Study General Medicine in Russia

Studying General Medicine in Russia, Russia has become the focus of attention of the world's students to study in it, especially the study of medicine, and many students are looking for opportunities to achieve their academic dreams, and studying in Russia is a golden opportunity for them, and what encourages them most to study in Russia is the lack of procedures for admission to universities, so your admission rate to a medical university in Russia is confirmed, and the Russian government is keen to provide permanent support to international students to study in it, and there are more than 50 medical universities of the best universities in the world, All of them work under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Study General Medicine in Russia
Study General Medicine in Russia

In addition to the low costs of medical study, and the cost of living in it, all these things encourage many international students to study medicine in Russia.

In our article today, we present a comprehensive guide for every student who dreams of achieving his dream and studying medicine at a repremetable, and internationally known university.

About the study of General Medicine in Russia

General Medicine: It is one of the most important specialties of human medicine, the general practitioner specializes in the detection of chronic and acute diseases prophylactically and the term general medicine appeared for the first time in Ireland.

A general practitioner is called a general practitioner, or family doctor, because it diagnoses all the diseases that affect individuals, and may need to refer the patient to another, more specialized doctor.

In Russia, the specialization of the practitioner appeared in 1992, and medical universities began training in the specialization of the general practitioner, and he has the right to practice his work in government medical institutions, or the private sector.

The general practitioner does not specialize in the treatment of a particular medical field, but provides health service to each of the organs of the body, and all ages of both sexes, so the general practitioner must have special skills to treat people suffering from chronic diseases, and many health problems The general practitioner is interested in providing medical care to the owners of chronic diseases, they stay in touch with him, and in case the disease progresses to an advanced or serious case, the general practitioner refers him to the specialist doctor is the doctor who has competence in a medical field Certain such as cardiology, oncology.    

Application Requirements for General Medicine Study in Russia

Before applying to study medicine in Russia, you have to convert your official papers to Russian, and if you do not know them you should take a course to learn them so that you can learn, and deal with the people around you.

In Russia there are no complicated conditions for applying to the study of medicine, but your admission lies only through the application file, and no degrees are determined for admission to the study of medicine in Russia.

Among the most important requirements for applying to study general medicine are the following:

  • Obtain a high school diploma.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Application form for study.
  • To have a 50% success rate in science, physics, and chemistry.
  • A medical certificate showing the student's health status approved by a government hospital.
  • A valid passport for the student.

Attributes required in the general practitioner

Before you think about your specialization to study general medicine you need to know, the traits, and the tasks that must be available in a successful practicing physician, the specialty of general medicine may seem difficult for many students because it is a comprehensive specialization, expands on the study of different diseases, and the qualities of the general practitioner vary from doctor to doctor, the most prominent qualities:

  • The doctor must be responsible.
  • Accurate in his work, accused of details.
  • Skilled in the fields of scientific research.
  • To have a blurred face, to improve the psychological state of the patient.
  • Be neutral and not affected by the patient's pathological and psychological condition.
  • The doctor must be physically and psychologically healthy, and withstand the pressure of working long hours.
  • Distinguished in academic study.

Basic tasks of the doctor

They are as follows:

  • The practicing physician must adhere to medical ethics.
  • The doctor must be qualified to diagnose and treat all chronic diseases that people suffer from.
  • Be aware of first aid for the injured.
  • Have scientific honesty and refer the patient to another specialist doctor if necessary.
  • Examining patients, conducting the necessary medical examinations, and providing appropriate treatment for the condition.
  • The general practitioner has the task of advising and guiding patients and their families to take care of the state of health and follow up treatment.
  • Be familiar with the preparation of medical reports and statistics.
  • To be aware of all developments and modern technologies in his field of specialization.
  • The GP may resort to home visits to critically ill patients and the elderly to follow up on their health.
  • Contribute to raising health awareness, and inform people about the procedures followed to achieve health prevention of diseases.
  • Sometimes the GP attends the surgical operations performed by their patients, and keeps abreast of their health status.
  • The general practitioner relies on highly qualified medical staff and constantly advises them.

Education requirements for a general practitioner in Russia

In order to become successful in his work, a doctor must study all educational materials related to the study of medicine, and must be familiar with all sciences of chemistry, physics, biology, Russia is interested in the quality of medical education and offers the best comprehensive scientific content for medical students and one of the most important subjects taught by the general practitioner in Russia:

  • Medical ethics.
  • Pathology.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Physiology.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Vivisection.
  • Microbiology.
  • General Law of Medicine.

General Medicine Study Fees in Russia

The costs of studying medicine in Russia are low compared to the costs of studying in any other country, in addition to the low study of medicine in Russian than in English, Russia offers its students approximately 70 universities to study medicine and specialize in it, and the costs of each university differ from the other.

We offer students the most important medical universities, and their costs:

The UniversityCosts
Kazan Federal University330 thousand rubles per year
Amusov University130,000 rubles per year
Belgorod National Research University264 thousand rubles per year
Far East Federal University230,000 rubles per year

The time period of medical study in Russia

Medical study in Russia generally takes 6 years, except for the Faculty of Dentistry, and pharmacy takes 5 years.

After completing the study at the Faculty of Medicine, the doctor takes 2 to 4 years of training in the specialty of general medicine, in order to obtain accreditation to practice a medical profession in Russia and other countries of the world.

Areas of work of the general practitioner in Russia

After completing the study of the specialization of general medicine in Russia, and the end of the period of training crisis can work in many areas including:

  • Government hospitals.
  • Private sector hospitals.
  • Medical research centers.
  • Medical dispensaries.
  • Private clinics.

Is the specialty of general medicine required in Russia

Most medical specialties are in demand at the level of the world, especially the general medicine doctor has a great role in the treatment of diseases, and the income of the practicing doctor in Russia ranges from 15 thousand rubles, which made the specialty required at the level of European countries, so the specialty of the practicing doctor is required and not stagnant at the global level.

The GP can work in Russia, or return to work in his country.

Advantages of studying medicine in Russia

Education in Russia has become a dream of young people around the world because of Russia's support for expatriates from abroad.

Why do students choose to study medicine in Russia?

This is what we answer in the following points:

  • Simplified application procedures, followed by most Russian universities, do not establish any tests for the admission of international students.
  • Tuition costs, and living expenses are significantly lower compared to studying in American and other countries.
  • Russian universities to study medicine are internationally accredited by the World Health Organization, and give you a medical degree that can practice anywhere.
  • Russia equips university hospitals to train medical students at the highest level of modern medical devices, keen to graduate a general practitioner with high efficiency.
  • After your studies and specialization in general medicine, you can work in Russia, or in any other country.
  • Russian universities provide students with general medicine with the best modern scientific means and techniques to see the detection of chronic diseases.

After we have given you in our article everything you want to know about studying medicine in Russia, you have to set your goal, and know your possibilities can you be alienated from your parents to study in Russia, if you have alternatives to study in your country, with the same quality education in Russia, then you should choose the best place suitable for you.

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