Study dentistry in Russia

Dentistry in Russia, the medical profession is one of the difficult professions as each department needs to be studied carefully and among the important specialties of medicine is the study of dentistry, in addition to the fact that the depth of the study of dentistry is not easy as it needs many researches and studies and Russia is one of the leading countries in the field of studying all specialties of medicine, the most famous of which is dentistry, so follow this article with us.

Study dentistry in Russia
Study dentistry in Russia

Conditions for studying dentistry in Russia

Dentistry, like other specialties that meet the same conditions for application, the most important of which are:

  • The student should apply to the embassy and submit a high school graduation certificate with a statement of all practical grades, the most important of which are physics, biology and chemistry.
  • In addition, the applicant must be fully proficient in Russian and English with the need to pass the exam offered by the embassy to students, which is a special language exam.
  • Two clear photos of the applicant student.
  • The student's passport must be valid for two years from the date of issue.

Study dentistry in Russia in English

The official language of Russia is Russian but English is relied on as the main language of study and especially the study

Scientific terminology in all scientific subjects.

In addition, the costs of studying in English differ from the fees of studying in Russian at each university from the other, for example studying at Petersburg University in English is about $ 6,000 per year.

Studying dentistry in English at Friendship University is approximately $9,000 a year.

Costs of studying dentistry in Russia

Costs of studying dentistry in Russia
Costs of studying dentistry in Russia

Year-round expenses are about five thousand dollars.

There are a large number of leading universities in the field of dentistry in Russia and each university differs in the expenses of its university from other universities for example:

First, Petersburg University:

This university has a special department for the study of a number of medical specialties, including dentistry, where the expenses of the university throughout the year are about five thousand dollars.

In addition, the cost of accommodation in the university's housing is about $ 600 per year.

There are also other expenses related to studying at the university, including the expenses of student insurance, which is worth about $ 500 per year, and this insurance is very important for the student as it provides him with many advantages if the student is exposed to any of the undesirable things within the university.

Friendship University of Russia

This university has a large department specialized in the study of dentistry in addition to dental laboratories equipped with the latest medical devices to help students train in dental implants, orthodontics and others.

The annual expenses paid by students in this department are about eight thousand dollars.

As for the expenses for the accommodation of students in the university dormitory, the value of these expenses is approximately $ 400 per year.

As for the insurance of the university student in this dental department, it is about $ 400 per year.

Federal University for the Study of Dentistry

The university has a number of qualified university teachers to provide all the information in the easiest way as the student needs.

The annual expenses for studying dentistry at the Federal University are approximately $4,000 year-round plus the cost of accommodation in the university's dormitory and are worth about $700 per year.

As for the value of the student's insurance, the student pays about $ 350 per year.

Nizhny Novgorod University

The university is one of the oldest universities in Russia from which a large number of the largest scientists in the field of medicine, especially in dentistry, graduated.

The annual expenses paid by the university student for dental study are about $4,000 to be paid annually.

In addition, the cost of a student's accommodation at the university is about $500 per year.

The insurance fees paid by the student at that university are about $ 350 per year.

IM University

It is one of the best universities to study the entire specialties of medicine, whether pharmacy, human medicine, psychiatry or dentistry.

The university is more interested in practical training for students than in theoretical study.

The cost of studying dentistry at that university is a bit high and the cost of studying exceeds the $8,000 per year.

In addition, the cost of accommodation in the university's dormitory is about $ 450 per year.

As for the university's university insurance, it is worth approximately $ 300 throughout the year.

Duration of dental study in Russia

The usual period in Russia to study this specialization is about five years.

Russia is very interested in all practical disciplines so it conducts what is known as the preparatory year to prepare the student to study the specialization he wants.

Master of Dentistry study in Russia

It must be said that there are a lot of advantages of preparing a special master of dentistry in Russia and they are:

Russia is one of the first leading countries in the field of medical study in Russia in general and qualifies the student to obtain all the information of the department in which he is studying.

In addition to practical training for students and their training in all hospitals affiliated with the university.

In order to apply for a master's degree at the University of Russia, several preliminary conditions must be applied to obtain approval from the Russian Embassy, namely:

The student's graduation and success at the university, especially in all vital and physical subjects.

In addition to the student's ability to speak English and Russian, which are two of the official languages of study in Russia.

The applicant applies at the embassy making sure that all the papers submitted are correct and meet all the requirements.

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