Study languages and translation in Russia

The study of languages and translation in Russia has become one of the most important concerns of young people's thinking currently, since language is the basic unit of communication between peoples, and it is one of the main ways of communication, so it has become the most important thing to which young people's thinking turns, language is the mirror of peoples and knowledge of different cultures and civilizations, each country has a language, each country has a language and each society has a language that distinguishes it from others, and this led to multilingualism, so language became the focus of attention and curiosity for many young people, adults and children, and established places One of the most important countries that have been interested in the study of languages and translation is Russia, and has established universities and private institutes for the study of languages, which led to making it one of the most important countries for which young people compete to go to it, and is famous for its unique and distinguished universities, and Russia provides great opportunities for young people to enjoy studying languages in its universities.

Study languages and translation in Russia
Study languages and translation in Russia

Study languages and translation in Russia

We mentioned earlier that Russia is one of the largest countries interested in the study of language, and has allocated universities and institutes for its study, the most important of which are the following:

  • Moscow State Language University
  • M.F. for Monosov
  • Moscow State Humanitarian University named after M.A. Sholokhov.
  • Institute of Foreign Languages
  • UNIC Institute

These universities and institutes are interested in studying languages from the depths, and graduates of these institutes can work in research laboratories and laboratories, work in the field of translation in embassies and government services in addition to the existence of job opportunities in prestigious international companies.

The importance of studying languages and translation

Since we are in the era of globalization and social integration, linguists have become a great and important role in development, as language has been closely associated with the expansion of commercial, cultural, scientific and practical contacts in various countries, it has become a requirement of the modern market to know more than one language, and languages are taught in the form of courses, and when someone masters a particular language he discovers the extent to which the horizons of his mind expand with the learning of the new language, and also discovers the extent to which the minds of other peoples expand, and begins to search for and enjoy their cultures. It is a coincidence that the modern name of the main orientation of this type of education at the university is "Linguistics and Intercultural Communication" Only language is able to provide effective communication.

Specializations in the field of linguistics

One of the most important trends in education in Moscow universities is the trend of linguistics.

The period of study extends for 5 years besides full-time work, and these specialties include:

  • Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures
  • Translation
  • Theory and practice of intercultural communication

Study Interpretation in Russia

Translation is studied in universities and work on its development and development with training in linguistic translation, and there are many types of translation including:

  • Interpreting
  • Written, synchronized and consistent translation

In terms of translated texts they are divided into:

  • Technical Translation
  • Graphical Translation
  • Technical Translation

In terms of professional activities they are divided into:

  • Translation in the field of economics and law
  • Translation in the field of finance and loans
  • IT Translation
  • Translation in the field of military-industrial complex

In addition to many other areas.

For students, there are many places where they can master and work with translation, for example:

  • Work in translation at exhibitions
  • Working on translation at international conferences
  • Work on translation in cultural, social and other seminars

Intercultural Communication

Russian universities are capable of international communication, so those who are interested in studying this aspect in Russian universities are able to know the different cultures and civilizations of peoples, know the character of nation-states, their way of life, customs and traditions, and social behavior.

Linguistics and Applied Theories

Training in this specialization is carried out in Moscow universities "Linguistics and New Information Technology" and besides the study of languages a number of additional disciplines are available, including:

  • Math
  • Computer Science and Programming

The study of this specialization provides its graduates with work in the field of linguistics, computer, machine translation programs, electronic dictionaries, software.

Graduates of this specialization are also able to work as a translator or foreign language teacher.

Language and translation in terms of work

Currently, the demand for teachers is increasing in schools, colleges, universities and many language centers, where they can work in research work in scientific institutes, university laboratories, libraries, archives, museums, and professional translation in all fields and branches.

The profession of a foreign language teacher is in great demand in the labor market, even if working in educational institutions is at a small salary, but experienced people can increase their salaries by working in private lessons.

There is a great need for linguistic translators in all areas of society such as:

  • Public service in Russia
  • Working in embassies
  • Working at FSB
  • Working in the Russian Foreign Ministry
  • Work at the Diplomatic Academy
  • Work in domestic and foreign companies
  • Working in travel agencies
  • Work in domestic and foreign publishing places
  • Working in the media
  • Work in translation agencies
  • Work in the fields of scientific and technical information
  • Working in Public Relations

The computational linguist is able to work in several sectors, including:

  • Computer & Internet Companies
  • Working in journalism
  • Work in radio and television organizations
  • Working in information agencies
  • Work in teaching language disciplines, translations and editorial activities

One of the most important features of the field of linguistics is its connection to the natural sciences, as it was associated with the understanding of linguistic patterns and the disciplines of technical and natural sciences.

Currently, 25 public universities in Moscow are preparing, and budget places are provided in 15 educational institutions.

Institute of Foreign Languages "Maurice Torresa"

The Maurice Torreza Institute is a language center interested in preparing professional teachers in languages, the Center for Advanced Innovative Methods and Techniques for Foreign Languages, Scientific Collections of Language Studies and Linguistic Drawings.

The Maurice Torreza Institute has four faculties:

  • FAY College of English
  • Faculty of German Language
  • FFAngl French Language College
  • Teachers of absentee education

The Institute publishes linguists and always gains the country's trust in the various educational organizations of the country, many government structures, sectors of the national economy.

When the Institute of New Languages was established in 1930, it had three branches: German, French and English, and in 1964 the Bosco State Educational Institute of Foreign Languages became the first educational institute in Moscow, and the institute included five faculties:

  • English Colleges
  • French Colleges
  • German Colleges
  • Faculty of Translation
  • Faculty of Training

Job Opportunities for Language and Translation Graduates

Graduates of languages and translation have many sectors in employment opportunities and there are many areas for them, including:


The tourism sector is one of the most important and largest sectors economically, so mastering foreign languages is important for those who view this field as a future profession.

It should increase its development of languages over time, and one of the jobs available in this field is to work as a tour organizer, tour guide, tourism expert or consultant in providing advice on tourist places.

For teaching and translation

Graduates of language schools work as interpreters or regular translators and some work in commercial companies or for clients or suppliers who are not proficient in languages, and can work as a translator within the diplomatic corps and communications that require a lot of competence.


This sector is one of the most important sectors that require experts in languages, and the sector has many jobs including working in travel agencies, visitor and tourist information centers, working in airlines, working in the fields of transport, working in hotels and tourist resorts, working in cruise ships and airports.


In it, the language of a film or television series is converted to another language, and thus cultures are exchanged.


Where the work relates to public relations and human resources.


The field of media relies on people who are fluent in more than one language to convey daily news, deal with locals and are called reporters, as they collect information, translate it and then display it.


Travel is one of the most important areas interested in learning languages and in which work is done as a tour guide or speaker of a language clients in companies

Professional options in languages are many, multiple and are constantly increasing, especially with the development of the world and the dominance of globalization in society, which has increased the importance of learning foreign languages and translation.

The cost of studying and living in Russia

Russia is the seventh face of study for which students turn, and was ranked among the top 10 countries where quality in education is obtained and at the lowest possible costs, the costs of studying in Russia are relatively lower compared to most countries of the world, there are tuition costs for the preparatory year, and in this year the student learns the Russian language in order to facilitate the study, and the average prices of the preparatory school year between 1000-5000 dollars and it depends on the city and the target Russian university.

Bachelor's study in Russia takes between 3-5 years and depends on the choice of specialization, and the cost of studying a bachelor's degree ranges between 3400-3800 US dollars per year.

The costs of master's study are between 3700-4000 US dollars per year.

The costs of doctoral study are between 4000-4300 US dollars per year.

The cost of university housing in Russia is 71 US dollars per year.

The cost of off-campus housing is between 100-200 US dollars.

The cost of food and drink is 143 US dollars.

The cost of transportation is $6.

The cost of internet and mobile phone is 11 US dollars.

How to enroll in a university in Russia

1. Send a training request and you will be contacted on the same day

2- Send your passport and diploma and your application will be sent to more than one university

3. Wait until a university approves the application

4. Pay the service fee for assistance in applying to the university

5. Pass exams

6. Get an invitation letter and go to Russia

Documents required to enroll in a university in Russia

When submitting the first application, it is necessary to submit:

﴿Copy of the education document with a list of the names and marks of the subjects – Copy of the document proving the identity – Completed form – Photos ﴾

When submitting papers to the university, it is necessary to submit:

﴿Application for admission to the study with reference to the chosen specialization and the form of study – the document proving the identity and nationality of the appendices – the education document – a medical document – photos ﴾

Study in Russia is done through government-funded study or on a commercial basis

Study funded by the Russian government:

Candidates must be winners of one of the study competitions, pass the unified government exam or entrance exams, or pass the optional government scholarship competition.

Russia is one of the most famous countries that foreigners come to study, and we mentioned earlier that it is the seventh on the world to which students turn, and the study of languages and translation in Russia is one of the most famous studies in its universities, and it is enough that it has allocated universities and institutes only for languages, and has been interested in the side of languages to study materials related to languages, to achieve the greatest possible benefit of the graduate, studying in Russia is one of the most enjoyable and easiest studies, and the state cares about its foreign students, and is interested in providing them with comforts, and in my personal opinion if I am allowed to study abroad I will choose Russia as a country, and I will choose languages and translation as a specialty.

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