Study law in Russia

Many Arab students seek to apply to Russian universities to study law, as Russia offers a lot of programs related to the study of law, and today we will learn about the details of the study of international law in Russia, how to prepare a master's thesis, a doctorate in the field of law in the State of Russia, and the most important Russian universities that teach law.

Study law in Russia
Study law in Russia

Study International Law in Russia

Universities in Russia offer expatriate students the study of international law, and universities provide students with a distinct range of programs aimed at studying law in Russia.

The study of international law in the State of Russia includes issues of human rights, trade deals between states and each other, and interaction between diverse governments.

The universities of Russia grant a Bachelor of Law of the Sea, and this specialization aims to develop the student's own abilities, and the student also has the professional and cultural competence that enables him to start working professionally.

Universities also offer a bachelor's degree in legislation, jurisprudence and law enforcement, and study in this discipline aims to train students to gain professional experience.

The student becomes qualified to work in the field of freedoms, civil law, various human rights issues, and societal interests.

Each student searches for the field he deems appropriate for his abilities, inclinations, and tries to join it, and start academic study.

Doctoral study in law in Russia

The student can obtain the highest degree in Russia, which is a doctorate, as the system of law study in Russia allows to obtain a doctorate.

The period of study in Russia varies from one specialization to another, and the period of study for a doctorate extends from three to four years.

The costs of programs offered by Russian universities for doctoral study also vary, varying from field to field.

Some Russian universities that teach law have set the costs of doctoral study during one year at about $2,500.

In order for a student to be able to study a doctorate in Russia, he must prepare the following documents:

  • A copy of the student's passport, which must be valid for at least one and a half years.
  • A copy of the student's success document in the bachelor's degree, obtaining a master's degree, and the documents must be translated into English or Russian.
  • Determine the field that the student wishes to study.

Russian universities receive a large number of foreign students wishing to study law in Russia every year.

The foreign student can communicate with the universities and colleges of Russia directly via the Internet, and access the websites of Russian colleges.

The student is obliged to submit the scientific research of one of the branches of law in a specified period of time, and the student may not be late for this specified period.

A group of students can also obtain doctoral scholarships in Russia, through their universities in the countries from which they came.

Master of Laws study in Russia

Many international students are looking to study law in Russia and get a master's degree, as Russia is famous for its university that teaches law in detail.

The student tries to obtain a master's degree in one of the branches of law, so that he can develop his abilities, expand his circle of knowledge, to become more able to enter the professional field.

The student can obtain a master's degree in a maximum period of two years, through the daily attendance system of the university.

One of the most important documents that a student wishing to study a Master of Law in the State of Russia must provide is a bachelor's degree, which states that he has obtained a law degree from his country.

The student must pass the exam held by Russian universities, and this exam consists of a variety of disciplines.

A foreign student is able to obtain a master's degree in integration, economic finance, and international trade law from universities of Russia.

The student can obtain this program in English, and this program includes the student from working as a professional lawyer in the relations of economic countries.

The State of Russia also offers the study of a master's degree in global affairs and management, and the student studies this program within two years, and the student qualifies after obtaining this program to work in one of the famous international organizations.

Law Universities in Russia

The study of law in Russia is one of the most popular fields among Arab students, and a large segment of students seek to enroll in Russian universities that study law.

Some of the most prominent Russian universities that teach law include:

Russian Justice University

This academy is one of the best institutions where the student receives legal programs, and becomes more familiar with legal issues of all kinds.

The Academy is taught by the most skilled law professors in Russia, the best retired judges, and more than one prosecutor.

The university provides students with diverse and up-to-date learning resources, as well as an electronic library that provides a lot of information.

Law School of Lomonosov State University of Russia

This college occupies the first place, as it is the oldest college that offers the study of law in Russia, and the university guarantees you the best educational content.

The university allows law to be taught in three different languages to suit all students, where the student can take his lessons in English, Russian or French.

Moscow State University of Law

This university was established about eighty years ago, and the university is the largest in the state of Russia, and is characterized by being one of the most important universities of Russia.

The university is keen to hold a lot of conferences and seminars for students, and the university is staffed by a large number of distinguished lawyers in the State of Russia.

The university cooperates with some European universities, and students graduating from this university enjoy a professional reputation that qualifies them to start working quickly.

All-Russian University of Justice

One of the most important features of this university is that it allows the study of law for students of all ages, so it does not require a certain age to enroll.

The university has a large number of students up to forty thousand students, and the student can use the e-learning feature without going to the university.

The university has a center specialized in scientific research, and it is possible for the university administration to assist students in employment under the guidance of a number of professors.

University of Friendship among Russian Peoples

Friendship University is characterized by providing a range of legal programs in Russian and English, and students can enroll in a house dedicated to expatriates.

The university offers many disciplines such as judicial authorities, protection of international rights, and some other disciplines.

The cost of the program for learning law at the university can reach 310,000 rubles, so a large segment of students are interested in studying law in Russia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers some training programs in the field of criminal law, and some students specialize in European law.

Studying at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs costs 450,000 rubles, which is the largest cost of studying law in Russia.

In this way, we have presented you with the details of the study of law in Russia, the most important universities that offer law programs, and the requirements for studying in Russia.

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