Study Anesthesiology in Russia

Anesthesiology in Russia, do not be surprised when you find Russia in the list of the best quality countries in education, because it always seeks to update its educational materials, and Russia has obtained the first places in medical education, and the study of all medical specialties in it, and one of the most important and dangerous departments of the Faculty of Medicine is the Department of Anesthesiology, which is what we offer today to every student who wants to study anesthesiology in Russia.

Study Anesthesiology in Russia
Study Anesthesiology in Russia

How many years do you study anesthesiology in Russia?

In order to become an anesthesiologist, one has to graduate from high school (10 years), a medical university (6 years), a residence (1 year) and pass a specialization of 3 to 4 months anesthesia at the Graduate Medical Academy.

About Anesthesiology

Some believe that anesthesia is limited to anesthesia of patients for surgeries only, so it is not as important as other medical specialties, but what you do not know about

Anesthesiology is one of the most important medical specialties and most medical and surgical operations depend on it.

Anesthesiology: A science and specialty responsible for anesthesia of patients before surgeries, and does not stop at that is also responsible for providing medical care, and follow-up of the condition of patients after medical operations.  

There is a mistake in the thinking of some that the role of the anesthesiologist is limited to anesthesia of patients for surgery only, but the anesthesiologist has other tasks, including:

  • Assess the patient's condition before starting anesthesia.
  • Prepare patients before starting surgery.
  • Develop an anesthesia plan tailored to each individual patient according to their medical condition.
  • Maintains the stability of the patient's condition during the procedure.

Departments of Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is one of the specialties of the Faculty of Medicine, falls under the Department of Medical and Applied Sciences and is called Clinical Technology, and it includes the Department of Respiratory Care.  

There are many anesthesia departments, and the specialist anesthesiologist determines the type of anesthesia used according to medical surgery, the patient's condition and the anesthesiology departments include:

  • Local anesthesia.
  • Hemisphere anesthesia
  • Complete anesthesia.

Qualities that must be available in the anesthesiologist

To become a successful anesthesiologist you should not underestimate the specialty of anesthesia, there are some meals you have to do as an anesthesiologist you need to know the patient's medical history, and study it well before starting anesthesia for surgery.

We show you the most important qualities and skills of a successful anesthesiologist, including:

  • The anesthesiologist likes to be calm and have the right vision.
  • Have the ability to concentrate highly.
  • To describe the ability to control oneself, and emotional stability during the procedure, there may be a death, or some emergency changes.
  • Have the ability to communicate well with the patient and his or her family.
  • To withstand the pressure of work.
  • To adhere to medical ethics and perform its workers honestly.  
  • Be familiar with writing medical reports and preparing medical records.
  • Be familiar with the basics of general safety of patients.
  • Be familiar with the latest devices and scientific methods in his field.
  • Possess many skills such as supervision, monitoring, and evaluation.

Admission criteria for studying anesthesiology in Russia

Before applying to study Anesthesiology in Russia, you should know the admission requirements, including:

  • Pass the high school certificate with distinction.
  • Obtain high grades in some subjects associated with the study of medicine such as physics, chemistry, biology.
  • Conduct the preparatory year for medicine, if you are a student and a delegation from abroad to learn Russian.

What are the costs of studying anesthesia medicine in Russia

It is known that the study of medicine in Russia is characterized by low costs than the rest of the world, in addition to its quality in medical education, and there are many international universities in Russia that offer their students to study the specialty of anesthesia, and the costs of study vary from one university to another and most often the costs range from 150 thousand rubles and may reach 550 thousand rubles per year.

Subjects of study for the specialty of anesthesia medicine in Russia

The subjects of study for the specialty of anesthesia medicine are one at the world level, because they are medical basics that all medical students must know, or for the specialty of anesthesia medicine, students must know the skills of caring for patients, and study the basics of specialty subjects, including:

  • Physiology.
  • Introduction to anesthesia techniques.
  • Principles of anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia applications.
  • Anatomy.
  • Laws and ethics of the medical professions.
  • Organic chemistry.
  • Cytology.
  • Microbiology.

Number of years of study of the specialty of anesthesia in Russia

  • The medical student studies 6 years to study medical subjects.
  • The doctor then spends 5 years training in anesthesiology.
  • After obtaining the necessary training, the anesthesiologist can carry out his work tasks.

Anesthesiology Specialties

After completing the medical student, his studies spend many years studying the specialties of the field of anesthesia, gaining academic and practical experience and the most important specialties in which the student of anesthesia can specialize:

  • Anesthesia in intensive care units.
  • Anesthesia of children.
  • Anesthesia during childbirth.
  • Anesthesia in cardiothoracic operations.
  • Anesthesia in neurosurgery.

Areas of work of the specialist in anesthesia

The anesthesiologist has an important role in surgical procedures, and is irreplaceable, performing some tasks including:

  • Determine the duration, and the amount necessary for anesthesia before the procedure.
  • Determines the procedures for rapid intervention in the event of an unexpected reaction.
  • Study patients' condition, their pathological records, study the patient's complaints, and their responsiveness to treatment.
  • He has to follow the quality and general safety standards in the areas of anesthesia and resuscitation.

After all the tasks required of the anesthesiologist, and his important role in saving the lives of patients can work in many areas.

Entities where the anesthesiologist can work:

  • The anesthesiologist works in intensive care units.
  • ·           Work in care units after anesthesia.
  • ·          Work in public and private sector hospitals.
  • ·          Work in special surgical centers.
  • An anesthesiologist works, and resuscitation.

Demand rate, stagnation of the specialty of anesthesiology in Russia

You should know the more specialization is required in the labor market, the greater the demand for it, and thus the increase in the percentage of demand for it, due to the availability of many job vacancies.

If the specialization is saturated for its graduates and they do not find job opportunities, the specialization is stagnant.

As for the specialty of anesthesiology in Russia, it is one of the professions that is in great demand because the role of the anesthesiologist is no less important than the role of the surgeon, and the surgery may even stop if an anesthesiologist is not available, so the specialty of anesthesia is in great demand.

Medical specialties are interconnected, and one of them is irreplaceable.

Studies show that the demand rates for the specialty of anesthesiology in European countries are high and the increase in demand rates reaches from 10% to 20%

Pros, Cons of Specialty Anesthesiology in Russia

When you study Anesthesiology in Russia you get many advantages including:

  • You can get your studies for the specialty of anesthesiology in Russian, or English.
  • You get a high quality of education compared to other countries.
  • You get training at the highest level in the most important hospitals and medical centers.
  • You learn the specialty of anesthesia medicine by the best, and most skilled specialists in anesthesia.
  • You obtain an internationally accredited certificate in anesthesiology.
  • You can join the Medical Syndicate.
  • You get a prestigious position, and high wages worldwide.
  • You can get to study medicine for free in Russia through the scholarships you offer to Russia for outstanding students in various countries of the world.


  • Anesthesiology is one of the most difficult medical specialties, and it needs precision and high concentration.
  • The possibility of problems during surgery, or medical errors up to me that cause the death of a patient.
  • Work in anesthesiology is strenuous, tiring, and may be delayed for many hours in surgery.
  • Many people are ignorant of the role of an anesthesiologist, and look at it with disappreciation.   

Having shown you everything you are interested in knowing about studying medicine in Russia, you have to set your goal, and know your possibilities are suitable for this exact specialty?

You have to answer all the questions asked, and enjoy studying anesthesiology in Russia.

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