Study Cosmetic Medicine in Russia

Plastic Medicine Surgery In Russia, Russia is the destination of many students inside and outside it to study its medical specialties, because it possesses the best modern educational technologies in various medical specialties.

Russia has the best educational materials to study medicine in all specialties such as dentistry, pediatrics, and plastic surgery, and Russia is one of the best countries that have the quality of education, in addition to the low study costs compared to the countries of the world.

We offer every student today an important specialization to study medicine, which is plastic surgery medicine that has become today one of the required specialties, and has great importance to many people, let's tell you everything you want to know about studying plastic medicine in Russia.

Study Cosmetic Medicine in Russia
Study Cosmetic Medicine in Russia

About the study of Cosmetic Medicine in Russia

Plastic Surgery Medicine: It is a specialty of medicine, and falls under the departments of general surgery, if you are a doctor who wants to specialize in plastic surgery you have to study surgical medicine, and specialize in the department of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery takes place to improve, and change the general shape of a person if he has some deformities, or birth defects, but you need to learn the cosmetic surgeries that are performed for the average person, and does not have any health problems is undesirable, because plastic surgery like any surgery has many risks to human health.

Plastic surgery is now popular among many people, and the most famous plastic surgeries that have become known among people are blepharoplasty surgery, liposuction surgery, and abdominoplasty and tightening surgery.

Study plastic surgery in Russia

As a student who wants to specialize in plastic surgery you have to know the difference between plastic surgery and plastic surgery, because they are talked about as one and there is no difference between them, but the truth is that each of them has a different meaning from the other.

Cosmetic surgery

Surgeries performed on patients with the aim of improving the shape and general appearance of the patient, repairing abnormal parts of the patient, caused by birth defects, infections, trauma, and developmental abnormalities.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a type of plastic surgery, which is surgery performed for a healthy person who does not suffer from any diseases with the aim of achieving a more beautiful and attractive appearance, such as breast augmentation operations, liposuction, and you need to know that plastic surgery can carry the risks associated with postoperative such as thrombosis exposure.  

Conditions that must be met by the cosmetologist

If she was a student at the Faculty of Medicine in Russia, and she wants to specialize in plastic surgery, because it is a process that is performed with caution and accuracy that may result in deformities instead of cosmetology, you need to know the qualities that must be available in a cosmetic doctor, including:

  • Be familiar with the foundations of wounding in general, and plastic surgery in particular.
  • Have a professional manners, and be honest with the patient if there is no reason to perform the operation, and may have side effects.
  • You have scientific honesty, and advise your patient to turn to another doctor who masters another operation that is best suited for his condition.
  • The cosmetologist should work in a center equipped with all the devices, modern technologies, and nursing staff of the highest level.
  • The cosmetologist should be fluent in local anesthesia, cosmetic operations in one day.    
  • It is characterized by precision, following modern methods in cosmetic procedures.
  • The cosmetologist must have physical health, and a psychological qualification to do his part.
  • Have honesty and explain all the details of the operation to the patient, and be honest with him if complications may occur.
  • The cosmetologist must follow the research, modern operations in the field of cosmetology, which makes him familiar with the best modern technologies, and uses them.

Conditions for admission to plastic surgery in Russia

In order to join the Faculty of Medicine of Russia and specialize in plastic surgery you have to pass the application requirements, which are:

  • Obtain a high school diploma.
  • You have high grades in some scientific subjects such as biology, chemistry.
  • The student must be fluent in Russian, so that he can study medicine in Russia.
  • If the student is a delegation that does not master the Russian language, he must take a preparatory year for medicine, to master the Russian language.
  • The preparatory year varies from one university to another, where the student may study the beginnings of medicine, or study medical specialties, in addition to the possibility of taking the preparatory year at a Russian university, and applying to study medicine at a different Russian university.

Costs of studying plastic surgery in Russia

Medical study in Russia has a high quality at the world level, in addition to the low cost of studying medicine compared to countries of the world.

We offer you Russian universities to study medicine Department of Plastic Surgery, noting the difference in costs of studying in Russian, or English:

  • Middle East Federal University: The cost of study is about 230,000 rubles per year.

The study of medicine in English is 295 thousand rubles per year.

  • Kazan Federal University: The costs are about 330,000 rubles per year.

The study in English is about 430 thousand rubles per year.

  • Novo Siberik State University: $4,500 per year is American.

The study in English is about 6500 USD per year.

Duration of study of plastic surgery in Russia

The study of medicine in Russia has a special and distinctive character, because it possesses the best international universities, the latest medical devices.

  • The study of medicine specializing in plastic surgery in Russia lasts from 6 years.
  • It enables you to enroll in the Clinical Specialties Program, after completing the study of medicine, and the study lasts for two years.
  • Then you choose a medical specialty, and the study lasts for 2 to 4 years, after which a medical residency is made.

Specialties that fall from Plastic Surgery

There are many specialties that fall under plastic surgery, which you need to know before studying them in Russia:

  • Burn surgery, restoration.
  • Hand and upper limb surgery.
  • Surgery of the face, jaws, and skull.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Plastic surgeries, breast reconstruction.

The most important jobs held by a plastic surgeon

As a plastic surgeon after graduating from the Russian Medical School, you can work in many areas, including:

  • Work in a government hospital.
  • Work in a private sector hospital.
  • And you can work in your own beauty center.
  • A plastic surgeon can work in specialized research in his field.

Demand rate, stagnation on the study of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most famous medical specialties known now, and the greater the demand for plastic surgery, the greater the demand for the study of plastic surgery in Russia and other countries of the world, and the lower the percentage of stagnation of demand for the study of plastic surgery.

Cosmetic procedures have become an aesthetic appearance for women to get the right shape for them, in addition to treating many patients, and getting rid of deformities.

But the plastic surgeon must observe the accuracy and mastery of these operations to avoid the risk of deformities.

The most famous cosmetic doctors in Russia

In Russia there are the most famous doctors in plastic surgery in the world, and the best medical centers equipped with all devices, modern technologies, and the most famous doctors:

  • International Physician Dr. Krikheli
  • The famous Russian doctor Alexander.

The most important techniques used in plastic surgery in Russia

With the tremendous global development in the medical field, the latest modern technologies for the treatment of plastic surgery appeared in Russia, which was keen to train students in plastic surgery, and the most important modern technologies are:

  • Laser body sculpting operations.
  • 3D facelift surgery.
  • Laser cosmetic treatment such as body hair removal, stain removal, and skin aura.
  • Plastic surgery Congenital malformations.
  • Ultrasound rhinoplasty surgeries.  

Advantages of studying Plastic Surgery in Russia

The Russian Medical University provides many advantages to its students during the study, and after graduation, including:

  • It allows its students specializing in plastic medicine surgery to train in the latest modern devices to perform surgeries.
  • The interest of Russian universities in the quality of education, the observance of international standards and study programs.
  • Through your studies in Russia you get internationally accredited certificates all over the world.
  • The costs of studying plastic surgery in Russia are lower than the rest of the world.
  • After graduating from plastic surgery in Russia, you get a prestigious position, and you get a high salary compared to others.

We confirm that plastic surgery is one of the most famous medical operations now, and in light of the economic recession of some countries plastic surgery has become a business, because it is the most sought-after.

To become a plastic surgeon you have to attend Russian universities, to study there.

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