fedorov Eye Treatment Center in Russia is subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • Thanks to the fact that the staff inside the Fedorov Center are highly professional and also have distinctive applied technologies, the center is widely known both inside Russia and abroad.
  • The main goal of the Fedorov Center for the Treatment of Ophthalmology within Russia is the rapid development of advanced methods, their introduction into medical practice, the diagnosis and also the treatment of diseases specific to the eyes within Russia, and the development of technologies that are necessary for this purpose.
  • The Fedorov Ophthalmology Center combined both modern clinics and a scientific institution, as well as training centers and also experimental production.
  • Only the joint advancement of those components and the active marketing have made it possible in the shortest time to advance the degree of ophthalmology within Russia to a position that could not have been reached and achieved.
  • In that centre, you can benefit from outstanding developments that have not yet been used approximately, or have not been used at all in other countries.
  • For this reason, for example, in Russia, treatment for optic nerve atrophy through direct feeding of the optic nerve.
  • Also treating lazy eyes inside the Fedorov Center is the use of glasses that are special electronic, and do light exercises that improve vision in a week for children from 3 to 10 years old.

Costs of eye treatment within Russia

The costs of treatment within Russia have not been precious to the rest of the second treatment destinations within Europe and Asia, and also in some countries located in the Arab world.

First of all, before talking about anything, the techniques used are advanced and the subject of a structured approach is specific to each patient.

The Fedorov Eye Center admits patients who have visual ailments, there are special eye operations that are unique that allow the patient to regain their vision, and at times even in desperate cases.

Examples of such operations include plastic ophthalmology and the use of lasers to correct vision through the LASIK method.

Also do the removal of the opacity of the lens of the eye by laser and immediately after implanting a lens that is artificial from the finest generation of multifocal lenses.

The key to the success of eye treatment within Russia for patients

Diagnostic examination that is before surgery in an in-depth and excellent way.

The surgeon is at a high level in his field.

Eye therapy in Russia is characterized by the application of precision techniques of advanced surgery without suturing or blood to the best international standards.

Use the latest surgical equipment, the latest diagnostic equipment and the best consumables.

Outstanding and high therapeutic quality.

Make available a full range of services.

The price policy within Russia is balanced, as it is low at Western levels and at the same time the levels of technology and equipment are high.

Why is special treatment for the eyes chosen within Russia?

For the following:

  • The Fedorov Ophthalmology Center is a highly specialized medical institution that uses the latest equipment that operates in accordance with international standards for the diagnosis of concomitant diseases of the eyes.
  • The Fedorov Eye Treatment Center in Russia provides high-quality medical care, in accordance with individual preventive and therapeutic programs designed to care for vision.
  • Fedorov is the name of the world-renowned Russian scientist Svyatoslav, he founded the Fedorov complex for eye surgery that is accurate.
  • Fedrov, who developed the name of medicine within Russia all over the world, was born on August 8, 1927 in the city of Proskorov, Ukraine.
  • Feydrov's father, the commander of the division known as the Red Army, was found in 1938 and sentenced to 17 years in prison inside the camps.
  • After Fidorov graduated from school, he entered the Prevan Artillery, a preparatory school, in 1943, and was transferred to the 11th Air Force School.
  • He did not know that it would be a great revolution in the field of ophthalmology within Russia, yet he was unable to complete his studies, because he lost his foot in 1945 in an accident.

Scientific achievements of Fedorov

They are:

  • In 1960, Fedorov performed the first implant of the lens in the eye, this lens was Bienhorst, a model known as the iris clip, which he made himself inside the house.
  • In 1960 he performed 4 operations, which are implants for these lenses.
  • The following decades proved the well-known nature of his chosen scientific direction.
  • Only inside Russia, as well as his students, did he perform about 1.5 million such operations, which played a major role in the advancement of eye therapy within Russia.
  • In 1961-1967, the first number of artificial lenses was made and implanted, which are still inside patients' eyes.
  • All techniques for transplanting the cornea that make up the back have been mastered according to what is known as a curtain during his experiment on rabbits, performing the removal of the fluid that is vitreous and the ability to inject silicone into the vitreous cavity.
  • The main important task was the development of microsurgical technology.
  • Fedorov introduced a surgical microscope and also surgical instruments that are accurate within daily practice.
  • Led by Fedorov has been created, the original formula for calculating IOL, and introduced methods that are useful until the correct length of the eye is measured.
  • It is also through Fedrov that he has laid the foundations for new dental implants.
  • Feidrov began to develop research that would be serious morphology, and this makes it possible to prove modern surgical methods for treating the eyes from the darkness of the lens of the eye.

Materials that are biological and modern polymeric materials have been sought, which have since become the basis for the development of scientific production within and its own Russia.

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