Study Medicine in Russia

Studying medicine in Russia, the dream of traveling to Russia has now become possible with ease and easy steps where you can go there and study what you like to study in all the different disciplines of the most famous of those specialties is the field of study of medicine that makes you qualified to become one of the largest scientists and great professors in this field so follow us this field to know what steps to follow to travel to Russia.

Study Medicine in Russia
Study Medicine in Russia

Information about studying medicine in Russia

Some may wonder why studying in Russia is the best?

The answer is: Russia is one of the foreign countries that took the lead in the step of university education and even surpassed itself in a number of medical fields, the most famous of which are human medicine and pharmacy.

In addition, education in Russia is ranked as one of the top 30 countries in university education globally.

A huge number of students from all over the Arab countries come to Russia to study all disciplines in medicine with up to three hundred students per year.

Comparing the overall costs of staying in Russia and receiving knowledge is considered a low cost compared to some other foreign countries.

Conditions for studying medicine in Russia

  • Obtain a high school diploma with a total that qualifies you to enroll in the faculties of medicine and pharmacy in Russia.
  • A number of grades for scientific subjects related to chemicals and physics are evaluated to see how superior the student is and his ability to achieve.
  • The student must be familiar with more than one language, including English, French and the novel because a number of scientific subjects can be studied in those languages.
  • The university gives the student a qualifying initial year to study the principles and foundations of medicine to enable him to enroll in the college of his choice afterwards specializing in a number of medical fields that the student separates his studies.

The cost of studying medicine in Russia

The number of universities that teach medicine in Russia for students is approximately 72 universities so to assess an accurate ratio of tuition costs is difficult because each university has specific costs that are very different from the other university in the same field but we will set an approximate ratio of the cost of study which starts from: $ 2200 to $ 7000 throughout the year.

Also, the difference in the language in which the student studies is a factor of the difference in the alimony of the university as studying in Russian is much lower than studying in French or foreign.

Each medical specialty is different from the other, for example:

If a student wants to study human medicine at a famous Russian university such as the Far Eastern Federal University, the cost ranges approximately 235,000 rubles per year, which is the Russian currency recognized in Russia.

If you want to study dentistry at Bilgroord National University, the cost of studying is equivalent to three hundred thousand rubles as a total cost per year.

Study Medicine in Russia in French

Study in Russia is available in a number of languages of the most famous of which are English and Russian but there are conditions if you want to study medicine in French:

First you must be very familiar with the language and have accredited certificates of language proficiency.

The student takes the exam at the embassy to find out what level he is proficient in, and if he passes the exam, it is easy to pass the rest of the steps of travel.

Study Medicine in Russia in English

As we talked about in the article that the most widespread language of study in the fields of medicine in Russia is Russian and English.

The cost of studying in English is twice as much as the cost of studying in Russian.

The student must be highly proficient in the language and an exam is done for the student to see how familiar he is with the language and then the rest of the papers are completed to join the university.

How many years of studying medicine in Russia

Number of years of study of medicine in Russia
Number of years of study of medicine in Russia

The number of years varies depending on the specialty, for example the number of years of studying human medicine in the universities of Russia is about six years with a special year of excellence.

As for the number of years of studying pharmacy in the universities of Russia, it does not exceed five years.

As for the number of years of dental study, the duration is also about five years.

In addition to a number of other disciplines such as nursing colleges whose duration of study is approximately four years.

Study Medicine in Russia for Egyptians

There are a large number of advantages that Russia gives to foreigners coming from African countries, especially Egypt, including that it gives them the opportunity to initially train in a number of groups and then choose the specialization they want.

Students can also study any of the diverse disciplines in the field of medicine such as pharmacy, dentistry or others and the number of years of study is from 4 to 6 years depending on the specialization chosen by the student.

There are a number of difficulties that Egyptians face while applying to some of the universities of El Kebb in Russia, namely:

The full amount of tuition allowance may be high cost to a number of students and pour into $4,000 per year.

In addition to the language where you must be highly proficient in Russian or English professionally.

There are a number of departments that an Egyptian student can apply for in the field of medicine in Russia which is the department of dentistry because it needs difficult criteria and choices by the university.

Study Medicine in Russia for Moroccans

A number of residents of the state of Morocco are looking for the opportunity to travel to Russia in order to obtain a university education degree or obtain a master's or doctorate.

This is easy for Constante Morocco as the cost of studying does not require huge amounts of money and costs about $ 4,500 per year.

Moroccan students can also pass language tests with ease and study in French because of the country's mastery of French according to the fact that it is the primary language of the Moroccan population.

Study Medicine in Russia for Saudis

Many Saudi students seek to enroll in Russian universities in the field of medicine, pharmacy or obstetrics and gynecology and due to Saudi Arabia's progress in all fields, traveling to Russia has become an easy way for Saudi Arabia, which is considered to cost simple for Saudi students and amounts to approximately $ 3,500 per year.

There are also a number of infinite advantages that give Saudi students namely the authentication of the certificate of medicine and the ability to practice medicine within Saudi Arabia or in any other country.

Study Medicine in Russia for Iraqis

In all other countries, Iraq is following in the footsteps of many countries on the directives provided by Russia on applying for admission to a number of colleges of medicine, pharmacy and nursing, where the cost of studying is approximately about $ 4,000 per year.

It requires a number of papers for application, namely a certificate of success in high school and a complete statement of all scientific degrees, the most important of which are biology and physics.

If the student intends to prepare for the doctorate, he must only submit the papers for graduation and success at the university with two personal photos of the applicant and a statement of payment of the fees for the visa.

The Best Medical Universities in Russia

Here's the following list:

First Prevulzsky University in Russia

It is one of the best universities specialized in the field of medicine as it contains a large number of students defying the barrier of 5000 students and a number of students around the world up to 2000 students a year.

The cost of studying at this university is of medium cost and the cost ratio ranges to about $4,500 per year for expatriate students.

The university has multiple advantages as it has a number of senior professors in the field of medicine who enable the student to study professionally and practice the medical profession practically and intensive training for students within a number of hospitals.

Friendship University

This university was founded in the nineties period and occupies the forefront of medical education in a distinctive way as it urges students to participate in many medical seminars and make the most of them.

In addition to accommodating a large number of students up to 6000 students per year.

The cost of studying for expatriates within the university ranges from about $9,000, which is high compared to other universities.

Tomsk University in Russia

Of the universities with the highest percentage of students and the percentage reaches approximately 22,000 students or more.

The university was founded in the eighties period and has become treating hundreds of patients in its own clinics in various specialties.

A large number of students from all over the world come to study medicine, pharmacy and other disciplines and the cost of studying ranges from about $ 4,500 per year.

Petersburg University

It is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Russia where it accommodates a large number of students annually exceeding the barrier of 30,000 students per year.

The cost of studying at the university for international students is approximately $5,000 per year.

She takes care of all medical specialties and helps students with practical training in various hospitals and clinics.

What is the preparatory year for the study of medicine in Russia

It is the year that the university gives to a number of students wishing to study medicine in Russia, where the student studies all scientific subjects professionally such as physical sciences, chemical sciences and biology in professional ways so that the student can study in Russia with sound scientific foundations.

The rest of the medical specialties within Russia

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